Benelli 165s Price in Bangladesh, Feature, and Review

Benelli 165s Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know the Benelli 165S price in Bangladesh? Well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we mention the price and other information of this bike in the article.

Benelli is an Italian manufacturing brand, but most of the products of Benelli are assembled in China. However, probably some parts are also imported from Italy. Aprilia is very popular over the world, which is manufactured by Italian Brand and also currently available in Bangladesh. The Italian motorbike brand is very popular; the Italian company is one of the top 4 motorbike companies in the world.

Benelli 165s price in Bangladesh

Naked sports Bikes are always created hype in the young generation. The first time they launched Benelli TNT 150 in Bangladesh, it’s also a naked edition bike. In 2019 tey launched their second Naked edition Benelli 165S in the Dhaka bike show. It comes with an aggressive design, looks, and powerful engine with a CBS braking system. Benelli Always tries their best for their customer and to keep their attention.

When Benelli 165S was launched in Bangladesh, it did not create hype among the young generation just for its aggressive design or look. But also, for its build quality and advanced technology. Besides, it comes with a fully digital dashboard. The dashboard consists of a Speedometer, rpm counter, and all the necessities. Also, this dashboard gets a gear position indicator, a clock, and multiple other information.

Benelli 165s Price in Bangladesh: 2,25,000 BDT

Note that, the given price of Benelli 165s is fully accurate. Also, it is an official price in Bangladesh. The price of this bike may be changed in the upcoming time. If it changed officially, we will let you know the price through the article. Typically, we update the price of the product once within a month.

Benelli 165s Bike Review

Benelli 165 S is the highest CC segment bike from Benelli in Bangladesh. That’s why they try to make their bikes special. For this reason, they used lots of advanced technology in this bike. Also, a special feature of this bike is the spark plug set up which ensures that proper fuel ignition and combustion.

There are four colors of Benelli 165S are available in the Bangladesh market. Which are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Neon Green
  • Red

The main attraction of this bike is the edge and curves of the bike. Also, it has a good quality build setup, aggressive design, and powerful engine.

The engine is the heart of the motorcycle and Benelli is popular for its high-performance engine. This new Benelli 165S bike comes with a new age EFI engine, which engines are water-cooled, Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve. The engine gives our 17.84 bhp of power at 9500rpm, and 14nm of torque at 7000rpm. Moreover, this bike gives a mileage of around 32-35kmpl in the city and 38kmpl on the highway.

The Benelli 165S is a fairly tall bike to sit on, with an 810mm height. This bike is suitable for a person of 5’7”. Besides, the length and weight of the bike are 2030mm and 147kg respectively. For this heavyweight, it can be difficult to drive to new riders. However, the bike comes with a 6-speed gearbox that also supplies power in 6th gear. Some users of this bike said that the maximum speed of the bike was found to be 135 km.

They use CBS braking system in the brake. Which will increase the braking performance during high-speed braking. The front wheel has a 260mm disc also used a 220mm disc in the rear panel, which gives them the confidence to riders also good for high-speed braking.

Benelli 165s Specifications

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Finally, after seeing all the new features it can be said that this new Benelli 165S bike is ready to fire up in the market with its aggressive looks. you definitely love this bike, when you seeing this bike’s engine performance and all other features. Of course, it’s a very good bike at this price. We hope that you find the article about Benelli 165S helpful.

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