AKG C214 vs AKG C414: Which One Is Right for Your Recording Needs?

AKG C214 vs AKG C414

One of the top reference multipattern condenser units is the C series from AKG. These microphones are among the best in the audio business and are regarded as one of the most flexible. Two of the best devices in this series are the AKG C214 vs AKG C414 speakers. Although they both have a very similar appearance and feel, there are some notable variances as well.

You should choose the C214 if you want a microphone with a big diaphragm. The C414 performs better in terms of multipattern performance. You can read about AKG C214 Microphone Review.

Sound Performance

AKG C214

Because of its huge diaphragm, the C214 will be particularly sensitive to high-frequency noises. This mic is the best choice if you’re searching for a high-quality device to record your lead vocals and solo instruments.

The mic has an excellent dynamic range. Even if you select close-up recording with sound sources and a maximum sound pressure level of up to 156 dB, you won’t have to deal with any extra noise.

The 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter used in this microphone’s design, together with the reduced proximity effect, help it perform better. You won’t experience any component noise either because all the parts are firmly fastened together. Overall, if you choose this microphone, you can expect to experience top-notch sound quality.

AKG C414

The AKG C414, on the other hand, makes it simple to swap between several polar patterns. This function is quite helpful since it allows you to record from various sound sources without sacrificing the overall sound quality. For recording purposes, the AKG C414 is the most popular microphone, and for good reason.

The sounds this mic reproduces are really clear and have a ton of sound character. This microphone is made to handle treble and bass at various frequencies.

The C414 is the best option if you routinely work with intricate and highly textured instruments. This mic will perform well for you regardless of the instrument you are using, and the same is true when you are recording voices.

But, watch out for any booming proximity effects. And to do so, you must set up your microphone a little bit away from the sound source. You must also take colors into account so that you may select from one of three attention levels or the bass-cut filter.

Build Excellence

AKG C214

AKG uses high-quality materials, so you won’t be missing out. The brand only employs premium materials to build its products, and the same is true for this microphone. In this microphone, a big diaphragm is included. That implies that the microphone will be extremely responsive to various frequencies.

Moreover, this microphone has incorporated suspension. And as a result, any component noise is considerably reduced by the mic. As a result, the output of the recording will be very clear and devoid of background noise.

AKG has also employed a sturdy double mesh grill of the highest quality to protect the interiors from any severe hits. The microphone also includes a spider-like shock mount, and your order also includes a metal carrying bag to keep it secure.

This microphone is practical for a wide range of performance and studio uses. It is made entirely of metal and is die-cast, and the finish is scratch-resistant. With the AKG C214, audio equipment’s durability is at its highest.

AKG C414

The C414 has many characteristics with the C214 in terms of appearance and feel, and the series continues to provide these qualities. The mic is made of a very small, box-like design.

When it comes to the general layout and appearance of this mic, AKG has kept things simple. If you utilize it in a studio or on-stage setting, you will notice a traditional gold grill that looks rather spectacular. Hence, this is the appropriate piece of equipment if you want to make an impact on the audience or your colleagues.

Although the grill of this microphone is not as strong as its bottom end or base, it is still rather durable overall. It’s incredibly fragile, and you may easily wind up damaging or bending it. Although the grill could be an excellent option for presentation, it is not long-lasting. The grill on the C214 microphone is far superior to this one.

A damaged grill may leave a lasting impression on the appearance of your microphone. The mic does, however, come with a CK12 Generation 2 nylon capsule hidden under this grill. The sound quality for which this mic is renowned is largely due to its capsule.

For managing impacts and vibration, AKG has begun employing elastic mounting that wraps around the capsule. You must handle this capsule carefully since it is essential to the overall operation of this microphone. You can’t think of your C414 as impervious just because it survives a few drops.



AKG C214

Given that it is a basic cardioid microphone, there aren’t many controls on this one. As a result, utilizing it won’t be a problem for you.

Yet, it has an exceptional dynamic range and extremely low noise. It indicates that this mic can effectively handle close-up recordings. Also, it has a bass filter and a 20 dB attenuator that are excellent at minimizing any proximity impact.

A suspension is also included in this microphone. It can lessen any form of mechanical noise or component vibration coming from the stage or from within the apparatus.

The mic’s base is rather strong and will hold the microphone in place even during prolonged use. Other than that, this microphone doesn’t have many controls. The ones that are now accessible, nonetheless, are plenty for you to use and generate amazing noise.

