Avenger Bike Price in Bangladesh, Feature, and Review

Avenger Bike price in Bangladesh

Bajaj Avenger street 160CC bike price In Bangladesh: 224,500 BDT. Now We Discuss the Price, Features, and Review Details of the Bajaj Avenger street

Do you want to know the Avenger Bike price in Bangladesh? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know about the price, specifications, and a short review of the bike. Keep reading the article to know the price and other information.

Bajaj, India’s largest motorcycle manufacturing company, has become a popular brand in a very short time in Bangladesh. Recently, Bajaj Avenger street 160 was launched in Bangladesh through a single-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) breaking system. It comes with a modern classic touch and a new color scheme. Earlier, Bajaj has 150 CC avenger street in Bangladesh. After a huge response to this motorcycle. Now they have brought a 160 CC new variant of this motorcycle to Bangladesh.

Bajaj Avenger 160 CC Bike Price in BD

Due to the limitations of motorbike engine CC, very low-quality cruiser bikes are available in Bangladesh. The Bajaj Avenger street 160 is a quality cruiser bike marketed by Bajaj Uttara motor Limited. Bajaj Avenger street 160 is a real cruiser and is the latest technology bike with powerful engines from Bajaj in Bangladesh. The avenger is the best-selling cruiser motorcycle in India and is currently gaining popularity in Bangladesh as well. So, currently what is the price of the Bajaj Avenger street 160 in Bangladesh?

Bajaj Avenger street 160CC bike price In Bangladesh: 224,500 BDT.

Note that, the given price may vary from store to store and the price can be changed in the upcoming time. We typically update the price once a month.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 CC Bike Review

The Bajaj Avenger street 160 has become the most affordable and stylish cruiser bike in Bangladesh. It has all the features of a proper cruiser. The bike has an extended-out seat with push-forward feet. Overall, the bike is suitable for comfortable travel. The back of the Bajaj Avenger street 160 also has huge gravel to hold the pillion. Besides, the bike has a mixture of halogen and LED lights.

As we said that, the Bajaj Avenger street 160 comes with single-channel ABS. the single-channel ABS is set up on the front only. There is a speed counter in the rear, but no ABS.  ABS brings the braking of the bike to a whole different level. Besides, this cruiser has an analog Speedometer, and other instruments such as odometers, trip meters are digital.

As for the Bajaj Avenger street 160 Cruiser, it has a low saddle height of 737mm. regardless of the lower saddle, the ground clearance e is 169mm which is sufficient. At this ground clearance, some speed of the bike may be difficult to overcome but in most cases, it can go. The bike has only a 13L liter fuel tank. The fuel tank will assure you that you have no difficulty on the long journey.

The Bajaj Avenger street 160 comes with a hybrid engine. It has a single-cylinder, 4- stroke, 2-bulb, and 160 CC engine. The engine is fuel injected and the air-cooled ad has DTS-1 Technology. The engine is quite smooth but has the potential to vibrate at higher RPMs. The Bajaj Avenger Street 160ABS has a wet multi-plate clutch system. It has a 5-speed gearbox, which is suitable for cruising. The high speed of the bike is expected to be around 115-125kmph.

Avenger Street 160CC Bike Specification

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If you want to buy a cruiser bike on a mid-range budget, the Bajaj Avenger street 160 is a good choice for you. Because Bajaj always produces a good quality products at a reasonable price. They manufacture motorcycles, not just for young riders, they produce motorcycles for all ages. We hope you will find the article about the Avenger Bike Price in Bangladesh helpful.

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