5 Best Butcher Block Oil in 2023 – Top Selling & Popular Models

Best Butcher Block Oil

Every day, a butcher block encounters a variety of prepared and uncooked foods, posing a heightened risk of harmful food-borne bacteria. Therefore, it is crucial to develop the optimal kitchen lubricant that ensures the highest level of safety.

In this context, the best butcher block oil can serve a dual purpose by providing maximum food-grade protection from the inside out and maintaining the cleanliness and sanitization of the product.

A study suggests that butcher block bacteria and other germs can be effectively eradicated and prevented from resurfacing through the use of a food-grade kitchen lubricant, ensuring long-lasting performance.

After conducting a thorough investigation and applying various mineral oils to several types of butcher blocks, we have narrowed down a selection of top-notch butcher oils that offer the finest protection for your kitchen equipment. For the best cutting board oil, continue reading.

Top pick

Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

Thirteen Chefs employs only pure natural components, ensuring a top-quality product.

Editor’s choice

Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil for Wood

Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil for Wood

The butcher block oil exhibits excellent resistance qualities, offering additional protection to all surfaces.

Best value

Mystery Butcher Block Oil

Mystery Butcher Block Oil

The product’s quality and overall effectiveness are assured through rigorous research and testing conducted on the oil.

Our Best Butcher Block Oil Reviews

In this segment, we will spotlight essential qualities of butcher block oil, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of these cutting oils. This information empowers you to confidently select the best kitchen lubricant for your needs.

1. Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks – Food Safe

Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

Before investing in any kitchen product, it’s crucial to ensure its suitability for your kitchen. Does it meet the necessary kitchen standards? This criterion applies to every aspect of the kitchen, including the choice of butcher block oil.

Rest assured, Thirteen Chefs prioritizes the utmost safety of its mineral oil. Formulated to uphold stringent food safety standards, this product maintains the integrity of kitchen equipment.

With each application of their white mineral oil, you’ll witness a rejuvenating effect on the surfaces of your items. Thirteen Chefs employs only pure natural components, ensuring a top-quality product.

Often hailed as the kitchen master, this mineral oil boasts high compatibility rates and proves versatile for various surfaces, including butcher blocks, cutting boards, wood, cutlery, and most kitchen appliances.

For wood and other surfaces, this oil provides exceptional protection. It forms a long-lasting coating on the wood’s surface, penetrating the cells to prevent deterioration and cracking.

Ease of use is a standout feature, making it accessible for anyone, regardless of whether they are handling butcher tools or other kitchen supplies. The application of this cutting board oil requires no special expertise.

In addressing common safety concerns associated with kitchen utensils, this butcher block oil stands out for offering the highest level of kitchen safety at a reasonable cost.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for chopping
  • Superior mineral oil for easy application
  • Adheres to food grading standards for health assurance
  • Leaves a bright appearance and durable surface after application.

2. Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil for Wood, Steel, Knife, Tool, Machine and Equipment, NSF Approved

Ultra-Pro Mineral Oil for Wood

Using standard mineral oil for cleaning kitchen appliances may not be prudent, especially when considering the safety of both you and your employer. Ensuring the highest level of security in the kitchen is paramount.

In response to this, Ultra Source has introduced butcher block oil that is NSF approved for cleaning and sanitizing kitchen supplies. This not only enhances product quality but also provides added protection against rust and corrosion on kitchen equipment. The application of this oil leaves a durable layer on hardwood surfaces, preventing the formation of bacteria.

While initially designed for butcher blocks, this oil is versatile enough for use on stainless steel, cutting boards, counters, and various wood surfaces in the kitchen. With each application, it restores the original appearance of the treated surfaces, eliminating any rotten or oily residue and preventing premature aging or cracking of the wood.

The butcher block oil exhibits excellent resistance qualities, offering additional protection to all surfaces, including metal and wood. Regular use is recommended for prolonged effectiveness. Considering its all-natural composition and high quality, opting for the gallon size not only provides additional protection but also proves cost-effective, preventing unnecessary financial waste. The product is also suitable for home use due to its approval for such applications.

Key Features:

  • Prolongs the useful life of materials.
  • Versatile application for various kitchen items.
  • Cost-effective with a large quantity for significant savings.
  • Prevents corrosion or rust.
  • Shields materials from aging and cracking.

3. Mystery Butcher Block Oil, Lab Tested

Mystery Butcher Block Oil

John Boos presents a specialized natural oil designed for use on cutting boards, countertops, butcher blocks, and various kitchen items. This butcher block oil is recognized as the best by NSF, ensuring that its ingredients meet the standards of food-grade quality.

The product’s quality and overall effectiveness are assured through rigorous research and testing conducted on the oil. Consequently, each application leaves the board’s surface with a radiant appearance and a smooth finish.

Being food-grade, the repeated application of this butcher block oil creates a barrier against the growth of foodborne bacteria. It also forms a protective shield over the wooden surface, preventing premature drying, cracking, and deterioration.

To maximize the longevity of your cutting boards, it is recommended to apply the mineral oil overnight after acquiring a new board or block. Regular use, especially during dry seasons, is advised to maintain its vitality.

Despite the seemingly modest quantity, the 473ml bottle of this butcher block oil provides optimal protection for many years, ensuring the excellent condition of your kitchenware. The price is deemed fair when compared to similar products currently available in the market.

