Are All Mechanical Keyboards Loud? Finding the Perfect Mechanical Keyboard

Are All Mechanical Keyboards Loud

Are mechanical keyboards unfamiliar to you? Another possibility is that you already possess a mechanical keyboard and are interested in the switch sounds. Is every mechanical keyboard noisy, this is a common query. Continue reading if you have the same question!

Mechanical keyboards aren’t all noisy. Making sure your typing is as silent as possible requires a mechanical keyboard with a silent switch.

In this essay, I examine a number of topics, including whether mechanical keyboards can be silent, which switch on a mechanical keyboard is the quietest and more.

Since there is a separate mechanical switch under each key, keyboards are called mechanical keyboards.

Can You Get A Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

Can You Get A Silent Mechanical Keyboard

The type of mechanical switch, the design of the keyboard’s chassis, and the substance of the keycaps all affect how quiet a mechanical keyboard is. The amount of typing you do and the acoustics of the room all affect how quiet a mechanical keyboard may be.

The mechanical switch itself is one of the fundamental components of a silent mechanical keyboard. These days, a lot of businesses produce mechanical switches. Cherry MX Switches are by far the most popular and well-known switches.

I do not advise utilizing a mechanical switch with a clicky type, such as Cherry MX’s Blue switch, in line with the notion of a silent mechanical keyboard. If you use your mechanical keyboard in a shared space, your roommates or coworkers may find it annoying because Cherry MX Blue switches are one of the noisier options available.

What Mechanical Cherry MX Switch Is Quietest?

What Mechanical Cherry MX Switch Is Quietest

The Cherry MX Quiet Red and Cherry MX Silent Black mechanical switches are the two Cherry MX models that can be regarded as being the quietest.

The original, without any modifications, is the quiet Cherry MX key switch. Any operational sounds are reliably reduced by the noise reduction. This is the quietest possible expression of excellence, accuracy, and dependability. Next, we’ll go through the two quiet Cherry MX switches in greater depth.

Smooth and silent Cherry MX Quiet Red:

  • Features of linear switching
  • The operating force of 45 cm
  • Pretravel of 1.9 mm
  • Total travel of 3.7 mm
  • Silent
  • MX and RGB MX

Strong And Quiet Cherry MX Silence Black:

  • Features of linear switching
  • The operating force of 60 cn
  • Pretravel of 1.9 mm
  • Total travel of 3.7 mm
  • Silent
  • MX and RGB MX

How Can My Mechanical Keyboard Be Soundproofed?

How Can My Mechanical Keyboard Be Soundproofed

The most common methods for soundproofing a mechanical keyboard are utilizing a desk pad, attaching rubber o-rings to the keycaps, or swapping out the loud switches for quieter ones.

Let’s look at some of the most common, inexpensive techniques to soundproof your mechanical keyboard.

1. Use a keyboard pad.

Your mechanical keyboard’s sound will depend on the type of surface it is placed on. Since they may magnify sound, materials like wood, glass, and metal are known to be noisier.

Consider putting your mechanical keyboard on a rubber-style keyboard mat before making any big adjustments. With the absorption of the vibrations produced by typing, a rubber-style mat will provide effective soundproofing.

2. Your keycaps should have rubber O-rings installed.

Rubber o-ring dampeners may be easily and affordably attached to keycaps, and they have a major influence on how loud your mechanical keyboard sounds.

The sound of the keycap clattering on the surface of the switch underneath it is muffled by an o-ring, which also works as a sound dampener. Although putting a rubber o-ring dampener won’t fully silence your keyboard, it will significantly lessen the noise of a noisy mechanical keyboard.

3. Changing your switches

The majority of the noise produced by a mechanical keyboard is caused by mechanical switches. The separate switches’ actions are what create the noise. You will notice a significant increase in your ability to quiet your keyboard by switching to silent switches.

I advise switching to a Cherry MX Quiet Red or Black switch, as both of these switches will ensure that your typing makes little to no noise.

Of course, there are several other alternatives you might attempt, such as adding padding to the keyboard’s base, lubricating the mechanical switches, or even replacing your current desk, which, in all honesty, will probably cost more than purchasing a brand-new quiet mechanical keyboard.

But, as a regular user of a mechanical keyboard, I believe these choices will only somewhat lower the noise, and you will probably still think your keyboard is noisy. The best method for muting your mechanical keyboard is by far replacing your mechanical switches and adding o-rings.

Questions and Answers

I hope I was able to address all of your concerns regarding how noisy mechanical keyboards often are. I respond to a couple more frequently asked questions about mechanical keyboards below.

Should mechanical keyboards have a loud sound?

Since they employ mechanical switches, mechanical keyboards are often noisier than membrane-style keyboards.

Do mechanical keyboards make more noise?

Even with silent mechanical switches, a mechanical keyboard won’t often be any quieter than conventional keyboards.

Are keyboards with clicks loud?

Although mechanical keyboards with clicky switches are noisy, they could be a wonderful solution for some people depending on their workplace.

Last Words

Are mechanical keyboards often noisy, then? Mechanical keyboards aren’t all noisy. Your keyboard typing noise will be kept to a minimum by selecting a keyboard that employs silent mechanical switches. If you currently have a mechanical keyboard, you may minimize noise by changing the switches or adding rubber o-rings.

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