Best Plug Cutter – Top 5 Reviews in 2023

Best Plug Cutter

Engaging in woodworking, the most delightful yet practical form of DIY, is made more efficient with the right tools. Before diving into your project, it’s essential to ensure you have all the necessary tools at your disposal.

One such crucial tool is the plug cutter, particularly for woodworkers tasked with concealing screw heads using plugs. Choosing the best plug cutter becomes paramount. While any hardware store may have a variety of plug-cutting tools, distinguishing the right one for your needs can be challenging.

We are here to simplify this process for you. After perusing the guide, you’ll be well-equipped to select the ideal plug cutter for your upcoming woodworking project.

Best Plug Cutter Reviews

1. Kreg Pocket Hole Plug Cutter | Durable Set of 3 Pieces

Kreg Pocket Hole Plug Cutter

A vital tool for concealing screw heads is the plug cutter, especially one that drills plugs swiftly and with minimal heat for woodworking projects. If you find it challenging to make a choice, consider the Kreg Pocket Hole Plug Cutter.

Manufactured to optimize the durability of the drill machine, it consistently produces standard-sized plugs compatible with any Kreg jig. The design of this plug cutter offers the flexibility to create custom plugs, enhancing the precision of your woodworking projects.

Now you can drill plugs that perfectly fit your project, creating sharp and well-digging plugs, whether aligned with or against the grain. If you already own Kreg woodworking jigs, this plug cutter seamlessly fits into the drilling spot, allowing you to clamp your plug tools for precise sizes.

For added versatility, this pocket-hole plug drilling tool includes two spare bits, in addition to the one provided. This means one tool can be used to produce both custom and conventional plugs. Among the three bits, one produces tiny plugs, while the other two successively produce larger plugs.

Key Features:

  • 90-day guarantee
  • Utilizes HD and micro bit
  • Minimal heat production
  • Increased bit life

2. Eagles Plug Cutter | Chamfer Tool | Carbon Steel | Set of 23

Eagles Plug Cutter

Are you a seasoned woodworker in search of the ultimate wood plug cutter with versatile functions? Look no further than the Eagles plug cutting kit, offering 23 chamfer tools in various sizes and shapes. Let’s delve into its features.

This plug cutter, featuring 23 distinct bits, effortlessly creates plugs for a wide range of standard screws, making it a valuable asset for those frequently engaged in drilling tasks. The kit goes beyond wood plug cutters, also including hex shank, countersink, L-wrench, and center punch drill bits, providing diverse functionalities for various screws.

Drilling can be a labor-intensive task, but the Eagles plug cutter streamlines the process. Crafted with durable carbon steel material, the drilling bits ensure a sturdy construction, making this tool highly practical for DIY enthusiasts working on wooden projects.

Despite its quick operation, the machine exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, simplifying woodworking tasks and transforming your experience of drilling home depot plugs.

Key Features:

  • 23 distinct bit forms
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Conceals blemishes or screw holes
  • Cuts plugs in various lengths

3. Rocaris Wood Plug Cutter | Tapered and Straight | Set of 8

Rocaris Wood Plug Cutter

Selecting the right wood plug cutter can be a challenge, especially for woodworking beginners. However, with the Rocaris wood plug cutter, you can’t go wrong. Each set includes eight distinct categories of bits, offering a versatile solution.

Finding relief in discovering that the package comprises four standard and four chamfered cutters, you’ll appreciate the manufacturer’s attention to providing the sharpest plugs while minimizing heat generation.

Let’s delve into the bit performance. The chamfered bits of these woodcutters create tapered plugs, ideal for filling countersunk holes. Meanwhile, the standard bits generate straight plugs, eliminating flaws and imperfections in the wood.

Now, let’s talk about the value and quality. This cutter set produces perfect plugs for the holes, ensuring a desired result with its superb finish. The fact that you can acquire such a fantastic product at an affordable price is truly remarkable.

Using this woodcraft plug cutter is hassle-free; simply insert the bit into any drill to obtain the desired plug size. Undoubtedly, this high-performance tool consistently delivers clean and precise plugs.

Key Features:

  • Made of carbon steel with a round shank
  • Improved plugs
  • Extended life

4. CMT Plug Cutter | Alloyed Steel | For Soft and Hardwood

CMT Plug Cutter

While investigating this product, we were genuinely impressed by the exceptional quality it delivers. If you’re an avid woodworker constantly engaged in DIY projects, these wooden plug cutters are a must-have. Paired with our best outdoor screws, this cutter proves effective on both hardwood and softwood.

When selecting a woodcutter, prioritizing sharpness is crucial, as a sharper tool results in a superior cut. The manufacturer of this cutter recognized this and ensured it is as sharp as possible. Regardless of the quantity of wood used, the cut remains consistently high-quality.

Crafted from alloyed steel, this diamond-shaped plug cutter guarantees long-lasting performance, whether dealing with hard or softwood. For precision in your wooden projects, you can also explore our table saw blades.

After using it correctly, you’ll likely label this item as the best plug cutter, especially considering its unique advantage—it does not produce a beveled end. With this tool, expect precise and accurate pocket hole plugs.

This compact plug cutter impressively maintains sharpness, ensuring continuous plug cutting without any decline in performance. Few blades can cut as deeply as this one.

Key Features:

  • Diamond-cut form
  • Clean cut
  • Applicable to soft or hardwood
  • Four edges for cutting

5. Make It Snappy Plug Cutter | Hardened Steel | Hex Drive | Tapered

Make It Snappy Plug Cutter

Opting for a Make It Snappy plug hole cutter proves to be the most cost-effective choice for a tool that excels on both hardwood and softwood. This plug cutter offers numerous functions suitable for both experienced and novice woodworkers. Let’s delve into its features.

Primarily, this driller boasts the ability to pierce even the toughest wood, thanks to the optimized torque of its hex drive cutter. Crafted from hardened steel, this plug tool instills confidence when drilling hardwood.

Now, let’s talk about the outcomes. This plug cutter features two distinct sides, both equipped with chamfers, and one side boasts a tapered edge. This design facilitates easy initiation of plug drilling, quick insertion into the chuck, and ensures a tight fit without the need for glue.

Once you start cutting with this tool, you’ll find it indispensable. Notably, this plug cutter avoids burning the wood during the drilling process, a marked contrast to some other equipment. Anyone can appreciate that burned wood doesn’t look appealing, and with this tool, that concern is effectively eliminated.

Key Features:

  • Toughened steel construction
  • Easy insertion of plugs
  • Chamfered and tapered sides
  • Hex drive cutter

Final Word

We’ve meticulously tested and tried various brands because we value your investment. In this scenario, the plug cutters mentioned above go head-to-head with the top professional brands. The best part is, you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on these high-quality plug cutters.

Remember: Drill with a sharp bit!

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