Top 5 Best 120mm AIO Cooler in 2024 – Reviewed By an Expert

120mm AIO Cooler

You recently constructed a high-configuration computer, but are still experiencing poor performance while overclocking? You might quickly come to the conclusion that the issue is not with the way your Computer is configured, but rather with the cooling system, which is incompatible with your new setup.

Nowadays, installing an all-in-one cooler for your gaming computer is the best solution. The AIO cooling system not only controls the heating surge but also guarantees that the computer runs at a steady pace.

Yet, picking the top 120mm aio cooler might be challenging. As a result, we have reduced the list of outstanding 120mm aio coolers for you.

To choose the Best 120mm AIO Cooler, continue reading.

Top pick

Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

The high caliber of Corsair’s products has helped them to dominate the electronics industry.

Editor’s choice

NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

Those who have used the NZXT before are aware of how much better it performs.

Best value

Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler

Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler

The performance of the Cooler Master 120mm AIO cooler will never let you down.

Best 120mm AIO Cooler Reviews

Finding the ideal cooler for your CPU might be aided by a thorough review of the aio cooler. That is why we created the reviews section, which includes a full feature list of the chosen coolers. Let’s get started.

1. Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | 240mm Radiator | Dual Fans

Corsair RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

A dependable cooling system is always necessary for gaming machines. What 120mm AIO cooling system, outside Corsair, would you consider to be the most dependable? To learn more about the Corsair cooler, let’s get going.

The high caliber of Corsair’s products has helped them to dominate the electronics industry. They include two 120mm magnetic PWM fans in this CPU cooler. As a consequence, it can improve the CPU’s excessive heating airflow.

The Corsair h100i cooling system’s customized lighting scheme is its most intriguing feature. It has 16 addressable RGB LEDs, which when used together provide an excellent lighting effect.

It can therefore readily adapt to your PC.

How effective is the Corsair H100i 120mm AIO cooler? Let’s examine the speed of the fans. Its cooling system’s fans spin at speeds ranging from 400 to 2400 RPM. As a result, even during intense operation, it may lower the maximum temperature.

The iCUE software independently controls the cooling system. As a result, it can automatically adjust fan speed in accordance with CPU temperature. As a consequence, you will never hear the fan making noise when it is operating.

Moreover, the iCUE software guarantees the coordination and control of the vibrant RGB lights.

Key Elements

  • includes two 120mm fans.
  • 16 separate RGB LED lights.
  • The fans’ RPM ranges from 400 to 2400.
  • speed and illumination are automatically controlled by software.

2. NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler | Mirror Design | Extended Tube

 NZXT M22 RGB 120mm AIO Cooler

Are you searching for the greatest CPU liquid cooler for your high-end computer in a hurry? Wait a second. Your 120mm cooling system is ready and waiting. This one should be used if you want additional functions in addition to cooling.

Those who have used the NZXT before are aware of how much better it performs. In fact, NZXT created the 120mm cooler specifically for high-end Computers. It indicates that the Processor can quickly reduce whatever temperature it produces.

The CPU cooler’s design is stunning to look at.

The cooler’s cutting-edge lighting produces a chilly atmosphere throughout the casing when it is in use. Because of the infinite mirror design, it is feasible.

The majority of conventional cooling systems emit a degree of noise that is fairly annoying. It affects the user’s capacity for concentration. Yet after utilizing this one, you are free from that problematic circumstance.

Due to its cutting-edge PC radiator fans, it now has a quicker, silentr fan. The fan makes noises between 21 and 38 dB. Due to its low noise sound, you hardly even realize that you have a CPU cooler.

The liquid temperature and pump speed may be adjusted using CAM software on a computer or mobile device. Microsoft Windows 10 is compatible with CAM software.

Key Elements

  • Fan noise may range from 21 to 38 dBA.
  • dynamism of the lights.
  • includes a six-year warranty.
  • CAM software allows for simple control.

3. Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler | Close-Loop | 2 Chamber Pump

Cooler Master 120mm AIO Cooler

When buying a CPU cooler, is minimal noise a top priority? Without a doubt, you would like this CPU water cooling system. You will receive everything a CPU cooling system should have in addition to noise control.

In actuality, the Cooler Master brand is well known for its ability to suppress noise. This cooler will fit your working atmosphere if you are a professional or an avid gamer. because the cooler makes 31.5dB of noise.

The performance of the Cooler Master 120mm AIO cooler will never let you down.

The dual-chamber pump is what gives it its great performance. The cooler was created by the company using cutting-edge cooling technologies.

That is how it may easily cool down your computer, which is always heating up. Also, during overclocking, the high RPM cooling fan ensures optimal performance. It is suitable for gaming PCs because of this.

The cooling system is RGB. It has individualized lighting and color effects. The good news is that it is compatible with the majority of Intel and AMD CPU sockets.

Cooler Master installed a kink-free sleeve FEP tube to ensure proper liquid flow to the CPU. It may supply the most liquid possible in this way for a more effective water cooling system.

Key Elements

  • water cooling system with two pumps
  • includes RGB color effects.
  • The 120mm fan is efficient for greater cooling and is compatible with the majority of CPU sockets.

4. EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler | Noise-20dB | RGB | 5yrs Warranty

EVGA CLC 120mm AIO Cooler

There is a search-ending water cooling system for you if you’re looking for a self-contained CPU cooler that cares about aesthetic value in addition to cooling. You can depend on this for your high-end gaming computer, for sure.

A high-speed fan was added to the EVGA 120mm cooler. The fan’s maximum airflow is 58.8 CFM. It has a quick fan, but that does not imply it makes a lot of noise.

Knowing how loud the cooler is will make you adore it. The cooling fan’s maximum noise level is 20 decibels. It means the volume level won’t ever disturb you.

