Basmati Rice Price in Bangladesh

Basmati Rice Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know the Basmati Rice Price in Bangladesh? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know about the price and benefits of basmati rice. keep reading the article to know the price and benefits of basmati rice.

Basmati rice is a common part of this subcontinental food culture. Normally, Basmati rice comes in two different colors brown and white varieties, both colors are available in Bangladesh. It is super long grain rice and is known as the king of rice. In short, super long grain Basmati rice can be flavourful as well as a nutritious addition to your diet.

What is the Basmati Rice price in Bangladesh?

There are 29 varieties of Basmati rice that have been founded, lots of several brands manufacture Basmati in Bangladesh. The price of the Basmati varies depending on the brand, quantity, and some other factors. The below table will let you know the price and some other related information about the best Basmati rice in Bangladesh.

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Note that the retail price of Basmati price may vary from store to store. Besides, it will also vary depending on the brand or manufacturer. We typically update the information on the website once a month. If it changes, we will let you know by updating the article.

Where to buy Basmati Rice in Bangladesh?

Basmati rice is very popular in Bangladesh. It is available almost everywhere in Bangladesh. You will find it at the nearest grocery store. Besides you can also find it in all the super shops including Swapno, Prince Bazar, and others.  You can also purchase it online. It is widely available on online stores like Daraz, Evaly, PriyoShop,, and, etc.

Benefits of Basmati Rice

As we said that, Basmati rice has 2 varieties, Brown and White. Both brown and white Basmati rice provides many health benefits. The good news for diabetic patients is that Basmati rice helps reduce diabetes. According to the diabetic’s Association of Canada, Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index than other rice. Basmati rice has a good amount of fiber, starchy carbs, amylase, and protein lowers the glycemic index.

On the other hand, Brown Basmati rice has more fiber than white basmati and about 20% more than other types of brown rice. A higher fiber diet can help reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, especially colorectal cancer. Besides, it does not increase your blood sugars, which means this reduces the supply of insulin to the meal.

Basmati rice, when boiled and cooked perfectly, can benefit you in controlling your weight. Fiber breaks down slowly in your body, controls your craving, and makes you feel full for a long time. Note that it contains a lot of amyloses, a type of carbohydrate that is more difficult for the body to digest. So, you shouldn’t consume it much.


Basmati rice has a lot of health benefits with fragrant long-grainy rice. It contains less arsenic than other varieties of rice. This is truly delicious and healthy food and ideal for everyone. We hope that you will find this article about Basmati rice price in bd useful. Please let us know your thoughts about the article in the comments sections.

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