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Battery Spot Welder

A battery spot welder is a little box with a lot of power within. This battery power box is lightweight and ideal for both domestic and commercial use. This will enable you to do home DIY chores.

A spot welder has several advantages. However keeping the box clean is a little difficult. Moreover, there are several portable welders available. But you’ll need the Best Battery Spot Welder to get a first-rate experience.

Finding the ideal one is difficult. So that you can properly finish your task, we are offering some of the best spot welder below. They will enable you to perform fantastic inside and outdoor tasks.

Top pick

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder Intelligent

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Mophorn Battery Spot Welder

Mophorn Battery Spot Welder

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Best value

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder Lithium-Ion

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Best Battery Spot Welder Reviews

We’ll talk about some of the best battery spot welders in this part. We will also outline each product’s components and capabilities.

1. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Intelligent Function

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder

Battery manufacturer SUNKKO is well-known and has been in business for many years. This brand has been building a reputation for excellent quality and maximum capacity ever since it first began.

A new panel design with an intelligent welding feature has been included. It will increase the battery pack welding process’ effectiveness and productivity. You may create a battery pack using the foot pedal and the fixed welding head.

Several of you have experienced issues with excessive heat after using the welder for a while. SUNKKO has so made use of an integrated temperature sensor.

It features a clever cooling system that regulates the machine’s interior temperature in accordance with heat and work.

Premium design is also used. This box is snug because cutting-edge technology was employed to create it. With the fixed copper head, the spot welder’s thickness range is 0.03 to 0.3 mm. The mobile welding pen has a thickness of 0.03 to 0.2 mm.

This package has a variety of welding techniques. There won’t be any restrictions on welding. This may enable a very high temperature. In just a few seconds, the welder box’s temperature may rise to 300 degrees Celsius.

Key Features

  • solder temperature is really high.
  • advanced technologies
  • upscale design.
  • heating system automation.

2. Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | LCD Panel

Mophorn Battery Spot Welder

Our next product, Mophorn, features a unique panel system. While using the machine, this will enable you to observe the pulse quantity and current. You can control the current with this excellent portable welder. Setting the pulse is simple and takes very little time.

The effective cooling mechanism ensures that this won’t burn in hot weather. The battery spot welder’s radiator spins at 4100 RPM. With the help of an integrated smart chip, this welder will avoid overheating. Moreover, automatic short-point protection is included. To avoid overheating, every possible measure has been taken.

Several different battery pack types may be welded using a Mophorn portable welder. A button battery, polymer battery, protection board, and the camera from an Apple mobile phone will all function flawlessly with this. This is also appropriate for stainless steel mesh, hardware, etc.

There is a fine spot weld on this. You may control this with its foot pedal. We can promise you that the components and tips of the spot welder are intended as portable. They are built from high-quality steel. You can conduct any sort of welding with this.

Key Features

  • simple operation
  • simple to maintain
  • strong construction
  • High-volume manufacturing-appropriate

3. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | Lithium-Ion Cells

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder

This will be ideal for you if you’re seeking for a portable welder that can handle any type of welding. This may be used for soldering, lead or nickel sheets, wire mesh, circuit boards, and lithium-ion batteries.

This created the most modern cooling system. A temperature sensor is also included inside the SUNKKO. As a result, it will operate automatically and adjust to the machine’s interior temperature. In only a few seconds, this will be hot. In about 5 to 6 seconds, the temperature will rise to 450° Celsius.

There is a range of 2 to 18 welding pulses available. The welder’s powers are fixed.

If you like, you may take the foot pedal off. This is incredibly adaptable and simple to use. Both the temperature and the current are controlled by this.

By raising the welding current and the pulse quality, the welding performance may be enhanced. The portable welder has a maximum diameter of 10 mm and no slip grip.

Ohio, USA, is the location of SUNKKO’s manufacturing. We are all aware of the superiority of American-made goods. Your welder will be delivered to the chosen region in in 2-4 days. This will also be feasible if you need delivery to happen extremely quickly—within one or two days.

Key Features

  • American made.
  • newest cooling technology.
  • detached foot pedal.
  • Extremely prompt shipping.

4. SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder | LED Battery Testing

SUNKKO Battery Spot Welder

A well-known brand that has dominated the market for a while is SUNKKO. The best battery spot welder is this SUNKKO model, which has a positive customer rating and a solid market reputation.

The model was created specifically for various batteries. This works well for welding 18650 and 14500 batteries. For nickel-plated steel, you may also use this with 0.05 and 0.2 mm nickel strips.

The battery pack’s voltage and resistance may also be measured and calculated.

The model’s key benefit is that you may use it to work even at night. This will be made possible by the integrated LED light. You may work at night and get instructions from the lights.

