Canon G7x Mark ii Price in Bangladesh, Price, Feature, and Review

Canon G7x Mark ii Price in Bangladesh

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Do you want to know the Canon G7x Mark ii Price in Bangladesh? If you do, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Canon G7x Mark ii Price in Bangladesh and also tell you a little bit about the camera.

The Canon G7x Mark ii is a Canon mid-budget camera. It came to the market of Bangladesh a long time ago. This camera is a good fit for them, those who are thinking of doing new photography. If you want to know more about the Canon G7x Mark ii camera then keep reading.

Canon G7x Mark ii Price in Bangladesh

The Canon G7x Mark ii was a bit more expensive when it hit the market. But at present, the price of this camera has been reduced a bit. However, due to the reduction in prices, it is available at almost half the price. We recommend that you check out the latest prices on Canon’s official website before making any purchasing decisions.

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Note that the price of the camera is approximate. And it can vary depending on the store and location. In addition, manufacturers can raise or lower prices at any time. We will let you know if the manufacturer changes the price by updating this article. We usually update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Canon G7x Mark ii Features

The Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II is an updated version of the G7 X. They modified the G7 X and brought it to market under the name G7 X Mark II. In this camera, they are equipped with a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor. Canon has designed this camera as a serious compact camera, offering excellent image quality with a bright 4.2x optical zoom lens. We will tell you about some of the features of this camera, which are discussed in detail below:

Design and Handling

The Canon G range has five different models of premium compact cameras, the G7X Mark II is one of them. This Canon camera offers a premium set of specifications in terms of body shape, a pocket-friendly body, much like the previous version of the G7X.

But in terms of the body, this camera is slightly bigger than G7X. The body of the camera is slightly larger which means it will have a slightly larger screen and a longer lens.

However, you will not get a completely clear screen on this camera. Most importantly this camera does not offer any viewfinder. If you are a photographer accustomed to shooting with a DSLR or high-end CSC then this camera will not be suitable for you.

On the other hand, the overall design of this G7X Mark II from Canon is quite smooth if logically somewhat useful. It has a useful grip on the front which helps it to sit in the hand.


There is no EVF on the screen in this camera, but it is helpful to have the screen tilted. When shooting from an awkward angle and when the bright light on the screen is on, just tilt it towards the light so you can take good pictures. This G7X Mark II has a front-facing screen which makes it ideal for capturing self-portraits.

However, the screen of this camera displays good color and it is also touch-sensitive. That means you need to quickly tap on the screen to set AF points. You can even quickly navigate through both the menu and the main menu at the same time.


This G7X II lens from Canon is more decent at 4.2x, which is equivalent to about 24-100mm. It offers 30 or 40x zoom if you compare it to a superzoom, though it may seem a bit off. However, for everyday shooting situations, this should be more than enough. Many enthusiasts and professionals prefer the classic 24-70mm full-frame lens.

The G7X Mark II camera comes with smaller sensors that do not produce the best image quality that a one-inch sensor can produce. The advantage of having a smaller lens is that it gives you the advantage of a much wider aperture. Moreover, it works great for creating off-field effects, as well as opening apertures to allow more light in low-light shooting situations.

Even across the focal length range of this camera, a good degree of detail is displayed. So you can use both ends of this camera lens (focal length).

Is Canon G7x Mark ii Better?

If you are looking for a good camera on a low budget then this Canon G7x Mark ii is for you. You can start working on entry-level photography with it. Moreover, we did not find any bad aspects of this camera that will affect your photography. We think this is a good camera for you.

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