Best Christian Planners of 2024 for Organized and Inspired Living

Best Christian Planners

An increasing number of individuals are recognizing the benefits of maintaining a handwritten planner, and what’s intriguing is that it can play a significant role in fostering spiritual growth. Opting for a Christian planner can bring a unique dimension to this practice.

Whether designed exclusively for gratitude reflection, prayer journaling, or encompassing a holistic approach, these planners provide dedicated spaces to align your daily activities with spiritual values, keeping God at the forefront.

Top pick

Prayer Journal for Women

Prayer Journal 

52 Weeks Scripture, Devotional, & Guided Prayer Journal for deepening faith. Generous size, reflections, illustrations. Ideal for worship and study.

Editor’s choice

Legend Planner ‎LP

Legend Planner

Undated weekly planner for focused, productive goal-setting. A5 size, eco-leather cover, habit tracker, stickers, 60-day money-back guarantee. Organize, achieve, and thrive.

Best value

Christian Art Gifts

Christian Art Gifts

Christian Art Gifts Handy-sized Journal Inspirational Jeremiah 29:11 Bible verse, 240 ruled pages, tan imitation leather, ribbon marker.

Best Christian Planners Reviews

After a thorough assessment of numerous contenders, we’ve identified the top 5 choices. These planners stand out for their quality, inspiration, and practicality, making them ideal companions for those seeking to integrate faith into their daily planning and reflection.

1. Prayer Journal for Women

Prayer Journal for Women

This thoughtfully crafted prayerful planner is a treasure trove of spiritual guidance, featuring Scripture verses, reflections on the Word of God, and prompts for spiritual journaling to deepen your faith journey.

Within its pages, the verses are meticulously organized by theme, covering profound topics such as Love & Inner Beauty, Provision & Faithfulness, God’s Love, Adversity & Trials, Awe & Sovereignty, Strength Through Faith, Fear, and Grace & Forgiveness.

With its spacious 8″ by 10″ size, there’s ample room for your thoughts, and each week spans four pages. Renowned artist Shannon Roberts has contributed original illustrations, adding a visually inspiring touch. The planner even includes a prayer tracker for recording answered prayers.

Users commend this book as a beautiful weekly devotional that enriches faith. However, it’s important to note that, while it provides abundant resources for spiritual growth, it may not serve as a conventional planner for managing appointments and events.

If your desire is to unburden your heart and draw closer to God, this journal is an indispensable companion on your spiritual journey.

2. Legend Planner ‎LP

Legend Planner ‎LP

The Legend Planner effortlessly transforms into a Christian life planner, offering a plethora of tools for journaling, goal setting, and habit building, all of which contribute to enhancing your spiritual journey.

Designed for a year of use, this undated planner encompasses both weekly and monthly layouts. Its features include a sturdy hardcover, an elastic strap closure, a convenient pen loop, and vibrant pages adorned with colorful stickers.

Equipped with three bookmarks, the planner ensures easy navigation through its pages, while the 120 gsm paper prevents ink bleed-through. Weekly layouts provide dedicated spaces to track habits, such as morning and evening prayer time, and facilitate the creation of a personal to-do list encompassing positive rituals that draw you closer to God.

Users appreciate the ability to monitor healthy spiritual habits, journal their thoughts, and set goals for a more God-centered life. Some, however, express a desire for a larger planner size. In summary, this high-quality planner seamlessly allows you to manage both appointments and spiritual growth in tandem.

3. Christian Art Gifts Classic Handy-sized Journal For

Christian Art Gifts

For those seeking a planner infused with Bible verses, this exquisite selection is an ideal fit.

Its compact 5.5″ by 7″ size offers portability, and the pages boast gilt edges. The flexible cover notebook encompasses 240 lined pages, complete with a ribbon bookmark.

Affordably priced, the rich brown cover is embossed with scripture, while the bottom of each page is adorned with Bible verses.

Being a blank book, it provides the flexibility for various uses. Whether you prefer taking notes during Bible study and sermons or maintaining a prayer journal, the possibilities are vast. Alternatively, you can transform it into a bullet journal, incorporating not only your spiritual reflections but also your everyday events and activities.

With a robust binding, excellent paper quality, and an appealing appearance, this journal has garnered widespread admiration. While some critics express reservations about the flexible cover, it remains a popular choice for those seeking a prayer journal or a scripture-based bullet journal.

4. bloom daily planners UNDATED Calendar Year Day Planner

bloom daily planners UNDATED Calendar Year Day Planner

The inspiring motto adorning the front of this Christian mom planner serves as a daily reminder that “Today is a new beginning,” resonating deeply with Christians worldwide.

This 8″ by 10″ dated planner features convenient ring binding and beautifully printed pages adorned with a vibrant array of colors. Providing both weekly and monthly calendars, it offers space for recording appointments and events, along with dedicated sections for notes on Bible study and sermons.

While each weekly layout allows for the recording of thoughts, those desiring a more immersive journaling experience may find the need for a separate blank book. Nonetheless, many users appreciate the practical simplicity of this planner, praising its beauty, vibrant colors, and inspirational content.

This planner is particularly well-received by individuals seeking to celebrate the joy that God brings to their lives, making it a delightful choice for those embracing their Christian journey.

5. Christian Daily Planner ‎CDP1

Christian Daily Planner ‎CDP1

This elegant daily planner, adorned with Bible verses, boasts a convenient 7″ by 10″ size, featuring an elastic strap closure and a high-quality pen. The planner’s sturdy binding and beautifully embossed faux leather cover add to its appeal, complemented by two ribbon bookmarks for easy navigation.

Monthly overviews incorporate prayer and habit reminders, while weekly pages provide spaces for setting spiritual goals, practicing gratitude, and featuring a Bible verse, all alongside an hourly schedule. The inclusion of bonus perforated pages for holiday meal planning, weekly meal planning, garden planning, and grocery shopping lists enhances its practicality.

Despite its higher cost, this planner has garnered significant praise for its ability to center daily life around Jesus. Those seeking a meticulously detailed planner that facilitates prioritizing God in daily activities are likely to find great satisfaction in this choice.


After thorough research, our top recommendation among Christian planners is the Christian Daily Planner. Boasting a beautiful design and exceptional tools for monitoring spiritual growth, it comes at a higher price point. However, the inclusion of hundreds of bonus sheets for planning meals, the garden, travel, and groceries adds substantial value, making it a worthwhile investment.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, consider the Christian Art Gifts Pink Faux Leather Planner. With its double-zipper enclosure as a notable feature, this planner incorporates Scripture and inspirational quotes, adding a touch of spirituality to your planning experience.

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