Are AirTags Good For Bikes? Evaluating the Effectiveness of AirTags as a Bike Tracker

Are AirTags Good For Bikes

Apple’s AirTags are a simple, affordable tracking solution that can assist you in recovering any items that have been misplaced or stolen.

Is an AirTag suitable for bikes? is a frequent query from those considering purchasing an AirTag.

The best way to find stolen motorcycles is with AirTags. They are inexpensive, portable, and simple to conceal on any bike.

I get into issues like whether AirTags function on bicycles, if you can use an AirTag to track down a stolen bike, and much more in this post.

Do Bikes Support AirTags?

Do Bikes Support AirTags

Using AirTags might help you locate stolen bikes fast. The Bluetooth tracker is simple to connect to a bicycle, providing owners with peace of mind in the event that their bike disappears.

Best tech tip: Each Apple ID may be linked to up to 16 AirTags, allowing you to track 16 objects simultaneously.

An AirTag transmits encrypted Bluetooth signals that adjacent Apple devices may pick up via the Find My network. The position of the AirTag is then sent by these Apple devices to iCloud so that the AirTag may be viewed on the map of the Find My app.

It won’t take long for your stolen bike to appear on the map considering that the Find My network includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices.

There are certain limitations to this, though. It’s crucial to realize that since AirTags don’t utilize GPS, they can’t display real-time positions like a GPS tracker.

Also, it’s less probable that the location of your AirTag will be reported regularly if it ends up in a less heavily populated region or possibly somewhere where nobody usually passes. Despite this, an AirTag is still a fantastic bike tracking option.

Can An AirTag Be Used To Locate A Stolen Bike?

Can An AirTag Be Used To Locate A Stolen Bike

If anything has an AirTag connected to it, tracking something like a stolen bike isn’t a huge issue. An AirTag can facilitate the rapid and simple recovery of a stolen bike with the aid of hundreds of millions of Apple devices connected to the Find My network.

Put two AirTags on your bike as a precaution in case the first one is discovered by the thief.

Your iPhone can use Precision Finding to transport you directly to your AirTag if it’s nearby. Precision Finding, compatible with iPhones 11 and later, employs Ultra Wideband technology to precisely calculate the separation and direction of your AirTag from your iPhone.

If, however, your AirTag is not within range of you. You may view your AirTag on the Find My app by using the hundreds of millions of other Apple Bluetooth devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, that are connected to the global Apple Find My network.

Finally, an AirTag may be placed in Lost Mode much like other Apple devices. You will receive a notification to your Apple device if your AirTag is in Lost Mode and is discovered by another Apple device in the Find My network. This will enable you to locate it fast, which is ideal if your bicycle is ever stolen.

I would be negligent if I neglected to address the AirTag notice that an AirTag is flying with you. Although this function was created to stop someone from following you without your awareness, bike thieves may find it useful. Nevertheless, this notification won’t come through for a while; by that time, you ought to be well on your way to getting back your stolen bike.

Where Should I Place An AirTag On My Bike?

Where Should I Place An AirTag On My Bike

Every bike has a distinct best location for an AirTag. To achieve the greatest results, however, mount the AirTag externally to the bike frame.

Although each bike is unique, as was already explained, there are some locations that are preferable to others for attaching an AirTag to your bike.

Avoid inserting the AirTag into the bike’s stem or the frame of the bicycle. Precision Locating may need you to be near before connecting, even though it can still be tracked.

You might be asking how to attach an AirTag and where the ideal spots are to place an AirTag on a bike because AirTags are neither magnetic nor do they come with glue. Check out my list, which is below:

  • On the actual bike frame.
  • Fasten it to the cage for the water bottle.
  • Put it underneath the bicycle seat.
  • Place it in your frame bag or seat bag.
  • To the seat post, fasten it.

Questions and Answers

I hope I was able to address all of your concerns about AirTags and bicycles. You could, nonetheless, still have additional inquiries about Apple AirTags. If so, I address a few frequently asked questions below.

How far away does an AirTag’s Precision Finding function?

Precision Finding is effective at distances of 15 to 30 feet.

Uses GPS and AirTag?

GPS is not used by an AirTag to determine its location.

How long does a battery in an AirTag last?

About a year goes by before an AirTag battery has to be changed.

Last Words

Is AirTags suitable for motorcycles, then? Yes. For motorcycles, AirTags are fantastic. They are affordable to purchase, light, and simple to fasten to a bike. The Find My network includes hundreds of millions of Apple device owners, so it shouldn’t take long for the location of a stolen bike to appear in the app.

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