AKG C214 Microphone Review for All Your Recording Needs

AKG C214 Microphone Review

Some of the highest-performing microphones are found in AKG’s C series, with the C214 and C414 at the top of the list. If you want to move beyond your entry-level gear, you must choose C214.

While recording solo instruments or lead vocals, the C214 makes sure you get the highest sound quality output possible. Also, it has a sturdy structure that will let your microphone to sustain some wear and tear over time. There aren’t many controls, which allows you to concentrate on your originality and audio quality at the sacrifice of adaptability.

Sound Performance

C214 has a reputation in the industry for providing the finest performance in terms of technicality. It has a 1-inch large diaphragm that is excellent at producing high-caliber sound.

This microphone performs admirably when it comes to capturing various sound sources and managing them at various frequencies despite having a small number of functions. There are some sound details that this microphone won’t pick up, whether the sound source is loud or quiet.

Because of its cardioid polar pattern, it is also capable of handling any background noise. Hence, if you arrange and position the mic in front of the sound source appropriately, you may get the desired result.

Dynamic anger control and noise management

Dynamic anger control and noise management

Outstanding dynamic range is easily managed by C214, and it can record transient depths. To ensure that it can effectively manage any mechanical noise or resonance, it also has a merged suspension.

This microphone also doesn’t retain any self-noise. In essence, it is entirely prepared to accept whatever audio you may have. It also enables you to change your output in any way you see fit.

Alternate attenuation

It has a low-cut filter and a switchable pad for attenuation. This microphone will therefore perform admirably in environments and fields with loud noises. This microphone, as you will soon discover, is quite perceptive and can easily record even the smallest information.

In other words, if you wish to record from an extremely loud sound source, this microphone is an excellent pick. Brass, drum overheads, amplifiers, and guitars go nicely with the mic. With a dynamic range that peaks at 143 dB, this microphone is quite adaptable in its output and can readily handle sounds from various sources.

Taking care of mechanical sounds

Mechanical sounds have a big impact on the final result. Yet, the suspension capsule considerably reduces these disturbances and distortions to give you superb sound clarity. And for this reason, this mic has been so well-liked by the general public.

The mic can provide exceptionally clear audio, and you may easily remove any rumbling in the output by using the roll-off filter. The mic will maintain the sound punchy without significantly losing accuracy, and the sound quality will be as clear as possible. Here are a few essential qualities that every musician looks for.

Flexible sound

Flexible sound

This microphone can handle frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Moreover, the response curve between 60 Hz and 1 kHz is flat. Thus, you will have a stable bottom end. To prevent stronger sounds from shirring, there is a drop between 1 kHz and 2500 Hz, after which the frequency rises once again. As a result, this mic is capable of handling various sound sources and is a true workhorse.

Build Quality

You will find this mic has a really solid build and there is lots of protection included within the mic as well. The exquisite appearance of this microphone may readily complement any stage or studio environment. And still, you won’t have to break your financial balance to buy it.


This mic boasts a large diaphragm with meticulous engineering. You will find more versatile better-sounding microphones but this mic at this price range undoubtedly performs a very great job. If you are wanting to capture that authentic sound quality, you can count on your C214 and its big diaphragm.

This diaphragm comes with an innovative technique of edge terminated backplate. Its capsule has an electrical lead that is attached to the diaphragm’s edge.

When the metallic diaphragm reached the capsule’s edge, the outside circle of the plate had to be of non-conductive material instead of brass. It greatly boosts the overall performance of the capsule and guarantees it collects sounds at a broader range.

This is the trait that makes this microphone one of the finest in terms of performance while being limited in functionality.

Looks and versatility

The mic gives you with a layout that will undoubtedly turn some heads around and of course, it is backed up with superb performance too. The entire metal body structure of this mic makes it highly sturdy. The design may effortlessly suit any stage or studio area.

The mic is a good choice for any gigs as well because of its road-ready construction owing to the damaged-resistant grille. The coating this mic comes with is entirely scratch resistant.

The XLR of this microphone comes with a gold finish that considerably enhances its sound. And inside its flat form, the microphone doesn’t waste any room at all. The shock mount of this speaker features a low mount and gives you with remarkable flexibility.

The business has employed high-quality metal in the manufacturing of this mic. The metal grille of this mic is really strong and it is very resistant to being damaged or dented. You will see this mic can easily take a few smashes as well. And it’s the endurance of this microphone that won the hearts of many with its superb sound handling.

