Best AMD FX Processor – Our Top 5 Selection from 99+ Models

AMD FX Processor

Are you a dedicated gamer who is considering creating a powerful computer? If you believe that gaming CPUs fall outside of a sizable budget, let’s first clear up the misunderstanding.

ADM offers affordable processors that maintain the same quality and setup, in contrast to other CPUs. Despite the fact that you are picking the CPU for gaming, it will enable you to perform other jobs like 3D design, graphics, and extended video rendering with ease.

Hence, after extensive study, we have identified the Best AMD FX Processor for gaming in order to guarantee good performance.

To discover the gaming CPU of your choice, keep scrolling down.

Top pick

8350 AMD FX Processor

8350 AMD FX Processor

This processor is a great option for people picking a CPU to complete other difficult tasks in addition to gaming.

Editor’s choice

8320 AMD FX Processor

8320 AMD FX Processor

The AMD FX-8320 CPU was created specifically for gaming laptops.

Best value

8 Gen AMD FX Processor

8 Gen AMD FX Processor

This CPU is not just well-known for gaming, but it is also the ideal choice for video editing.

Best AMD FX Processor for Gaming Reviews

This reviewed part was created so that you can learn more about the specifications of these chosen AMD FX gaming CPUs. Indeed, it will assist you in making an easy purchasing selection. Let’s get started on them.

1. 8350 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 4.2GHz

8350 AMD FX Processor

Are you looking for a powerful gaming CPU? If so, there is a gaming CPU for you that ends your quest. The FX-8350 CPU from AMD is very great. Let’s explore its other attributes.

There isn’t much to tell you about the processor’s quality if you are already a member of the AMD family. Its FX gaming processor’s quality is also guaranteed by AMD.

This processor is a great option for people picking a CPU to complete other difficult tasks in addition to gaming. After utilizing this one, you’ll have such a wonderful performance in everything from graphic design to video editing.

Let’s discuss the processor’s speed. It is an octa-core CPU built for non-stop operations. This implies that if other accessories are current, you will never suffer any slow speeds.

AMD now offers a large cache capacity of up to 8MB. Moreover, the processor’s clock speed may reach 4.2GHz. Therefore never attempt to use this Processor to create a computer that is much quicker.

Selecting a gaming processor requires consideration of generation. The total performance of the CPU is based on its generation. Also, it guarantees compatibility with the computer’s other components, like the RAM, graphic card, and others.

Key Features

  • built for a desktop computer.
  • includes the black edition of octa-core.
  • Maximum clock frequency is 2GHz.
  • The 8MB total cache memory.
  • 61°C is the highest operating temperature.

2. 8320 AMD FX Processor | Octa-Core | 4.0Ghz

8320 AMD FX Processor

If you consider the CPU’s cache memory and clock speed, selecting a high-performing CPU should be simple. The greatest FX processor from AMD is being introduced, and it is powerful enough for a variety of PC users.

The AMD FX-8320 CPU was created specifically for gaming laptops. Also, it is a trustworthy processor for computer professionals. The Processor has an am3+ socket type.

You must first consider this CPU’s speed before evaluating its dependability. The maximum clock speed offered by the FX processor is 4 GHz. As a consequence, you will never suffer sluggish performance regardless of working kinds.

Most experts admire the AMD CPU because of its cores. FX-8320 is an Octa core-based CPU. Also, AMD guarantees that this FX black edition has all enhanced features of the eighth generation CPU.

Another item that draws our interest is its super transit technology. AMD employs hyper transport generation mode 3.0 on this CPU. That’s how it can transport data up to 8GB/s.

Not to worry about the CPU’s heating while using the computer for a long period. The heat-sinking characteristic of the CPU makes sure a consistent performance. The CPU can survive a maximum temperature of 61°C.

By examining the entire features and performance, the tech expert views the FX-8320 CPU as the finest gaming processor.

Key Features

  • eighth generation octa-core processor
  • clock frequency of 0 GHz
  • 8MB maximum total cache memory
  • hypertransport technology is ensured
  • gaming-specific black edition

3. 8 Gen AMD FX Processor | 16MB | 4.2GHz

8 Gen AMD FX Processor

There is excellent news for people seeking for a quick CPU to create a high-end PC. Another FX-8350 CPU from AMD is available, and you’ll be impressed by its performance.

You will adore this CPU once you are aware of its whole specifications. This CPU is not just well-known for gaming, but it is also the ideal choice for video editing. That is made feasible by its ruthless quickness.

Let’s look at its cache memory to discover how it achieves fast speed. This AMD FX processor has a total cache size of 16MB.

More specifically, it will offer an 8MB level 2 cache and an 8MD level 3 cache. Moreover, the CPU’s system memory is DDR3.

If the CPU generation is something that worries you. Be at ease! A CPU of the eighth generation is the AMD FX. Also, it has an eight-core, which is excellent for gaming as well as graphics and 3D creation.

This game CPU’s cooling mechanism is an intriguing feature. It includes a wraith cooler, a professional cooler that is incorporated right inside the device. As a result, your computer never becomes unresponsive when you multitask.

The CPU also maintains a respectable temperature under load. The CPU can operate at a temperature of 61 °C. Moreover, the clock speed of up to 4.2GHz is extremely common.

Key Features

  • There is 16MD in total cache memory.
  • an 8th generation CPU with eight cores.
  • Up to 4.2GHz is the maximum clock speed.
  • Make sure the cooling system is reliable.

4. 8300 AMD FX Processor | Turbo Octa Core | 3.3 GHz

8300 AMD FX Processor

The AMD FX-8300 will astonish you if you have a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality or performance. It’s interesting that the CPU has everything you need to make a gaming computer.