Thus, the cooler is suggested by the manufacturer for computer professionals.

Given that it is a 120mm aio cooler, it has two unique features. Its 120mm cooling fan and radiator hose are two examples. Hence, even if your computer generates a lot of heat, you won’t experience poor performance. It can reduce the CPU’s activity to a minimum.

I’m sorry to announce that if you use AMD, this is not for you. All current and future CPU sockets from Intel have been engineered to work with the finest 120mm aio cooler.

Key Elements

  • a standalone chiller.
  • 58.87 CFM is the maximum airflow.
  • guarantees a minimal noise level of 20 dB.
  • has a 120mm radiator and 120mm fan built-in.

5. Thermaltake 120mm AIO Cooler | Intel/AMD | Efficient Radiator

Thermaltake 120mm AIO Cooler

There is a dependable brand for you if brand value is what you prioritize when selecting a CPU cooler. Who hasn’t heard about Thermaltake’s excellence and professionalism? Let’s discuss the inclusions.

The customizable pump and lighting effects are the Thermaltake CPU cooler’s most intriguing features. It offers RGB management through Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASUS Aura. Also, it has seven different light modes and eight complete pre-set colors.

A radiator fan and an ARGB LED ring are features of this 120mm cooler.

The majority of motherboards, including those from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASROCK, support synchronizing the lighting effect.

A rapid cooling solution for your CPU should be taken into consideration if you use your computer frequently. The Thermaltake water cooling system has that specific functionality. It can enable rapid liquid circulation to the CPU thanks to its low-profile pump.

The water-blocking mechanism is fantastic. That was made feasible by the copper base’s connection with the dazzle lighting. This cooler doesn’t have a water refill option. Moreover, the total tube length is 400mm.

As a result, Thermaltake charges a fair price for it. Due to the effectiveness and endurance of the heatsink, you may easily choose this cooler.

Key Elements

  • majority of the motherboard in sync.
  • includes a discreet pump.
  • 7 light moods and 8 pre-set colors.
  • No water refills are necessary.

Things to Consider Before Buying 120mm AIO Cooler

best 120mm AIO Cooler

Choosing the best technological goods might be a little challenging. Because of this, it makes sense to think about a few things in advance. Hence, in order to prevent you from experiencing post-purchase angst, we have developed certain key elements of the 120mm aio cooler. That will really make it easier for you to select the best CPU liquid cooler. Let’s delve a bit more deeply.

Degree of noise

A CPU cooler primarily reduces the Processor’s excessive heat. But, a high-quality CPU cooler also has other qualities that are crucial for customers. One of them is noise level.

The majority of aio coolers employ high-speed fans. As a result, it occasionally makes a lot of noise when operating. The buyer should use caution in that regard. Otherwise, it will cause the users more trouble.

The lower-noise 120mm aio cooler is the best option in this situation.

Fan velocity

The majority of manufacturers occasionally specify the cooler’s fan speed. In essence, it establishes the fan’s caliber.

Consider choosing a CPU cooler with a high-speed fan; in that case, your cooling setup is superior.

Hence, while making a purchase, don’t forget to take the fan’s speed and other features into account.

Luminous Effects

Even though it’s an extra function for a CPU cooler, the light effect assures the high-end computer’s aesthetic worth.

The majority of gamers choose aesthetics above configuration when choosing a computer. You must consider its lighting effects if you are one of them and want to give your water cooling system a stunning appearance.

With the aio CPU cooler, manufacturers frequently employ RGB multicolored lighting effects. But, there is a wide range in this illumination, so choose the one that is best for you deliberately.

Pump layout

You must examine the pump design to prevent a wire tangle within the computer’s case. Always try to avoid the cooler, which has intricate wiring or radiator hose. Picking a CPU cooler with a low profile pump is sensible in this situation.

Water Filling

That would be a major mess for the users if the cooler eventually requires a water refill. The majority of PC users cannot fill their computers with water.

As a result, you should always choose a cooler that doesn’t require refilling after installation.


Users may occasionally have to add the 120mm aio cooler. So, if the cooler requires professional installation, you should steer clear of it. If not, you employ a professional.

As a result, you must stand with a cooler that is easy to install.

Questions and Answers Frequently Asked

1. Which CPU cooler—one with a single fan or one with two—is preferable?

It varies.

Even though some aio coolers only have a single fan, this does not necessarily indicate that they are of lower quality or performance. You can choose a single fan cooler if the fundamental features are satisfactory. If not, you should pick the cooler with two fans.

2. What distinguishes the 120mm aio cooler?

AIO is short for all-in-one cooler. It functions essentially as a water-based CPU cooling system. Additionally, it has every feature a CPU cooler ought to have. A standalone cooler for high-end PCs is therefore the AIO cooler.

3. Can my 6th generation computer use the aio cooler?

If you’re using a gaming computer, then you can. If not, you must check the voltage of the power supply. First, make sure the cooler can be powered by your current power supply.

Additionally, confirm the CPU socket’s adjustability.

4. Do they offer warranty services?


Most manufacturers offer warranty options ranging from 1-6 years. A cooler can last longer because AIO has fewer technical flaws. However, since it is a technical product, you ought to choose one with a warranty.

5. Which CPU liquid cooler is ideal for gaming?

Many coolers are available that are made specifically for gaming computers. It includes a high-speed fan, a superior heatsink, a better radiator, and other features. So, if you’re looking for a cooler with these features, you’ll find it.

Last Words

Your CPU can only be properly cooled with a high-quality cooler; otherwise, your computer will run slowly. You should not skimp on the cooler’s quality because of this.

After reading the list of the top 120mm aio coolers, we hope that finding aio coolers will be simple for you.

Keep Your PC Cool!

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