BRB Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know about the BRB ceiling fan price in Bangladesh? Keep study the article to know more basic features of this ceiling fan.

If you don’t know the BRB Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh? Below, we will mention the BRB Ceiling Fan price. Keep reading the article to know the price and other information about this fan.

One of the common and regular using appliances in our daily life is a ceiling fan. According to quality and features, there are various models are available in the market. As per as we all know that, BRB is renowned for manufacturing cables and wires. But, they have added ceiling fans to their production list. Recently, this ceiling fan has become very popular for its outstanding performances.

BRB ceiling fan is an off-white color model with long blades and durability. It has a strong motor inside the machine to move the fan smoothly. Moreover, this ceiling fan looks much professional and competing with other giant fan companies like GFC, Super Asia, National, KDK, Panasonic, etc. equally. Do you want to know about the BRB ceiling fan price in Bangladesh? Keep study the article to know more basic features of this ceiling fan.

BRB Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

The price of the BRB ceiling fan is around 2700 BDT. This price is not fully accurate. The price is updated on daily basis from the local market shops or Showrooms. We are trying to delivering the best probable price for the BRB ceiling fan.

BRB Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh is 2700 Taka

You can easily have this model at your nearest appliances showrooms at an affordable price. Remind that, the price can be changed according to shops and locations.

BRB Ceiling Fan review

In recent times BRB has introduced a new model of ceiling fan with some innovative features. BRB ceiling fan is a usual shape model with simple out looking.  This is an off-white gorgeous-looking model of ceiling fan with three long blades. Along with making the airflow smooth enough to make you feel better during summer. It will deliver an exceptional outlook to your room.

This is a usual decorating fan with affordable weight to make setup at your ceiling. It has 56 inches blades that have decent enough power to make charming airflow all over the room. Its off-white color can be adjusted with your ceiling color.

The good thing is body parts and blades are manufactured from greater quality aluminum alloy. The motor is prepared of silicon electrical steel sheets and winded with 99.9% pure copper wire to reduce electricity costs. Besides, the motor is built with long-lasting metals with a satin fee coating that will keep your fan durable.

Hence, the winded stator is protected with “E” grade polish to protect it from electric shock and voltage fluctuation. The blades are dynamically designed for supreme air delivery. Another good thing is the powder paint is used to keep fans’ color fresh, long-lasting, and rust-proof.

If we want to say bad aspects about this ceiling fan, nothing special to mention regarding this fan.


Below, we are given some available features of this ceiling fan:

  • Brand: BRB
  • Model: brb-56
  • Blades: 3
  • Length: 56 inch
  • Motor Speed: 320 rpm/300rpm
  • Power Input: 220v
  • Color: White


BRB ceiling fan is something that increases the beauty of a house at a reasonable price and it will bring peace in hot weather. So, you can consider it as one of the best ceiling fans in Bangladesh according to its cheap price. We hope you will find this content is useful.

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