Click Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

Click Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

In our daily life, a common and regularly used appliance is a ceiling fan. There are different models available in the market based on quality and features. We all know that Click is famous for making electric products. Fans are a top item on their production list. So if you want to know Click Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh, this article will be helpful for you.

Basically, click ceiling fans come with long blades and durability. They are mostly off-white. It has a powerful motor inside the machine to move them smoothly. Moreover, this ceiling fan is very professional to look at and competes equally with other giant fan companies like GFC, Super Asia, National, KDK, Panasonic, etc. Keep reading this article to know more basic features about this click ceiling fan.

Click Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

There are several categories of click ceiling fans. Their prices vary by category. Anyway, we are mentioning below the prices of their most used and conventional ceiling fans. Click ceiling fans are officially and unofficially unavailable in Bangladesh. However, their official value can be from 1000 Taka to 10000 Taka.

Ceiling Fan ModelPrice in BDT
Click Cyclone1100
Click Crown 56”2800
Click Crown 48”2700
Click Camellia 56”3400
Click Exhaust 10”1000

This price is not fully accurate. It can vary according to the location, showroom, and budget of that year. We collect this information from the official site. In fact, we are trying to deliver the best probable price for a Click ceiling fan. Usually, the price is updated on daily basis from the local market shops or Showrooms. If there is a change in the price, we will update it immediately.

Checkout Click Ceiling Fan Reviews

Click ceiling fans have different models and designs such as Crown, Cyclone, Camellia, Exhaust, and so on. Recently, Click Electronics Company has introduced a new model of ceiling fan with some cool and innovative features. Their build structure and functions are very professional. Simple but gorgeous – the word fits perfectly with their product.

More importantly, they can make the airflow smooth enough as well as make you feel better in summer. This will give your room an exceptional look. Additionally, the fans of this company are very simple and come with an affordable weight for you to set up in your ceiling.

On the other hand, depending on the model and structure, their blade cars are different such as 10 inches, 48 ​​inches, or 56 inches. As a result, they have enough energy to create a charming airflow throughout the house. Interestingly, the off-white color can match your ceiling color as well.

One of the positive aspects of click ceiling fans is that they have good body parts. Especially, the blades are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Their motors are made of silicon electrical steel sheet and paint coating which plays a 99.9% role in reducing electricity consumption. Aerated with pure copper wire. Even, the motor is made of durable metal to protect its durability. Such as a satin fee cover that will allow your fan to stay durable.

Click fans use up to 60 watts of electric power. For smoother operation, a fan feature pure copper wire is used. These fans also have dimmer control and ‘E’ class insulation which will serve you an extra layer. This will help keep you safe from any kind of accident.

Where to Buy Click Ceiling Fan?

Click electronics is the sub-brand of RFL. So can purchase their products like a ceiling fan from all the showroom of RFL group. That’s why we will recommend you to find out the ‘RFL’ or ‘Best Buy’ showroom in your area. Then you will easily purchase your desired fan item. Besides you can purchase those fans through their official website as well.


Click is an electric consumer brand that provides products in the electronic category. Especially it is known for its fans. For many years, they have been serving top-line fan customers. Their fans are loyal to the public for their simple design and excellent quality. So if you have any worries about the fan, you can try using any one of the ceiling fans of Click Brander.

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