You must charge and test the pack after completing it. Because of this, the 788H has a charging port. The charging port charges quickly. Also, the current and voltage are programmable for your convenience.

Users are accustomed to having various welding. In light of this, they included a 788H foot pedal. As a result, you may simultaneously coordinate your hands and feet. Hence, you can do continuous spot welding without feeling exhausted.

Key Features

  • Foot pedal 788H.
  • port for fast charging.
  • adjustable voltage and current.
  • internal LED lighting.

5. Mophorn Battery Spot Welder | High Precision

Mophorn Battery Spot Welder

Because Mophorn has a fantastic balancing spring pressure, we maintain it in our top five list. With this, one-handed operation is possible. Moreover, the solder union distance may be easily adjusted. Mophorn prevents flashover welding, which improves the welder’s balance.

With the portable welder’s LED light feature, you may operate at night and perform accurate welding repairs.

This features a long line of one, three rows, or six batteries being soldered. This makes it possible to quickly weld batteries.

Just a small percentage of battery spot welders come with extras. One kilogram of nickel-plated steel strip, one battery fixture (6 sections), and two copper welding rods are included with the Mophorn portable welder.

The spot welder’s form is quite practical. This particular model has a slim body type. You can carry the welder with ease thanks to the handle on this. Making the box is quite simple. This is transportable anywhere you choose.

This model works with a variety of battery packs. For instance, a button battery, a protective board, and a polymer battery. The iPhone camera, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel hardware, etc. may all be used with this.

Key Features

  • portable and small.
  • LED light performance.
  • appropriate for different batteries.
  • has additional add-ons.

Things to Consider Before Buying Battery Spot Welder

best Battery Spot Welder

You might be perplexed when purchasing a Battery Spot Welder because there are numerous models available. Therefore, you must take into account a few important features and components to get the best portable port. Hopefully, the information in this section will assist you in choosing your ideal pulse spot welder.

Take some time to read through this section. After that, you will be able to learn about all the characteristics and guidelines you need to follow before purchasing a spot welder. Take a moment to look at the RC hex driver set on our list; you might find some of them appealing.


Weight is a significant problem for a portable welder. The resistance welder was primarily created for your comfort. Since it is primarily intended for carrying, you can take it wherever you like. Both indoor and outdoor use of this is appropriate. This is portable and takes up very little room in your vehicle.

The resistance welder must therefore be portable, which necessitates that it be lightweight. The portable welder is more convenient to use the lighter it is. So, before purchasing this, try to measure the weight.


Before making a purchase, you must take the voltage machine’s flexibility into account. Try to find a dual voltage appliance. You’ll have the most flexibility if you do this. Additionally, you won’t need to purchase a second converting machine. You can also save some money by doing this.

Additionally, try to take into account the energy-efficient battery spot welder. Spot welders with high energy efficiency will keep your electricity costs to a minimum.


Materials are also crucial. The material will determine how long the welder will last or how well it will work. The lifespan of the portable welder will be shortened if high quality materials are not used. Copper, titanium, nickel, nickel alloys, stainless steel, nickel-coated steel, and nickel alloys are some of the materials that a spot welder may be made of. The battery spot welder can use these materials.

Extra Equipment

Other than the power box, there are some other items you’ll need to finish your work if you want to use a spot welder. Separate purchases are both inconvenient and pricey. Additionally, it is very tiresome to return to the store to buy these.

Some battery spot welder packs come complete with all the required supplies. Thus, everything will be included in one pack. You’ll save time and money by doing this. The items we’ve recommended come with extra accessories.

Questions and Answers Frequently Asked

1. Is the price of a battery spot welder high?

Not at all, no.

Spot welders come in all price ranges. This can be purchased for less, and a portable welder has a typical price. However, the cheap one might not last very long.

2. How well can this weld be done?

The best portable welder is effective enough to quickly join two pieces of metal. This will function effectively and quickly.

3. What substances are employed in resistance welding?

A single piece of material has not been used in this. However, the most frequently used materials in high-quality products are stainless steel, nickel-coated steel, titanium, copper, and nickel.

4. How long is the lifespan of a portable welder?

This is dependent on the caliber of the good.

However, the majority of spot welders have a long lifespan. And if there is a problem, it is very simple to fix.

5. Is LED lighting included?

LED lighting is not always included in battery spot welders.

However, if you prefer LED lights to see clearly in the dark and to work, Choose a portable welder with LED lighting.

Last Words

We have made an effort to offer some useful information on the Best Battery Spot Welder. You’re now prepared to purchase the portable welder that best suits your requirements. For a wonderful experience, try to keep in mind the information we have provided.

The market is filled with various brands of battery spot welders. But among them, we made an effort to pick the top five brands. From our list, you can also check the intake valve cleaner.

Enjoy your day!

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