Key Features:

  • Recognized as a top-rated, food-grade butcher block oil
  • Prevents the breeding of foodborne germs and other organisms through repeated applications
  • Enhances the lifespan of your kitchen tools
  • Quality assured through industrial research
  • 473ml bottle ensures years of optimal performance at a reasonable price.

4. Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Crystal Clear

Butcher Block Oil

When it comes to maintaining and sanitizing kitchen equipment effortlessly, having the best kitchen lubricant is crucial. That’s why Watco has developed a renowned food-grade butcher block oil, ensuring the safe and straightforward application of the oil.

Given that a butcher block or cutting board frequently comes into contact with both cooked and uncooked meals, it becomes susceptible to bacterial growth and potential damage. However, a simple application of this oil acts as a protective shield, preventing further harm.

The complex chemical composition of cutting board oil allows it to penetrate the wood, creating a resilient shield against rust, patina, and chalky coatings. This powerful coating also acts as a deterrent against premature drying or cracking of the butcher block.

Rust-Oleum guarantees the highest quality, making this oil suitable for all surfaces in your kitchen. You can use it on various kitchen elements, including bowls, tools, cabinet doors, and all wooden surfaces.

With just a light application, this natural oil not only enhances the surface appearance but also provides optimal protection. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price, offering maximum benefits from a single bottle.

Key Features:

  • Butcher-Special Kitchen Sanitizer Oil is 100% Natural Food-Grade Oil.
  • Versatile use over a variety of surfaces.
  • Offers excellent protection against cracking and dryness.

5. Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, Lemon & Orange Formula

Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner

Experience the transformative power of CLARKS with their specially crafted Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, featuring a unique composition that ensures optimal product quality. The blend of natural ingredients not only enhances performance but also prioritizes food safety.

The natural fluidity of this butcher block oil readily permeates the wood’s interior, fortifying it and leaving behind a resilient surface with a lustrous finish. Ideal for use on butcher blocks, cutting boards, bamboo boards, bowls, and various hardwood components in kitchen equipment.

Crafted from extracts of orange and lemon, this cutting board oil boasts added antimicrobial strength. The inclusion of vitamin E contributes to revealing the wood’s revitalized radiance.

For those prioritizing the longevity of their cutting boards, regular application of this cutting board oil is recommended to ward off issues like creasing, drying out, and premature aging. A modest investment in this treatment can extend your product’s lifespan by 30–40%.

Embrace the balanced pricing of this natural blended oil, making it a compelling choice for safeguarding your kitchen items.

Key Features:

  • Vitamin E ensures a revitalized surface.
  • High-grade quality achieved through a natural recipe.
  • Immediate cessation of creaking and drying after application.
  • Increase product longevity by 40% with regular use.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Butcher Block Oil

Best Butcher Block Oil

Ensuring a hassle-free experience in selecting the optimal cutting board oil can be achieved by considering key variables in advance. Acquiring a kitchen lubricant that falls short of expectations can be a frustrating experience. Therefore, preempting potential buying disappointments can be achieved by paying attention to the following aspects.


Given its application in the kitchen, scrutinizing the ingredients is crucial to guarantee the highest standards of safety and security. The ingredients of these products delineate the suitability of the oil for kitchen use, with most butcher block oils being classified as food-grade due to their natural components.

Color and Smell

Certain ingredients may impart smells and colors that are unsuitable for kitchen use. Applying oil with a distinct odor or color can result in undesirable effects when cutting cooked or raw food on the board. Optimal safety is ensured by avoiding butcher block oil with noticeable odors or colors in the kitchen.

Food Grade Quality

The consideration of food-grade quality is paramount before purchasing any kitchen lubricant. Given the stringent safety requirements of kitchen equipment, the use of non-food-grade cutting board oil can be detrimental to both the kitchen environment and personal health.


While butcher block and chopping boards are designed with specific kitchen lubricants in mind, some versatile products can perform effectively on various surfaces. Opting for adaptable butcher block oil allows for its usage on a variety of kitchen appliances, enhancing its overall utility.

FAQ&A – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can these be used for food slicers?

Certainly! You can use them for food slicers. Butcher block oil is compatible with most kitchen appliances, enhancing the functionality of your food slicers and providing added resistance.

Can I use it to coat a kitchen knife?

Absolutely! Although designed for wood, this cutting board oil is versatile and effective on steel, metal, and other materials. It not only works well for knives but also offers robust protection against rusting or oxidation.

What is the ideal temperature for oil application?

Generally, there’s no specific temperature requirement for applying the oil. You can use it at room temperature, just as you would in the kitchen. Alternatively, maintaining a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Celsius is suitable.

How often should I apply butcher block oil for maintenance?

During the initial phase, frequent applications are recommended. For example, apply once every day for the first week, once a month for the subsequent month, and then monthly thereafter. If the wood appears dry or chalky, apply the oil promptly.

Does butcher block oil work for a plastic countertop?

These oils are primarily formulated for porous surfaces like wood. While many kitchen lubricants work on steel or metal, they might function on a plastic-coated board. However, the guaranteed outcome on such surfaces is not assured.

Final Words

Given the warm and humid environment in kitchens, most kitchen equipment is vulnerable, making individual equipment preservation challenging. However, applying this butcher block oil promptly not only prevents damage to kitchen items but also restores their original appearance.

To ensure a healthy life and prolonged lifespan for your butcher blocks and other kitchen materials, it’s essential to select the best butcher block oil by assessing the characteristics and overall performance of these cutting board oils.

Enhance your butchery operations and enjoy optimal results!

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