Best Handlebars for Street Glide in 2023– Pick from Top Rated Models

Best Handlebars for Street Glide

Who doesn’t appreciate a stylish street glide? Perhaps you’ve spotted people strolling with distinctive handlebars and thought about getting one for yourself.

The best handlebars for street glide are currently stealing the spotlight. A great handlebar enhances your street glide experience. Opting for inexpensive handlebars might sometimes compromise your street cred.

Handlebars not only elevate the aesthetics of your ride but also add value to your street glide. They serve as a raised platform for controlling the brakes, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches, and mirrors. Additionally, street glide handlebars play a crucial role in supporting the rider’s weight.

Our team of automotive experts has narrowed down 5 outstanding handlebars for street glide. Acquire them and elevate your riding experience.

Editor’s choice

LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide

LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide

Best value

Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide

Dominator Industries Handlebars

Best Handlebars for Street Glide Reviews

Reclaiming the original excellence of your handlebars and making others marvel at your bike is our goal. In this article, we present the top ape hangers for street glide. Choose the option that suits you best and transform your riding experience.

1. FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″

FMB Handlebars for Street Glide

Enhance the style and comfort of your street glide with the FMB Handlebars, a budget-friendly option that brings a touch of modernity to your recent street glide.

Crafted with precision, these handlebars feature a sleek design, meticulously engineered to exude a stunning appearance. Available in matte black, satin black, or gloss black, the FMB handlebars not only add style but also offer a comfortable riding experience, positioning themselves approximately 1 inch above your shoulder level—ideal for a street glide.

The FMB handlebars boast notable features, including a 33° bar tip to tip, 14° uprise, 7° pullback, and 7-1/2° of 1′′ tubing for controls, with an 8″ rise in the middle. The 1 1/4″ tubing with a dom, 120-wall thickness, and 14″ mercenary bars contribute to their durability and quality.

Manufactured in the USA, FMB is renowned for its excellent customer service, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and a commitment to addressing customer needs. Additionally, FMB offers a swift delivery mechanism to enhance your overall experience.

Key Features:

  • 1 1/4″ tubing with a dom
  • Made in the USA
  • 120-wall thickness
  • 14″ mercenary bars
  • Good quality

2. LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″

LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide

If you’re in search of the finest ape hangers for your street glide, offering both comfort and a stress-free riding experience, look no further. LA Chopper Handlebars are designed to elevate your riding comfort and ensure a smooth journey, allowing you to ride with ease.

Experience exceptional performance and swift mounting on your street glide, enhancing your riding pleasure. The stress-free trip provided by these handlebars ensures not only comfort but also safety during your rides.

Installation is a breeze on your road glide, enabling you to enjoy faster journeys compared to your counterparts. The 16′′ rise, preferred by many riders, allows for a comfortable hand placement above the shoulders.

Specifically crafted for bikes with batwing fairings, LA Chopper handlebars are constructed with top-notch materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The quality of LA Chopper handlebars is truly impressive, guaranteeing a lasting partnership with your road glide.

For those who prioritize warranties, LA Chopper offers the best solution. With a lifetime guarantee, you can ride confidently, knowing that the manufacturing team’s use of excellent materials is backed by their confidence in providing a lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Travel Comfort
  • Hand placement above the shoulders
  • Excellent tube quality
  • Weight: eleven pounds

3. Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger

Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide

For those who appreciate simplicity coupled with elegance in their handlebars, Dominator Industries Handlebars stand out as the ideal choice. The sleek design of these handlebars makes them a popular option for riders seeking both style and functionality.

Known for its stylish appearance, this handlebar is a remarkable choice for those who want to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their bike. Compatible with a variety of street glide models, including the Tri-Glide Trike and the 1996-2018 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Classic, Ultra Classic, and Limited models, it offers versatility and convenience.

Manufactured in the USA, Dominator Industries Handlebars guarantee top-notch quality and material excellence. Its impact on the American handlebars industry has been substantial, setting a benchmark that competitors strive to replicate due to its outstanding quality.

This reliable brand provides a lifetime warranty, allowing you to customize your handlebar as you please. Whether you want to engrave your name or your bike’s model name, the freedom to personalize is at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Exceptional quality, made in the USA
  • Accommodates a variety of bikes
  • Arched and smooth joints
  • Extremely delicate finishing

4. Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King

Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide

If you’re looking for an affordable way to transform the look of your road glide, the latest model from Dominators Industry is your answer and is considered one of the top choices for street glide handlebars.

Dominators Industry produces a comprehensive range of custom bars for Harley Davidson models from 1996 to 2017, all proudly made in the USA. The street glide handlebars from Dominators Industry are exceptionally comfortable, allowing you to ride for hours without experiencing backache.

Handcrafted with precision, the internal wiring process of these bars is less daunting compared to other brands. Each bar undergoes a meticulous quality control procedure, and the finishing touches are applied by hand, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.

Known for providing excellent service, Dominators Industry promptly responds to messages, listens to your needs, and strives to address them. With a fast distribution method, you can make your purchase with confidence, knowing you’ll receive top-notch service.

Key Features:

  • Ape monkey bars with a 10″ meat hook
  • Multi-step manufacturing process
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Internal wiring through plumbing
  • Hand-finished perfection

5. Paul Yaffe’s Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars

Paul Yaffe’s Handlebars for Street Glide

If you’ve found it challenging to choose the perfect handlebar even after reading numerous reviews, we present the ultimate solution: Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Handlebars, recognized as the best in the market. This handlebar stands out as one of the finest ape hangers for street glide, compatible with Harley-Davidson models from 1986 to 2013, ensuring a superior riding experience.

With its attractive appearance, these handlebars feature black powder-coated cables for a sleek finish. Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Handlebars are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your preferences. The use of longer-length cables ensures the safety and stability of the brake line, preventing expansion.

Known for the exceptional quality of American-made products, Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation offers street glide handlebars that guarantee not only the best product but also the utmost comfort and safety. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their handlebars.

In addition to the top-notch product, their customer service is highly commendable. Quick responses and attentive assistance make your experience with Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Handlebars even more satisfying.

Key Features:

  • Fits touring models
  • 1.25″ diameter bars
  • Chrome or gloss black powder-coated finishes
  • Superior quality product

Final Thoughts

With our comprehensive review, we trust you now have a solid understanding of handlebars and the top options for your street glide. By comparing the key features we’ve highlighted for each handler, you can easily identify the perfect fit for your bike.

Ride Safe!

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