Mercusys Router price in Bangladesh, Model, and Review

Mercusys router price in bangladesh

A few models of the Mercusys Routers are now available in Bangladesh. Do you want to know Mercusys Router price in Bangladesh? well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know the price as well as some other information about the Mercusys Routers.

Mercusys especially provides the necessary networking devices that help you to stay connected with friends and family. Typically, they make Wi-Fi Routers, Wi-Fi adapters, Repeaters, Access points, and SOHO switches. Unfortunately, Mercusys products are rarely available in Bangladesh. But, they are now trying to bring their product to the Bangladesh market.

Mercusys Router Price in Bangladesh.

These mercusys routers are a new brand in Bangladesh. So, their routers are not easily available in the market, and you can not find much information about them. Besides, Mercusys always tries to make the customer happy. They always try to build their products at a lower price. So the price of their router is a little more economical than other routers in the market.

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They have different types of router models in the market, the price depends on the Router models, Wi-Fi speeds, Antenna types, frequency, wireless security, interface, etc. The price of the routers varies on a large scale as they are not officially available. You will find them at different prices in different stores.

Note that the listed price in the above table is not fully accurate as they are not officially available. Moreover, the price may vary in the upcoming months. If the price updates in the future, we will update the price through the article.

Mercusys Router overview

This router provides high performance at an affordable price. Day by Day, they are bringing advanced technology to provide more simultaneous connections, expand the Wi-Fi range, and maintain reliable data transmission. Besides, they are also equipped with powerful antennas to provide strong signals throughout your home.

The routers are equipped with Beamforming technology. It detects your connected devices and makes your connections more stable by Focusing on the relatively wireless signal strength. Typically, wireless signals tend to become weak on long distances and physical barriers. Their Beamforming technology helps to avoid the issues to assure you a better performance throughout a long distance.

Where to Buy Mercusys Routers in Bangladesh?

As we said earlier, the Mercusys router is not that much available in Bangladesh. That also means you will not find it everywhere in the country. As per our research, the routers are only available at a few online shopping websites. So, if you want to purchase the router, then chances are high that you will require buying it online.

If you still want to purchase offline, you will require going to StartTech. If you prefer purchasing offline, you will find it on the Daraz, Independent Tech BD, StarTech Online, Penguin BD, and some other e-commerce sites. Note that we don’t guarantee you the availability of the product in these shops.


You will find many types of routers in the market.  But if you want to get a high-performance router at an affordable price, then Mercusys router will be a good choice for you. We hope that you will find the article about Mercusys Router price-helpful.

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