iPhone 12 Price in Bangladesh

iphone 12 price in bangladesh

Price: 1,08,000 Tk (Official)

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iPhone 12 Price in Bangladesh

iPhone 12 price in Bangladesh is officially 1,08,000 Tk according to 2023 latest price form local and online shop. There are some variants of iPhone 12 with prices: 64GB – 1,08,000 Tk, 128 GB – 1,25,000 Tk. Unofficial: 64GB – 72,500 Tk, 128 GB – 78,000 Tk. This phone is now available on some online shop and local shop. Let’s learn about specifications in details.

iPhone 12 Full Specification

Released: 2020, October 23
Status: Available

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Type: Li-Ion 2815 mAh, non-removable (10.78 Wh)
Charging: Wired, PD2.0, 50% in 30 min (advertised)
15W wireless (MagSafe)
7.5W wireless (Qi)


Card Slot: No
Internal: 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM NVMe

Network & Connectivity


About iPhone 12

iPhone 12 will be released in 2020. It will have a new design, and it will be thinner and lighter than previous models. It will also contain many new features such as augmented reality, facial recognition, and more.

The iPhone 12 will have an edge-to-edge display like other phones in the market today. This means that there will be no bezels around the edge of the screen so you can see all of it at once. This will make it easier for users who want a bigger screen on their phone without having to worry about how much space they are taking up by holding on to their device with one hand while trying to read text or watch videos on another part of their face!

The iPhone 12 will also come with built-in infrared cameras so you can use your phone as a remote control for other devices within range of your camera’s viewfinder (like TVs or speakers). You can also use this feature for security purposes if you want to lock yourself out of your home without having to call someone else over yourself.

iPhone 12 Real User Review, Rating & Video

User 1: I love my iPhone 12! It’s a great phone that I use every day.

I have had it for about six months now and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s fast, has a beautiful screen, and lots of apps to choose from. The camera is also very good.

User 2: The iPhone 12 is a great phone. It’s fast, it has a lot of storage space, and it has a great camera.

I really like the fact that the camera on this phone can shoot in RAW format, which means that you can adjust the settings after taking the photo if you want to do so. This is especially helpful if you’re shooting at low light levels or in low-light conditions.

The screen is also amazing–it’s very bright and clear, so even when you’re outside, it’s easy to see what’s going on. The color reproduction is also great; there are no weird colors or washed out images like some phones tend to produce when they’re trying too hard to make everything look bright and colorful instead of natural looking like they should be!

User 3: I love my new iPhone 12. It’s the best phone I’ve ever had, and I’m so glad that I got it.

User 4: The iPhone 12 is a great phone with a lot of great features. It’s fast, it has a great camera, and it’s easy to use. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have an SD card slot.

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