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Best Ballistic Helmet

We are all aware of the potentially fatal consequences of a head injury, which can swiftly lead to death or permanent disability. This risk is even more pronounced in conflict zones, where being shot or struck in the head can be extremely perilous.

The significance of ballistic helmets cannot be overstated, particularly for individuals working in security or military environments. The most vulnerable and crucial part of our anatomy, the head, can be safeguarded by investing in the finest ballistic helmet.

Therefore, when in the market for a ballistic head protector, it is crucial not to compromise on your requirements. Military helmets come in a diverse range of styles and are manufactured by various companies, each with its own distinctive features.

Best Ballistic Helmet Reviews

Explore our curated collection of the top-notch ballistic helmets on the market. Among the myriad of choices, we’ve handpicked the five options that boast the highest quality. Select the skull protection tailored to your specific requirements and discover the reasons these choices are indispensable.

1. Yashaly Military Ballistic Helmet | Chin Strap | Polycarbonate

Yashaly Military Ballistic Helmet

Commencing our discussion is the Yashaly combat helmet, renowned for its exceptional ballistic performance. This high-quality headgear strikes an optimal balance between safeguarding the face and head. Let’s delve into the details.

Ensuring the efficacy of a ballistic helmet in fulfilling its protective role is paramount, and the Yashaly helmet excels in this aspect. Through meticulous product research, we’ve ascertained that this helmet performs its intended function with precision.

One standout feature is the helmet’s comfort, providing a pleasant fit while ensuring protective functionality. The lenses, specially coated to resist scratches and fogging, are thermally manufactured to shield your eyes effectively.

The inclusion of a chin strap eliminates the hassle of adjusting the helmet to your head or facial structure. This strap allows convenient customization for a snug fit, and if desired, it can be easily detached.

Wearing this helmet ensures protection against gunshots, rocks, or branches, offering reliable defense for your skull. Additionally, concerns about overheating are alleviated due to its superior ventilation design. Don’t hesitate—make your purchase now!

Key Features:

  • Exceptional protective performance
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Thermal camera compatibility
  • Adjustable chin strap for a customized fit

2. Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet | Steel Mesh Lens | Full Face

Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet

If you’re in search of a protective helmet with a modular design, Sunris Tactical Ballistic Helmet is the ultimate choice. Crafted with precision and utilizing materials suitable for military, police, and other key groups, this helmet provides a robust protective layer.

Sunris ensures that the battle helmet remains lightweight, tipping the scales at only 1.45 kg. When worn, you’ll hardly feel its presence on your head, thanks to its optimal weight distribution—a crucial aspect for a ballistic cap. This safety helmet stands out as both lighter and safer than its counterparts.

The combination of comfort, quality, and cost is unparalleled, making it a standout option. The manufacturer’s expertise in the outdoor sector adds an extra layer of assurance regarding its durability and performance.

With the inclusion of a helmet and interchangeable steel and PC lenses, Sunris caters to outdoor enthusiasts engaged in activities such as paintball, army simulations, and wargames. This versatile helmet earns its title as the best battle helmet, ensuring your safety in various scenarios.

Wearing this ballistic helmet alleviates concerns about potential injuries. Its robust corrosion resistance makes it challenging for bullets to penetrate, turning the likelihood of damage into a mere prediction.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Ideal for combat situations
  • Suited for outdoor activities
  • Excellent resistance capacity

3. Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet | Foldable | Mask, And Goggle

Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet

For those seeking a tactical helmet that not only securely fits the head but also offers customizable comfort, the Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet stands out as our third choice. This helmet is designed for a personalized fit to ensure comfort for both the face and head.

Its standout feature is the integrated GoPro mount, thoughtfully included by the manufacturer to comply with safety standards. The helmet is equipped with eye protection eyewear that ensures a secure fit, preventing any unwanted loosening during use.

In environments with poor ventilation, eyewear often fogs up, affecting visibility. However, with this helmet, clarity is maintained, and the eyewear stays clear even when moving or transitioning outdoors.

Understanding the importance of raw materials in such equipment, our research delves into the composition of this helmet. It primarily consists of heavy-duty engineering plastic and foam plastic, contributing to its robust and durable construction.

The distinctive black Kryptek Typhon pattern adds a touch of style to this tactical gear. Despite its sturdy build, the helmet weighs less than one kilogram, ensuring that users won’t feel burdened during use.

Key Features:

  • Complete set with helmet, mask, goggles, and accessories
  • Portable yet robust construction
  • Adjustable for face comfort
  • Dual side rails for additional customization options

4. Outry Ballistic Helmet | Side Rail | NVG Mount

Outry Ballistic Helmet

For those in search of an affordable yet high-quality tactical helmet that doesn’t compromise on comfort or durability, the Outry Ballistic Helmet stands out as an excellent choice. Unlike the perception that budget-friendly tactical helmets are mere plastic shells, Outry’s top ballistic helmet defies expectations.

Comfort is paramount when wearing a helmet for extended periods, and the Outry helmet addresses this with independently adjustable interior cushioning. Crafted from premium ABS engineering plastic, this helmet is not only comfortable but also boasts impressive durability.

Adjustability is a key feature of the Outry helmet. The adjustable suspender straps make it easy to customize the fit for any head circumference, ensuring a snug fit whether you have a larger or smaller head. The hook and loop construction provide an additional option for attaching distinctive patches to the helmet.

The robust construction of the helmet is designed to withstand the demands of the security industry, offering protection against random bumps and sim rounds. Additionally, the side rail accessory connectors provide attachment points for various accessories such as spotlights, cameras, and COMs headsets.

Key Features:

  • Quality construction at an affordable price
  • NVG mounting capability
  • Adjustable to accommodate various head sizes
  • Provides proper ventilation

5. Emersongear Ballistic Helmet | Adjustable | NVG Mount

Emersongear Ballistic Helmet

It’s crucial to pinpoint your specific requirements when selecting tactical gear, and the Emersongear Ballistic Helmet stands out as an exemplary choice, meeting criteria for design, construction, and comfort. If comfort takes precedence in your priorities, this helmet offers an outstanding solution.

The standout feature of this helmet is its thoughtful design. Incorporating a round dial at the back for optimal comfort, the dial adjusts to the contours of your head, ensuring a comfortable fit. This attention to comfort is unparalleled in its price range.

Adjusting the helmet overall is a straightforward process, guided by the included instructions. The comprehensive packing includes all the necessary components, eliminating the need for additional purchases to use the helmet effectively.

Available in attractive colors such as khaki, black, and camo, you have the flexibility to choose the aesthetic that resonates with you. This makes it an ideal choice for various tactical applications, including hunting, cycling, and military use.

Weight is a consideration for ballistic helmets, but Emersongear addresses this concern by minimizing weight without compromising on ventilation. In summary, this helmet surpasses alternatives in every aspect.

Key Features:

  • Diverse color options
  • Exceptional adjustment for personalized fit
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Adequate padding for enhanced comfort


Choosing the optimal ballistic helmet is essential for ensuring personal safety in a shooting scenario. It’s imperative to select a helmet that fits snugly to provide effective protection against potential head injuries.

Our comprehensive evaluation considered factors such as quality, cost, and consumer feedback to compile a list of the best ballistic helmets currently available. We trust that the information provided will aid you in optimizing your ballistic performance.

Best of luck in your endeavors on the field!

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