Road Master Rapido 165 Price in BD, Feature, and Review




Road Master Rapido 165 Price in BD

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Road Master Rapido 165 price in Bangladesh: 189,500 BDT Here, we discuss the price and features and review about Road Master Rapido 165

Are you interested to know the Road Master Rapido 165 price in BD? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know about the price and specifications of the bike. Keep reading the article to know the price and more information about Road Master Rapido 165.

Road Master started their journey in 1992, and Road Master is one of the local motorcycle brands from Bangladesh. The company imports various types of motorcycles from China and manufactures them under their name. Their motorcycle is available at an affordable price range as they don’t require much vat.

Road Master Rapido 165 Price in BD

Road Master Rapido 165 was first introduced at the international trade fair 2019. That day, Road Master grabbed everyone’s attention with its look. If you look from a distance, the bike looks like a dragon. But, when you look at it from the front, then you will realize that it is a replica version of the Panigale V4 and the GPX Demon. Besides, The Road Master has unique features and design aspects although available at a low price.

Road Master Rapido 165 price in Bangladesh: 189,500 BDT

Road Master Rapido 165 is available in the Bangladesh market. That means you can buy Road Master Rapido 165 in Bangladesh. Note That, the price may vary a bit in the upcoming times. It can also be more or less if you are buying from an unofficial manufacturer.

Rapido 165 Bike Review

Road Master Rapido 165 is well known for its high technology bikes at low prices. Also, The Road Master Rapido 165 can be compared to any sporty bike in Bangladesh. It has a stunning body; the heavy fuel tank makes its appearance far better. The headlight is also fitted with its look and like night fury. Its body design, bike looks, and engine performance create hype in the young generation in Bangladesh.

The height, width, length of this bike is suitable for most of the peoples. With the sharp body structure, it can get top speed at a glance. Road Master Rapido 165 is powered by a 4 stroke air-cooled 164.7 displacement engine that can deliver 15.3 bhp of maximum power and 14.6 Nm of maximum torque. It means that this motorbike has a good acceleration rate.

This bike comes in three colors variants, which are,

  • Halloween Black
  • Aesthetic Blue
  • Race Red

All color variants are available in their official showrooms in Bangladesh.

The Road Master Rapido 165 has quite a good seating position and height like other sports bikes. It can easily be controlled due to its lightweight (only 133 kg). That’s why riders will not face any problems on the highway with it. Its pillion seat is so small but pretty comfortable for most riders.  You can’t expect efficient mileage on a sports bike, but it has an average mileage of 35km. It can even give more mileage 38km on the highway.

Road Master Rapido 165 Bike Specification

Below, check out the detailed specification of the bike.

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Where to Buy?

Road Master Rapido 165 is officially available in Bangladesh. This bike is available in their official showrooms all over Bangladesh. So, you can easily buy this bike at your nearest showroom in your city. If you want to purchase it online. It is widely available in online stores like Daraz, and Evaly.


It can be said that the Road Master Rapido 165 is a precise sports bike featuring premium features. If you want a sporty bike on an affordable budget, then the Road Master Rapido 165 will be a good choice for you.

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