500 GB Hard Disk Price in BD

500 GB Hard Disk Price in BD

While SSDs are gaining more and more popularity, HDDs are still rocking with their huge storage solutions. And higher value. They are big in storage but also in performance as well. Some of them are available at SSD and HDD hybrid to offer you the best of both worlds. Are you searching for a 500 GB hard disk price in BD? In today’s article, we are going to reveal the price of some of the best hard disks.

In the below part of the article, we are going to showcase four of the best internal hard drives for your ultimate storage solutions. Here, we try our best to make you pick the best pics 500 GB hard disk price in Bd. Let’s dive into further details.   

500 GB Hard Disk Price in BD

There are hundreds of hard disk options in the 500 GB range. Now it is normal to be a little confused about which one to buy. Out of these, the 4 best 500 GB hard disk price in BD is given below.

HDDPrice (BDT)
Seagate Barracuda3,600
Toshiba V3003,400
Western Digital Blue1,180
Western Digital Black6,600

Note that the price of each of the above hard disks is unofficial. This may change over time. It can even vary from area or store to store. However, we can guarantee that the local price will be close to these. In addition, we update the presses once a month.

Find Out Best 500 GB Hard Disk

Seagate Barracuda

Seagate Barracuda is an outstanding internal hard disk that will serve you relatively well. No matter which purpose you choose to use it. This hard drive comes in a versatile capacity range with the farthest being 14 whooping terabytes to serve your cars. And still, have plenty of room for more. They have taken all of this massive storage and put it into00 a 2.5-inch form factor with a speed of 7200 rounds per minute.

Eventually, the speed leads up to a data transmission rate of 220 megabytes per second. That is quite a big deal according to performance. Lastly, the Seagate Barracuda is hands down the best internal hard drive which will be worth your investment.

Toshiba V300

We sure have a lot of 3.5 inches internal HDD lists and the Toshiba V300 is no exception. The only distinct thing about this drive is that it has targeted surveillance and video application purposes. The storage availability of this disk is simply outstanding as you could get it at a maximum of 14 TB which honestly is overkill.

Even after several surveillance cycles with that being said. It also has a SATA 6 GB per second interface that can rotate at 7200 rpm. In addition, it has also a 256-megabyte buffer which seals the deal of speed and storage debate.

Western Digital Blue

When we talk about internal hard drives, Western Digital is the brand that instantly pops up in our minds. Among plenty of their hard drives series western digital blue is the most suitable and affordable option for pc users. In general, this high-standard storage drive is available at up to six terabyte storage. To meet your storage demands of installing games, collecting Blu-ray movies, or destroying your high-quality rendered contents talking about this drive speed.

However, it has a maximum of 150 megabytes per second. Coupled with an rpm of 5400 which in our opinion will serve you quite well as for its form factor. It is only 3.5 inches in size which enables it to fit in most small to medium tower pc chassis hassle-free. For common usage and supplementary drive of SSD, western digital blue shows promising performance. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on it.

Western Digital Black

Now from western digital’s gaming side, we have the western digital black. This is a top of the line performance drive to not only store but to load your games at a remarkable speed. To keep up with storage demanding games, this internal hard disk is available with 150 megabytes per second of speed. You won’t be needing any other storage.

Whatsoever, it has a maximum rotational speed of 7200 rpm. Also, it is a super quiet operation to maintain the tranquility of your gaming atmosphere. Furthermore, it has 256 megabytes of cache memory that brilliantly optimizes and improves the performance of the read and write speed with a 3.5 form factor.

It can be a solid internal hard disk choice to build your gaming pc with remarkable speed, decent storage availability. Along with that, it is also an optimized choice performance western digital black is all you will be needing for gaming.


The above 500 GB hard drives are experts in various purposes. Now you can pick anyone according to your needs and budget. Here, we tried to give you an overall idea of 500 GB hard disks. If you like the review, leave your valuable feedback through the comments.

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