Core Cycle Price in BD, 2022 [Update]

Core Cycle Price in BD

Core cycle is the first part of the strength and conditioning program. Usually, it is also called a pre-training kit. The purpose of using a core cycle is to prepare the body for more difficult training procedures. Such as weighted exercises, more specific types of exercises, running, etc. So what is the core cycle price in BD?

In the following part of the article, we will discuss some of the good quality core cycle prices according to BDT. Also, we will discuss on their features, specialty, and using purposes. So, keep going through the article to find out a great core cycle price in Bd.

Core Cycle Price in BD

The core cycle price in Bangladesh depends on its size, model, and design. The original and branded high-quality core cycles are available only in the main city of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, etc. A standard-size simple core cycle finds at least Taka 23000 to 40000 BDT in Bangladesh.

Model NamePrice (BDT)
Core Project 27.5er23,500
Core Project 3.026,500
Core Project 29er27,500
Core Retro Speed26,500

Note that the above by cycles are available officially in Bangladesh. Also, the price of these cycles can differ depending on the shop and location. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Review of a Core Cycle

The core cycle price in Bangladesh is relatively high. Because they look very simple but unique. Their speed performance is higher than any other bike. To cover long rides, there is no better and premium option than the core cycle.

Specialty of Core Cycle

The core cycles are looking very elegant and smart as a result people choose them not only for riding but also for their fashion and style. They have a lot of facilities that make them so popular among the people of Bangladesh.

Core Cycle Features

Core cycles have a simple design but they come with great features such as they are lightweight and sturdy. As they are lightweight, they will help you to cover more distance without getting tired easily. This type of bicycle comes with high-quality tires. That ensures faster speed performance than other standard bicycles.

However, core cycles are available in various colors and designs with a stunning look which makes them more attractive for their users. It is made with low-weight materials that make it so light that can be carried easily anywhere without any hassle.

How Does Cycling Benefit You?

Although cycling is a low-impact exercise, it can still be challenging. It’s a great way to build muscle, burn fat, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your heart and lung fitness, strengthen your muscles and reduce stress levels. Cycling is convenient as well as easy on the joints and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Cycling burns calories and helps build muscle, which will help you lose weight if you combine it with a healthy diet. One hour of cycling burns between 400 – 1,000 calories depending on the intensity of training. Try to ride every day or at least three times per week to increase your calorie burn and reap the benefits of cycling.

Cycling is an excellent way to boost heart health by burning calories, strengthening your heart muscles, and improving blood flow. It also helps lower high blood pressure (hypertension).


If you want to build up a strong and growing personal training business, then your core instructional cycle is the most important of your business components. To build a successful personal training business, you must have a core instructional cycle. It is appropriate for your target demographic.

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