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AR Glasses

If you are in search of the top-notch AR glasses for gaming currently available in the 2024 market, then continue reading this article as it will provide you with valuable insights.

AR glasses are electronic devices that resemble ordinary glasses and enhance the real world with digital information. In essence, advanced AR glasses for gaming overlay data such as heart rate, navigation, messages, and other personalized data fields that you have configured on your smartphone or smartwatch onto your visual field.

Over the past few years, AR glasses and computers have made significant advancements. Although we are still a considerable distance away from having AR glasses that closely resemble regular glasses but possess immense computational capabilities, these devices are becoming increasingly intelligent. Let us delve deeper into the finest Augmented Reality glasses for gaming currently available in the market, examining their functionalities and key features.

Best AR Glasses Reviews

1. XREAL Air 2 Pro AR Glasses

XREAL Air 2 Pro AR Glasses

The XREAL AIR 2 Pro represents the most recent addition to my collection of augmented reality (AR) glasses. Being a second-generation product, it boasts a variety of enhancements such as a brighter virtual display with a higher refresh rate, improved audio quality, and several thoughtful adjustments that enhance comfort and usability.

It is important to mention that Xreal was previously known as Nreal, but underwent a name change due to a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Epic Games, the owner of the Unreal Engine. The Xreal Air has been succeeded by two new models of AR glasses, namely the Xreal Air 2 and the Xreal Air 2 Pro.

The Xreal Air 2 glasses have a design that closely resembles a bulky pair of ordinary glasses. The temples are noticeably wide, requiring you to position them a bit farther from your eyes in order to view the virtual screen clearly. Despite this, they are quite discreet compared to other AR glasses. The USB-C port is located at the tip of the left temple. The package includes a long cable and a durable case for secure storage of the glasses.

The XReal Air 2 glasses utilize dual 0.55-inch Sony micro-OLED displays boasting a 1080p resolution and a top refresh rate of 120 Hz. Connect the USB-C cable to any compatible smartphone, laptop, or device that is equipped with DisplayPort (DP) output (USB Type-C Alt mode), and witness the XReal Air 2 glasses reflecting your screen. It is important not to presume that your device supports DP, as some of the latest models do not. For instance, while the iPhone 15 does support it, the Pixel 8 and OnePlus 11 do not.

The Xreal Air 2 glasses offer support for three degrees of freedom (DoF), enabling users to explore 360-degree videos and virtual reality scenes. While it is possible to enjoy VR games with these glasses, it requires some additional effort. The existence of individuals within the Xreal community who are dedicated to enhancing the functionality is beneficial for those who enjoy tinkering with technology. However, it would be preferable to witness greater commitment from the manufacturers in this regard.

2. Rokid Max AR Glasses

Rokid Max

In our evaluation of the Rokid Max, we highlighted these as the top AR glasses currently available. The exceptional audio quality and impressive displays, complete with a 120Hz refresh rate, make them stand out. Moreover, their portability remains uncompromised.

Looking for a remarkable large-screen experience while on the move? Look no further. With the high refresh rates, you can also indulge in gaming while on the go, as they are compatible with consoles like the Nintendo Switch and portable computers such as the Steam Deck.

Admittedly, the app may not be exceptional. However, it is not a necessity to fully appreciate the superior features of the Rokid Max.

The Rokid Max AR glasses offer outstanding video and audio quality. Users can experience vibrant full-HD 1080p video with vivid colors. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that, similar to many AR glasses, the device may face challenges in displaying darker or shadowy screens with clarity.

The Rokid Max offers exceptional picture and audio quality, making it a top choice for AR glasses currently available. It serves as a high-quality ultra-portable external display for your phone, along with comfortable headphones that ensure no irritation to your ears.

The Micro OLED, 120Hz refresh rate, and minimal latency allow for an enjoyable movie-watching experience on the go, as well as comfortable gaming sessions. Despite some issues with the companion app, the good news is that you can bypass it, with hopes for improvements in the future.

Positioned in its price range, the Rokid Max stands out as a strong contender in the consumer AR market, boasting some of the most impressive specifications to date, making it a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

3. XREAL Air 2 AR Glasses


To explore the latest advancements in AR glasses, the Xreal Air 2 is an excellent starting point. Despite its 1080p screens, the visual experience is truly remarkable. This can be attributed to the impressive 120Hz refresh rate, which adds to the overall appeal.

Moreover, the audio quality of the Xreal Air 2 is notably superior compared to some competitors. Unlike other devices where the sound may seem distant or muffled, the sound from these glasses is truly satisfying.

