Cat 6 Cable Price in BD

Cat 6 Cable Price in BD

Are you interested to know the cat 6 cable price in bd? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss cat 6 cable prices and more information. Keep reading the article to know the price and other information about this cable. 

While CAT5E has been used for the last decade, it is now time to update CAT6. Today’s faster broadband rates have made it imperative that you update any existing installation or new installations to CAT6. You will also see that your Internet services are rated by the cable speed e.g. 40Mb, 100Mb, and 1Gb — these supersede the initial link speeds of 10Mb, 20Mb, and 100Mb respectively which were used for the past two decades in the case of 10BaseT and 100BaseT networks.

Cat 6 Cable Price in BD

CAT6 cables have the same great quality as the CAT5 cables with additional kinds of shielding. CAT6 is a “newer” type of network cabling that’s become popular over the last few years. The true difference between CAT5 and CAT6 is the addition of a thicker diameter and different wiring arrangements. This makes it ideal for high-speed networks and connections. Although it may be costly when looking to layout a new cable system in your office or business.

CAT6 cables are the latest form of twisted pair cables which have been developed recently. They are mainly used for the connection of computers to the Ethernet switch and be far better than CAT5e cables. One of the main advantages that CAT6 cables have over the previous models is that they support eight channels whereas earlier four channels were provided using two pairs. Let’s find out the price of the Cat 5 cable:

Model NameCable AmountPrice
D-Link CAT 6 UTP Cable350M12, 800 BDT
D-Link Cat-6 UTP Networking Cable350M4, 500 BDT
ADP CAT.6 UTP Cable350M4, 500 BDT
D-Link CAT 6 UTP Cable 350M12, 800 BDT
Micronet CAT.6 UTP Cable 350M14,500 BDT

Note that the above cat 6 Cable is not available officially. So you need to collect it from the local dealer or seller unofficially. However, the price of these cat 6 Cable is unofficial. That’s why the price of these cat 6 Cable can vary depending on the shop and location. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

About cat6 cable

As you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of cables on the market. CAT6 cables were named so because their standard changed from CAT5E (E for enhanced) to allow for 10 Gbit/s transfer speeds. While this upgrade seems impressive, up until recently most cable manufacturers have stuck to the guidelines set by the EIA/TIA and have labeled their products as “CAT5e” or “CAT6” compatible.

However, most newer devices are now coming with a Fast Ethernet port that supports up to 100 Mbit/s, making this cable the standard for home use. With the Cat 6 network cables, you also get the flexibility to use them for any Ethernet or network setup.

You can easily connect your computer to your router and vice versa, With the cables you get. These feature up to 550 MHz bandwidth with an uptime of 45 MHz per second, making it viable for all high-speed requirements. It is also backward compatible with other Cat5/5e and Cat3 cables, so it can be used in Cat5e and Cat3 setups as well!


The best cable for you will depend on the purpose for which you want it, but we recommend CAT6A if your budget allows it. Although more expensive, it is future proof a true must-have for any business that uses networking. If your budget does not allow for CAT6A, we suggest purchasing a CAT5E or CAT6 Ethernet cable instead.

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