Computer Chair Price in BD

Computer Chair Price in BD

Do you need to buy a computer chair? Are you price or quality conscious about computer chairs? Are you looking for a budget-friendly price with features that can satisfy your wish? Then you have come to the right place. This article is about the best computer chair price in BD.

If you are dreaming of having a home theatre with s screen, surround sound, and an endless library of movies? Then it is essential to have a computer chair. Because it’s a perfect combination for watching movies.

Computer Chair Price in BD

Several companies are providing advanced computer chairs for you. Prices differ from company to company. It is quite difficult to choose which chair would be best for you. On the other hand, those prices may seem too high for you. But to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their home theatre experience, this article will provide BDT 13,000-3500 price range computer chairs available online at different websites.

Chair NamePrice (BDT)
MeeTion MT-CHR05 E-Sport Chair13,000
Frenteck Alpha GC-185 Gaming Chair9,500
Butterfly Chair4180
Chaina Mash Chair3,520
360 Degree Rotary Mesh Chair3,500

Note that the above computer chairs are not available officially. So you have to collect it from the local dealer or seller unofficially. That’s why the price of these chairs can vary depending on the shop and location. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Review of the Above Computer Chairs

MeeTion MT-CHR05 E-Sport Chair

The MeeTion MT-CHR05 6-inch high computer chair features a wavy design. In addition, this chair comes with an ergonomic design to fit tightly around the waist, breathable net cloth and antibacterial leather, and chair cloth. Also, it has soft PU wrap and a vertical S-shaped headrest design. However, it is non-slip, wear-resistant, no noise faster, stable flexible position, and more comfortable flexible reclining backrest.

Frenteck Alpha GC-185 Gaming Chair

This is the most comfortable and best computer chair in the market. It is designed mostly for Gamers. Moreover, it comes with all kinds of features that are good for gaming like a leather head and lumbar backrest. The Frentech Alpha holds a strong bow-shaped armrest and net cloth material backrest. This chair is compatible only with PC (Minimum requirement: 15″ Monitor). The point is it’s durable and provides maximum comfort to me during my gaming session.

Butterfly Chair

As a computer chair, it will serve as a permanent chair in your office where you’ll sit for hours on end. This chair has a steel frame that is built to last and not easily gets damaged due to comparison. Similarly, it allows you for long hours of sitting. The Butterfly chair is loaded with a padded system and custom fitted for your comfort. You can’t imagine how it feels once you have been sitting on this chair.

This chair is very relaxing to the spine and comfortable for the back too. You don’t have to strain yourself or your waist since this swivel office chair will do all the work. From moving from one position to another, adjusting, and just generalizing with its 360 degrees movement. In other words, a butterfly chair is almost like being in a massage.

China Mash Chair

When it comes to choosing a computer chair for yourself, you need to know if it will do the job right. Many people are very particular about their requirements. This particular chair can be the answer to your needs. It is fully adjustable, has a sturdy base, and will provide you with the comfort that you need while sitting in front of your computer screen.

This chair is designed for computer users in mind. Because it provides great support for the back. Additionally, it is soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods. Also, its ergonomic design makes using a computer more comfortable. And reduces static posture which over time can lead to back pain.

360 Degree Rotary Mesh Chair

If you are looking for a chair that gives you ultimate comfort during your working time, then this is the one. The chair comes with an advanced ergonomic design that gives you the most comfortable sitting posture. This will make you feel that you have been in another world entirely. It is a fantastic product and highly recommends it to anyone who has to spend time in front of a computer screen.

Final Thoughts

Computer Chairs are very useful as they help you do your work comfortably. Have you ever tried doing it on a regular chair? You will feel like a Panda. After some time, you will start getting back pains and it starts to become difficult to do your regular work. Now think how comfortable you will feel doing your work with the Computer Chair.

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