So, what can you actually do with these glasses? Well, it’s quite simple. You can connect them to your preferred device, such as a portable gaming console or your smartphone, and they will mirror your screen. This allows you to enjoy content in a higher resolution. Additionally, if you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy phone with Dex functionality, you can even utilize these glasses for productivity purposes. Impressive, isn’t it?

For an enhanced experience, consider pairing the glasses with the Nebula app on your phone. This will enable head-tracking and provide the option to set up a multi-desktop experience. However, the usefulness of these features may vary depending on individual preferences and requirements.

The Xreal Air 2 could be considered as the top choice when it comes to “personal cinema” glasses due to their sleek and understated design, impressive virtual screen quality, and immersive sound experience. It’s difficult to find any flaws with this product.

Individuals looking for enhanced productivity features on the move may appreciate the specialized functions available through the Nebula app. However, for the majority of users who intend to use these glasses for watching movies or indulging in large-screen gaming using their Steam Decks and Nintendo Switches, opting for the Xreal Air 2 would be a wise decision.

4. RAYNEO Air 2 AR Glasses


The design aesthetic of the RayNeo Air 2 falls between the understated “everyday sunglasses” appearance of the Xreal Air 2 and the futuristic, gamer-inspired look of the Rokid Max. At a distance, they appear to be slightly bulkier than typical sunglasses.

Nevertheless, upon closer inspection, the RayNeo Air 2 exhibits distinct, bold aesthetics with its sharper lines, which I personally find quite impressive. Additionally, weighing only 76 grams, it is remarkably lightweight and exudes a premium feel due to its matte plastic construction that feels soft to the touch.

To begin, I was immediately bothered by something when I initially wore these glasses – I couldn’t find the “perfect” angle to position them in order to see the entire virtual screen.

Fortunately, I discovered that the frames can be gently snapped into three different angles, and the second angle allowed me to bring the virtual screen closer to the viewing experience I typically have with XR glasses. This meant that I could comfortably see the entire screen without any issues.

The RayNeo Air 2 XR glasses possess a sleek and sturdy design, offering a remarkable virtual screen experience. However, it is important to acknowledge certain drawbacks, including blurry screen corners and sound distortion at high volume.

These glasses are suitable for enjoying movies and YouTube videos on the move, as well as indulging in immersive gaming sessions with portable consoles. Nevertheless, if you find it difficult to overlook the aforementioned blurriness at the edges of the screen, it becomes challenging for me to recommend them over similarly-priced competitors like the Xreal Air 2 or Rokid Max. Notably, these alternatives provide additional features such as durable cases and opaque lens covers, which the RayNeo Air 2 lacks.

5. VITURE One XR/AR Glasses


Viture One stands out as the top choice for XR/AR glasses currently available, offering exceptional picture quality, immersive sound, and a stylish, high-end design. While the price may be steep, these glasses are a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers.

Are you interested in having a portable, virtual screen that measures 120 inches, which you can use to play games or watch movies wherever you are? That’s exactly what the Viture One XR glasses offer. These glasses can be connected directly to your smartphone, laptop, or Nintendo Switch, functioning as a USB-C monitor. Additionally, there is an optional neckband computer that runs on Android, allowing you to enjoy cloud gaming, remote play from your console, or stream movies from Netflix.

The Viture One appears to be a regular set of sunglasses, sporting a plain matte black plastic frame encasing rectangular lenses that are two-toned in blue/gray and clear. Positioned on the right corner of the frame (when observed from the front) is a stylized metallic V, which complements the silver-colored accents adorning the glasses’ flexible hinges and temple tips. The temples themselves are made of the same matte black plastic as the front, with a slightly rubberized texture on the inner side that comes into contact with your skin.

You can connect the glasses directly to any smartphone, laptop, or PC that has a USB-C port, and they will display the screen content (an iPhone adapter is currently being developed). Additionally, you can directly connect them to a Steam Deck. However, for other gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, you will require the mobile dock as an intermediary device.

The Viture One AR glasses serve as a portable 1080p display and offer several distinctive features that set them apart from other similar products. Among these features, the myopia focus dials stand out as the most significant. Additionally, the ability to darken the lenses with a simple touch adds a fun and practical advantage. Although they may not be as visually appealing as the Rokid Max with its wider field of view, the Viture One glasses remain an outstanding portable display that can be conveniently used in any setting, despite their slightly higher price.

Final Word

We believe we have included all the top gaming AR glasses available in the market. However, if you are aware of any other fantastic AR glasses for gaming that we may have overlooked, please feel free to share them in the comments below. We are eager to learn about your preferences and expectations as both creators and players.

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