Let’s first discuss the CPU speed if you are still worried about it. This game CPU has an aggregate speed of 3.3GHz. It is excellent for any PC used for gaming.

Its FX processor excels at various tasks in addition to gaming.

For instance, the CPU never disappoints you when it comes to processing speed if you are a skilled video editor or 3D model creator.

It is really regarded as the highest-end CPU for megatasking. It was made feasible by the bulldozer architecture. Because of this, it is regarded as the top AMD FX processor for activities like gaming and video rendering.

If you could see the processing cores, you would be delighted. A turbo octa core-based CPU, the AMD FX-8300. The CPU operates at a total frequency of 4.2GHz. Moreover, the CPU is an eight-generation gaming processor.

There is no concern regarding computer heating for individuals who regularly use computers for extended periods of time. Its heatsink cooling mechanism allows the processor to stay cool even after prolonged use.

Key Features

  • 8th generation gaming processor.
  • Up to 4.2GHz is the maximum clock speed.
  • has an octa-core turbo processor.
  • 70.5°C is the maximum operating temperature.

5. 8120 AMD FX Processor | 8-Core | 3.1GHz

8120 AMD FX Processor

The AMD FX-8120 CPU would be best suited for you if your goal is to construct a high-end computer that will be used for both video rendering and gaming. Every functionality that is required for users who multitask is ensured by this CPU.

The ability to overclock makes this black variant a favorite among pros. Users will be able to unlock the boot performance and speed when the CPU has been installed.

The Bulldozer Architecture of this FX processor is one of its most intriguing characteristics. In actuality, it functions as you multitask.

As a result, the CPU maintains an unmatched speed across all jobs that are active.

With this gaming CPU from AMD, turbo core technology is included. This CPU has eight cores and is compatible with the AM3+ socket. The CPU is an 8th generation processor with a clock speed of up to 3.1GHz, which is wonderful news because it incorporates all advanced technologies.

Isn’t it great that the processor ensures energy efficiency? Yeah, this was made possible by its 32nm die shrink. It performs smoothly and steadily while using the least amount of energy.

As a result, you may without a doubt use the FX-8120 black edition for tasks like gaming, 3D modeling, and rendering videos.

Key Features

  • clock frequency of 3.10 GHz.
  • the best choice for multitasking.
  • Processor with 8 turbo cores is 900 MHz faster.
  • Energy efficiency is ensured through 32nm die reduction.

Things to Consider Before Buying AMD FX Processor

Best AMD FX Processor

Technology purchases might be a little complicated. The capabilities and efficiency of the processor must be properly taken into account. Otherwise, the likelihood of being angry after purchasing is increased. However, don’t worry! Something has been completed for you.

We have included a few key specifications of gaming processors in this part to assist you in choosing the finest FX processor. Moreover, you may select a mouse for arthritis.


It is the most crucial and anticipated component of a gaming computer. Even if you selected the CPU with gaming in mind, this does not exclude using it for other tasks.

Hence, you must examine the processor’s multitasking capabilities so that you can easily execute your other tasks in addition to gaming, such as video rendering, 3D modeling, etc. See the most important LGA 1156 CPU review.

Generation and the Core

You cannot escape these features if you want a high-performance CPU. The total number of cores in a CPU determines its overall performance. Also, the performance of a computer is significantly impacted by the CPU generation.

The most recent CPU generation need to have all other cutting-edge characteristics. So, you should purposefully choose a gaming CPU that has high core counts and is of the most recent generation. Check out our guide to hearing protection for hunting as well.

Clock Rate

The clock speed of a high-end CPU is another crucial factor. So to speak, the clock speed of a CPU determines how quickly data is processed overall.

While performing numerous tasks at once, the high clock speed CPU will offer a variety of alternatives and flawless functioning.

Warmth Sink

As gaming processors are among the most performing CPUs, they are always required to do several tasks at once. The CPU thus automatically produces a lot of heat. Because of this, gaming CPUs must have heat sinking characteristics.

Your computer would suddenly become stuck if the CPU became overheated. In addition to having no heatsink, the CPU eventually performs slowly.

This CPU is best for gaming or other demanding tasks if the computer has a heat sinking feature or superior cooling system.

Energy Savings

The majority of expensive CPUs have poor energy efficiency. Sometimes the CPU will automatically generate a lot of heat if it uses a lot of energy. Also, you must add up any additional cash at the end of the day.

It is evident that the CPU’s low energy efficiency has some effect on the computer’s overall performance.

Questions and Answers Frequently Asked

1. Do these CPUs come with cooling mechanisms?

They are, indeed.

The majority of gaming processors come with their own cooling system. Moreover, this CPU performs well at high temperatures. Thus, the AMD FX processor’s cooling mechanism is enough for gaming.

2. How fast can these Processors run at their highest clock speeds?

These game CPUs typically run at a clock speed of 4.0Ghz. You will discover out there, nonetheless, if you require extra speed.

3. Can I render videos using these top AMD FX CPUs?

Of sure, I say.

These FX processors can handle demanding tasks like video processing, 3D modeling, and graphics in addition to gaming.

4. Can an HP laptop be used with FX CPUs?


For desktop PCs, these AMD FX CPUs have been specifically created. Hence, using a laptop is not an option.

5. What should you think about while choosing the greatest FX processor?

Check the processor’s core and generation first, then pick the most recent. Following that, examine its cooling system, maximum operating temperature, clock speed, and energy efficiency. You may use this CPU if all of these conditions are met.

Last Words

You must always have a fast processor, regardless of whether you are choosing a high-end CPU for gaming or video rendering. You choose the finest AMD FX CPU for gaming in these circumstances.

If you have thought about the reviews and buying sections, I hope you are about to have the high-performing processors.

Cheers to gaming!

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