Yamaha MT-10 Price in BD, Feature, and Review

Yamaha MT-10 Price in BD

Yamaha MT-10 price in Bangladesh: 13,00000 BDT(Approx.). Here we discuss the price, features, and details of the Yamaha MT-10.

Well, do you want to know what is the Yamaha MT-10 Price in BD? Keep reading to find out the price.

Yamaha MT-10 is one of the best flagship super sporty naked bikes in the worldwide market. This bike is based on the architecture of the famous Yamaha YZF R1. The Yamaha MT-10 contains a powerful 998 cc inline 4-cylinder engine, all of the features are the same cross-plane crankshaft technology developed on Yamaha’s famous bike YZF R1 superbike.

This is the latest superbike in Yamaha, in this bike Yamaha used advanced technology makes it attractive for the new generation of speed lover bikers. Are you interested to know about the Yamaha MT-10 price in Bangladesh.? Keep going through the article to find out the price and specification of the bike.

Yamaha MT-10 Price in BD

Most of the people of Bangladesh like Yamaha bikes because of their engine power, bike design, and advanced technology. Yamaha MT-15 series bikes are popular bikes in Bangladesh. However, the Yamaha MT-10 bike has been never released in Bangladesh. Due to CC restrictions in the country where more than 155 CC bikes are not allowed in the country before. But later the CC limit is increasing to 165cc.

Yamaha MT-10 price in BD: 13,00000 BDT(Approx.)

Note that, the price of the Yamaha MT-10 may not fully accurate, it’s an approximate price for Bangladesh. The Yamaha MT-10 bikes are not available in Bangladesh and hence we cannot let you know the official price.

Yamaha MT-10 Review

The Yamaha MT-10 uses an Aluminium beam frame from Yamaha YZF R1 with added flex for the feel and comfort of the rider. It has a fully adjustable KYB suspension for the superbike and also has good dump controls for fast and slow riding. Slightly modified Yamaha MT-10 brakes are stronger. Especially, they actually provide more feel than YZF R1 on the road. But still easy to get a level pulse under extreme braking. It’s incredibly easy to ride fast, and it turns out beautifully on the track.

Earlier we said, this Yamaha is powered by a 998 CC inline 4-cylinder engine. Especially this engine reserved for Yamaha MT-10, in this engine develops excellent low and mid RPM torque with arm-stretching top-end power. The Yamaha MT-10 features multiples systems powered by YCC a ride-by-wire throttle system that gives accurate engine e control. The D-mode enables the biker to choose the desired engine response to the flick of a switch.

A traction control system(TCS) helps the rider to manage tire traction behind different road conditions. The Yamaha MT-10 also includes cruise control to improve highway cruise control. Besides, The Yamaha MT-10 naked bike displays raw aggression from every angle, blanching the sporty riding response and relaxed enjoyment well with authentic ergonomics. Also, The Yamaha Mt-10 improves both high-tech LED lighting and an all-LCD instrument panel function and style.

Yamaha MT-10 Specifications

Check out the Yamaha MT-10 full specifications:

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The Yamaha MT-10 superbike could be the first choice for speed lovers. This is the beast-level bike on a superbikes segment because its body builds, bike looks, engine power, braking system, and the other factors are well matched. We hope you like this article and find the best article about Yamaha MT-10. If you have any problem regarding this post, please let us know through in comment.

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