AKG C414

Nonetheless, you will like using the inbuilt controls that are included with this microphone. You can reach a selected switch below the gleaming gold grille on the front of the vehicle.

You may select one of nine distinct polar patterns with this switch. Five of them are available for immediate selection from the stitching. The remaining four are combined with one another. Therefore you have many options when it comes to polar patterns with this mic.

There is an LED light directly below this selectable switch. You can see the design or combo you have chosen thanks to this light. It provides slightly better control over how your microphone operates.

Moreover, this LED light can recognize peak and clipping overloads. Even if there is a slight distortion brought on by clipping at this point, the LED light will change from green to red.

The microphone gives you the chance to adjust your volume. This function will be useful if you are playing an extremely loud instrument, like your drums or a screaming guitar.

There are a few controls with Lights on the back of the microphone. The pre-attenuation pad is located on the left side and offers four alternative settings: -18 dB, -12 dB, -6 dB, and 0 dB.

Using this capability, you may adjust the C414’s settings according to the volume of various sound sources, which makes it even more helpful.

Moreover, the C414 has a low-cutting filter on the right side. Also, it enables you to choose between settings such as 160Hz, 80Hz, 40Hz, and 0Hz to get rid of any extra low end in your output or signals. This functionality will be useful if you need to manage unwanted effects brought on by a loud sound source.

Other Considerations

AKG C214

As you look closely at the features this microphone offers, you will notice that it is very reasonably priced. With its durable build, this item will survive for a very long time and will undoubtedly provide excellent value for your hard-earned money.

The microphone is made of sturdy material and has a dazzling appearance. All of the internal parts employed in it by AKG are of a high caliber. The controls that the manufacturer placed on this microphone are all quite reliable and function fairly smoothly. Hence, regardless of how you use them, they won’t let you down.

You may record your vocals and solar instruments with this cardioid mic. Just set it where it will work best and use the filters this microphone has to offer to obtain the best results. For a very long period, it will provide you with a sound of amazing quality.

AKG C414

The microphone may be used for many different types of recording tasks since it has nine distinct polar patterns. You won’t have to sacrifice recording quality thanks to one of this mic’s greatest features.

It is convenient to deal with vocals and a range of recording instruments. It would be great to use a stand with it because it has a robust foundation.

Nevertheless, it is not built with a sturdy design. This mic’s grill is easily damaged, which detracts from the mic’s aesthetics.

The grille has extra bling on it, so it will undoubtedly improve the appearance but not the durability. Nevertheless, the mic greatly offsets this drawback and gives you access to additional polar patterns.


AKG C214

The C214 measures 11.3 inches by 8.6 inches by 3.9 inches and weighs around 1.75 pounds. It indicates that the microphone is not just strong but also substantial. It is not compatible with portable devices. Because it is intended to be used with the stand mount, you won’t likely feel the weight too much.

If you decide against using it without a stand, you may even be able to purchase a larger unit. It will work in your favor because you can easily access the controls because they won’t be crammed too closely together. The modifications may be made accurately and right when you needed them.

AKG C414

The C414 is a little more than half a pound in weight, and it measures 11.3 inches by 3.9 inches by 5.5 inches. As a result, you may conveniently utilize this mic as your portable device because it is much lighter than the C214.

But you must use it with your stand since it has a mount design. Due to this mic’s design using less durable materials than the C214, the weight has been reduced the most.

Being a little larger than the C214, the controls are simple to reach. Accessing the controls and making modifications to them won’t be a problem.

Cons & Pros

AKG C214


  • The microphone is a tough device.
  • It has an exceptional dynamic range.
  • Effectively manages sound sources with high output.
  • This microphone has both a bass-cut filter and a 20dB attenuator.
  • Die-casting of every metal.


  • There is just one polar pattern available.
  • Very hefty.

AKG C414


  • Contains 9 unique polar motifs.
  • For improved close-up recording, there are three different attenuation levels.
  • Various bass-cut filters, three.
  • LED warning lights for overload situations.


  • Flimsy grille.
  • A little pricey.


Anybody wishing to record voices and solo instruments with good sound quality should consider the C214. Also, it is made of highly sturdy material.

Nonetheless, C414 should be your first pick if you want a lot of adaptabilities. There are nine distinct polar designs from which you may select. And it is capable of high-quality sound reproduction from a variety of sources.

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