Littmann Stethoscope Price in Bangladesh

Littmann Stethoscope Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know the Littmann stethoscope price in Bangladesh? Keep going through the article to find out the price and features of the stethoscope.

More than two centuries ago, a French doctor created the first stethoscope. It was made out of paper and wood. Later many doctors did a lot of research and work on it. One of the most significant contributions was made by Dr. Littmann who was a great cardiologist. He was able to develop this creation into something far greater. For his massive contribution, this is called the Littmann stethoscope.

What is Littmann Stethoscope?

Littmann stethoscope is an advanced diagnostic tool. It is used to hear sounds that are produced within the body. Basically, the stethoscope is a device that helps physicians listen to the internal organs like lungs, heart, or bowel sounds. It is also used to check out blood pressure. Its single tube allows for a much better quality of double tube designs.

The Littmann stethoscope has excellent tube flexibility. Therefore it’s easily carriable for everyone. One of the finest things is its awesome durability. This thing can take a beating under heavy use conditions.

Best Stethoscope Price in Bangladesh

At moment, there are no official Littmann stethoscope stores or any kind of dealers. There have multi variants and models of the Littmann stethoscope. Here we mentioned some popular Littmann stethoscope models. So, check out the below chart to find out the price of the Littmann stethoscope. Moreover, you can also know some of the important information about the stethoscope.

Model Price
3M Littmann classic ll 10,100 Taka
3M Littmann classic lii 10,950 Taka
Littmann 2123 classic ii 7700 Taka
Littmann cardiology 19100 Taka
Littmann classic ll 10600 Taka

Littmann stethoscopes are available in different colors and different categories on the market. Note that, the price mentioned above is not fully accurate. The price may vary from different stores and locations. Whenever the price changes we will update it on our website.

Is Littmann Stethoscope Good?

Firstly, the sound quality is really good because of the chest piece and the design of it. The single tubing becomes very attractive. Now, most of the cardiology stethoscopes have dual lumen tubing and that is what makes them so good. In addition, no air escaping anywhere. When you put it on, you can’t feel any rubbing noise as well. One of the most impressive things is its color combination.

Secondly, the Littmann stethoscopes give very smooth ear tip comfort. The reason is they are soft enough to not hurt your ears. They are quite strong to make a really good cover finishing. Thirdly, almost all Littmann stethoscopes weigh very little. So it can be easily hung around the neck without any hassle. Therefore no scratch arises on the neck. Besides the chest piece is not heavy for the binaural.

FAQs about Littmann Stethoscope

Below we will answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Littmann stethoscope:

Where can I get a Littmann stethoscope in Bangladesh?

Littmann stethoscope is available at some popular eCommerce sites like Daraz, PriyoShop, medistorebd, You can purchase it from directly any popular medical instrument store or pharmaceuticals as well.

How does the stethoscope work?

Between the disc and the tube of the stethoscope enlarge minor sounds such as the sound of a patient’s lungs, heart, and other sounds inside the body, making them sound louder. The amplified sounds travel up the stethoscope’s tube to the earphones that the doctor listens through.

Why are Littmann stethoscopes so good?

Littmann stethoscopes can provide clear and extreme quality sound. It can hear critical sounds with an 85% reduction in distracting background noises. Since it is digital, sound can be increased or decreased easily. So, it is used in ICU or ER also.


Littmann stethoscope is something special that is used to know the internal condition of the patient,s. Although, Littmann is much expensive than the other stethoscope brand. We hope that you will find this content about the Littmann stethoscope price in Bangladesh valuable. If you have used it make sure that you leave us your review through the comments on our website.

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