Bay One Cruise Ship Ticket Price Comparison with Features

ticket price, specialty, and travel area of Bay One Cruise Ship

Bangladesh is now becoming a popular tourist destination. Bay One is considered as one of the best cruise ship in Bangladesh. So far it has been the main destination for tourists who prefer a beach destination located near the center of the country.  Now the question that comes to mind is how much is the Bay One cruise ship ticket price.

In this article, we are going to discuss the ticket price, specialty, and travel area of Bay One Cruise Ship. If you are excited about Bay One, you need to know this important information.

Bay One Cruise Ship Ticket Price

The price of Bay One Cruise Ship Ticket depends on which class of ticket you are buying. This ship provides facilities from deck A to deck F. Note that ticket prices for each deck are different. Below is a list of ticket prices for each deck.

ClassTicket Price
Deck A30,000 Taka
Deck B20,000 Taka
Deck C8,000 Taka
Deck D5,400 Taka
Deck E4,000 Taka
Deck F3,000 Taka

Note that the ticket price here is only applicable for 1 person. Additionally, the A and B decks have cabin systems. So it may not be possible to purchase a single ticket without a double person. It is possible to enjoy the most exciting and wonderful views from A and B deck. Moreover, the Ship Authority may change the price of their ticket at any time.

Why Bay One Cruise is So Special for Sea Travel?

Bay One comes with many facilities for tourists that add new leisure to their lives. This tourist ship is being built by Bangladesh Navy. The ship has been running on St Martin’s Island route from Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong since December 2016. It is the best sea traveling experience for you.

The specialty of Bay One Cruise is that this luxury ship will have a helipad. Apart from this, there will be a swimming pool and the best facilities for tourists on board. This luxurious cruise ship will have 125 cabins, including 2 suites, 4 balcony rooms, and 19 deluxe rooms. The rest will be normal cabins.

This cruise ship is designed to carry 250 passengers at a time. There are also two restaurants with 72 seats, two conference halls, and two bars onboard! In addition to all these facilities, there will be an airport lounge, swimming pool, gymnasium and beauty salon!

Travel area for Bay One

The Bay One ship mainly sails from Chittagong Patenga Seaport to St. Martin’s Island. Then after coming to Cox’s Bazar it takes a short break.

Distance from Patenga to Saint Martin

The distance from Patenga seaport to St. Martin is 300 kilometers by ship. The Bay One ship takes about 8 to 9 hours to cross this route.

MV Bay One Cruise Reviews

Thus there were a lot of good reviews, We found one bad review. We provided it here for your concern.

Bay One Cruise Ship Ticket Price

Final Thoughts

Bay One Cruise is a specially used tourist ship for tourists and visitors. It is a tourist-based ship, especially for the people of Bangladesh. This ship is used to provide an exotic environment for tourists and travelers. It is a very comfortable and luxurious ship for sea travel. The best thing about this cruise is that it provides the tourists with all kinds of facilities including food, dressing, water, medications, etc.

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