It also comes with a very solid base to effortlessly install it on its stand. It is a rather weighty microphone best suited to function on its mount. And even with all its durability, you won’t have to spend much either.

Created by the finest in the business

Created by the finest in the business

AKG microphones have long been one of the best performers in the market. The designers make sure they give top-quality performance and are robust as well. Owing to these advantages, these mics are the top-selling items on the market.

This mic comes with shock and scratch-resistant qualities. The bright mesh grill not only makes the mic stand out but is also incredibly robust. The one-inch diaphragm of this mic can handle varied noises. These are all the components for a design formula of a flawless microphone in every aspect.


When it comes to controls, there is not much to talk about since it comes with a pretty basic design to manage solar instruments and lead vocals. Yet these options do allow you to utilize this mic for all recording purposes.

The vendor itself suggests utilizing this microphone for capturing any sound source. This microphone comes with a low self-noise capacity and a high-volume capacity. It indicates this mic comes with an inbuilt ability to manage a large dynamic range, however for instruments, I prefer the Shure SM81.

Quality attenuation

This microphone is highly flexible owing to the controls it has on it. With its 20 dB attenuator, this mic can keep the noise down for instance on-stage performance where background noise is considerable. With his characteristics, you may focus on the solitary sound source and bring out the highest sound quality.

This mic also includes a bass roll-off option as well that may erase any of those low-rage rumbles. In most situations, any on-stage sounds or component resonance may be handled with its combatant in action. Using this filter, your sound output may be muted up to 160 Hz. And it also allows you to put your mic closer to the sound source.

Setting it up with your computer

As it is an XLR mic, you will have to hook it into your mixer digital recorder or preamp if you wish to use it with your computer. You will merely have to put your XLR cable into your mic and plug the wire’s other end into a preamp.

Now, remove the USB cord from your preamp and link it to your computer. Nevertheless, you need to keep this in mind, the mic rims on phantom power and you must have your preamp operating on that before you start using your mic.

Polar Patterns

The C214 is a cardioid microphone that operates with a flat frequency rate. Which implies it can roll off the low end quite effectively. And when you have its low-pass filter on, the mic will deliver a genuine response. And all the glory belongs to its attenuation that the mic employs very gently.

The microphone comes with a high gain of frequency 15 kHz. That means the voice may slice straight into the mix and generates a livelier sound. Yet dependent on your own tastes, the enhancement this microphone can create may or may not be up to your requirements.

The smooth and fine-tuned cardioid polar pattern of this microphone has a linear response yet it still receives coverage on the mic. These properties make it quite easy to pick this mic for speech recording even if you have to walk about a lot but just in front of the mic. You won’t have to ruin your recording session with its high-quality sound reproduction.

Using a polar pattern, you may effortlessly record various sorts of instruments and vocals using this microphone. And for this reason, this mic has been generating some vines for such a long period.

Acoustic master

Due to its cardioid patterns, this mic is good in its overall performance. However, it does a good job with its low-cut filters and handling acoustic instruments.

Yet at the same time, it also comes with maximum SPL to combat stronger sound sources. Due to its high sensitivity, the mic at times is a little tough to manage yet it does wonders when you are trying to capture your sound sources in a studio.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for recording solo instruments and lead vocals.
  • The dynamic range can accommodate low-frequency as well as high-frequency noises.
  • Comes includes a 20dB attenuator coupled with a bass-cut filter to lessen proximity impact when close-up recording.
  • Integrated suspensions for reducing any mechanical distortion or resonance.
  • The C214 boasts roadworthy construction with its all-metal die-cast design.
  • Resistant to scratches and impacts.


  • This microphone is not meanest for portable use.
  • Just the cardioid pattern is available with this microphone.


When we talk about technological design and construction, AKG is well ahead of its competition. It has securely established the reputation of all its items when it comes to design and engineering. The C414 is the flagship of the corporation and following its footsteps closely comes the C214.

This mic comes with a wide diaphragm and also contains a shock mount along with a foam windshield. The cardioid condenser mic comes at a good price but if you are looking for an entry-level gadget, this could be a bit too expensive.

And that is why AKG has endowed this microphone with various capabilities. It comes with a bass-cut filter along with an attenuator. Additionally, it contains a pop filter and the mic can handle a range of frequencies very well. It can readily work with acoustics and high-sound-producing equipment. You may conveniently utilize it for lead voices and solo instruments.

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