Are AirTags Worth It For Walking? The Ultimate Companion for Your Outdoor Adventures!

Are AirTags Worth It For Walking

Using Apple AirTags, it’s incredibly simple to locate lost items like keys, wallets, baggage, backpacks, and more.

But if you’re unfamiliar with AirTags, a frequent query is if they’re worthwhile for walking. If you have the same question, keep reading because this post is for you!

Although an AirTag may be used while walking, there are better options available for walkers, such as an Apple Watch, which is more useful for tracking your whereabouts when you’re out for a stroll.

In this essay, I cover a variety of subjects, including utilizing an AirTag while walking, sharing an AirTag’s position while walking, whether AirTags function in rural regions and much more.

Can You Walk With An AirTag?

Can You Walk With An AirTag

There are a few restrictions when using an AirTag for walking. Apple advises against using AirTags to monitor individuals, and Apple Family Sharing cannot be used to disclose an AirTag’s location.

Using an AirTag instead of walking with your iPhone when you go outside could seem like a more convenient monitoring option if you love taking regular walks. But, there are several restrictions you should be aware of before slipping one into your pocket and starting your next stroll.

An AirTag’s location cannot be shared with another user using Apple’s Family Sharing function, in contrast to other Apple devices. Due to the fact that an AirTag may only be registered against one Apple ID, this restriction exists.

Apple does not advise utilizing an AirTag to monitor someone, which is another item to take into account. Apple suggests utilizing other devices, such as the Apple Watch, to track a person’s whereabouts because, let’s face it, we all want to know how far and how long we’ve been walking.

Can You Communicate The Location Of An AirTag While Walking?

Can You Communicate The Location Of An AirTag While Walking

As an AirTag is associated with a single Apple ID, you cannot share its location while walking using Family Sharing.

You may share access to Apple services like Apple Music or an iCloud storage plan with up to five additional family members thanks to the company’s Family Sharing feature. Using Family Sharing, you may even assist one another in finding each other’s lost devices, however, AirTag sharing is not supported. You can read about Are AirTags A Good Gift?

Are AirTags GPS-enabled?

Are AirTags GPS-enabled

AirTags lacks GPS functionality. The Global Positioning Satellites cannot be contacted by AirTags to ascertain their location.

Unlike GPS-enabled trackers, which may connect to neighboring Bluetooth Apple devices in the global Find My network to transmit their whereabouts, AirTags rely on Bluetooth connectivity.

While this method is effective at pinpointing locations, it somewhat restricts an AirTag’s capacity to monitor in real-time and prohibits it from tracking things like speed, unlike some of its GPS-tracking competitors.

Do AirTags Function in Remote Areas?

Do AirTags Function in Remote Areas

As a result of their dependence on surrounding Apple devices, AirTags perform less well in rural locations. Your AirTag’s position won’t be updated frequently if you chance to be strolling in a deserted area where nobody else is around.

The greatest places to utilize AirTags are crowded locations like cities. The position of your AirTag will be shown in the Find My app if someone using an Apple device walks by it and the AirTag is able to transmit that Apple device a Bluetooth signal.

As AirTag’s don’t use GPS, being in a rural or isolated place, without constant contact to other Apple devices, an AirTag’s position will not be updated regularly, if at all.

The final thing to remember is that Bluetooth functions best when there is a direct line of sight. Although AirTags do not rely on cellular connectivity, it is crucial to be aware that Bluetooth signals might be diminished by objects like metal, walls, and buildings.

How Long Does the Batteries Last on an AirTag?

How Long Does the Batteries Last on an AirTag

With regular use, an AirTag’s battery life is around one year. Thankfully, replacing the battery in an AirTag is a quick and easy operation.

The battery in an AirTag will eventually run out, and unlike the majority of Apple’s other devices, it cannot be recharged. This implies that you will have to change the battery yourself when it gets low or ultimately runs out.

Thankfully, an AirTag just requires a single CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery to function. The majority of well-known retailers, including Walmart, Target, and even Amazon, carry this sort of battery. There’s no need to go to the Apple shop.

Questions and Answers

I believe I have addressed all of your concerns on the value of AirTags for walking. You could, nonetheless, still have additional inquiries about Apple AirTags. Should you want, you may read my answers to a few commonly asked questions below or read one of my other articles, such as Do AirTags Work Anywhere?

What’s the weight of an AirTag?

The AirTag is 0.39 ounces in weight.

An AirTag comes in what size?

The height and diameter of an AirTag are both 1.26 inches.

Are AirTags waterproof?

Only water is impervious to AirTags.

Last Thoughts

So, to summarize. Do AirTags for walking make sense? They’re not, in my opinion. There is romanticism in simply slipping one into your pocket and going for a walk in the woods, but unless you anticipate finding a lot of Apple users there, your location won’t be updated frequently.

The third drawback is that using an AirTag with Apple’s Family Sharing is impossible. Improved Apple goods, such as the Apple Watch or an iPhone, are accessible to walkers.

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