Best 5 Copic Marker Alternatives of 2023

Best Copic Marker Alternatives

Few artistic tools rival the opulent experience of using Copic markers. The effortless glide of these markers on paper, the vividness of the colors, the tactile sensation in your hands, and the flawless blending create a unique artistic encounter. However, there’s one drawback – the hefty price tag.

While the quality of Copic marker ink justifies the cost, not everyone can afford such a premium option. If you find yourself in this situation, searching for alternatives that emulate Copic markers without breaking the bank, you’re in the right place.

Top pick

Caliart 51 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers

Caliart 51 Colors

Caliart 51 dual-tip alcohol brush markers for vibrant coloring, illustrating, and calligraphy. Includes bonus blender. Perfect for artists of all levels.

Editor’s choice

Markers Set with Base

Markers Set with Base

80-color marker set with base for kids and adults. Double-ended, alcohol-based markers in a stylish case. Ideal back-to-school art supplies.

Best value

MemOffice 120 Colors Dual Tip Markers

MemOffice 120 Colors

MemOffice 120-color dual-tip alcohol markers with carrying case for coloring, drawing, sketching, card making, and illustration. Ideal for all ages.

After a thorough exploration to identify markers that come close to the excellence of Copics, I’ve narrowed down the contenders below. Let’s examine which one suits your needs best.

1. Caliart 51 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers

Caliart 51 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers

Caliart’s 51 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers present a compelling and cost-effective alternative to more expensive choices. Featuring a dual-tip configuration with both a brush and chisel tip, these markers deliver exceptional adaptability for a variety of artistic techniques. The brush tip excels in executing sweeping strokes, intricate details, and calligraphy, while the broad chisel tip efficiently covers larger areas.

This set comprises 50 vibrant colors complemented by a free colorless blender, catering to a broad spectrum of artistic pursuits, ranging from coloring books and sketching to illustration and calligraphy. The Japanese alcohol marker ink ensures seamless blending and color mixing, guaranteeing professional-quality outcomes suitable for both novices and seasoned artists.

The alcohol-based ink is richly pigmented, offering vivid and enduring colors with outstanding smudge-proof and waterproof characteristics across diverse surfaces like paper, ceramics, plastic, and more. The color-coded caps simplify organization, and the additional black carrying case enhances portability and storage.

While comparable to premium brands, it’s worth noting that these markers may bleed through regular coloring paper, unless using thicker options or marker paper. In summary, Caliart’s 51 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers strike an impressive balance between quality, affordability, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for artists of all skill levels. The included bonus case adds to their appeal as a considerate and practical gift for art enthusiasts.

2. Markers Set with Base

Markers Set with Base

The Markers Set with Base presents an impressive array of 80 colors, establishing itself as a versatile and noteworthy art marker pen collection suitable for artists of all ages. The set includes thoughtful additions like color-coded caps for easy identification, a stylish black carrying bag for portability, and a white plastic base for convenient organization, emphasizing cleanliness in storage.

With double-ended alcohol-based markers, these pens cater to various artistic needs. The chiseled tip excels in broad strokes and covering large areas, while the medium rounded tip is adept at detailed work, ensuring adaptability for a range of artistic styles.

Designed for permanent use, these markers prove ideal for diverse creative activities, including painting, coloring, sketching, designing, and more. Whether applied to coloring books, comics, graffiti, or diaries, these markers consistently deliver vibrant and enduring results.

A notable feature is their ease of mixing, allowing artists to effortlessly achieve smooth and bold colors. This attribute enhances their suitability for creating diverse artworks with seamless transitions between different shades.

Furthermore, the markers boast a superior outer casing, ensuring airtight protection against drying. The secure lid closure adds an extra layer of confidence, preventing any risk of drying out, even with repeated use. In conclusion, the Markers Set with Base stands out as a dependable and user-friendly art supply, offering a rich color spectrum and features that cater to the needs of both beginners and seasoned artists alike.

3. MemOffice 120 Colors Dual Tip Markers

MemOffice 120 Colors Dual Tip Markers

The MemOffice alcohol-based markers stand as a dynamic toolset, unlocking a vast array of creative possibilities through their dual tips. The broad and fine twin tips effortlessly enable precise highlighting, underlining, and efficient coloring of larger areas, providing artists with a seamless platform to explore diverse styles, sketches, and patterns.

Constructed from eco-friendly materials, these markers exemplify premium quality. Rapid drying and smudge-free performance empower artists to layer and blend colors without the worry of undesirable smudging or blotches, offering an elevated and enjoyable coloring experience.

The markers are thoughtfully designed with color-coded caps, not just for organizational ease but also for preserving the tips, ensuring prolonged utility. The inclusion of a portable carrying case with a zipper adds a layer of convenience, facilitating easy travel and secure storage, promoting eco-conscious reuse.

Featuring an extensive palette of 120 vibrant colors, this set makes an ideal gift for beginners, students, and seasoned artists. Whether embarking on the artistic journey or already accomplished, these markers promise to kindle creativity and elevate artwork. From drawing, sketching, and illustrating to shading, designing, and adult coloring books, the MemOffice alcohol markers open the door to a realm of limitless creativity, offering a rich palette for artistic expression.

4. Ohuhu Pastel Markers Brush Tip

Ohuhu Pastel Markers Brush Tip

The Ohuhu Pastel Markers Brush Tip set unveils a captivating spectrum of artistic possibilities with its 48 brilliant pastel colors and a complimentary blender. Boasting a dual-tip design that includes a versatile brush and a wide chisel tip, these markers expand the horizons of artistic expression. Whether you’re pursuing sweeping strokes, intricate calligraphic details, or rapid coloring in expansive areas, these markers offer a dual delight.

A standout feature of these markers is their refillable ink, providing an enduring wellspring of creativity. With 51 popular colors available for refills, artists have limitless possibilities at their fingertips. The high-quality alcohol-based ink seamlessly blends, ensuring professional-grade artwork devoid of splotches or uneven coloring. The quick-drying formula guarantees a clean, crisp, and smudge-free finish, catering to both novice and experienced artists.

The color-coded caps simplify identification and organization, while the complimentary carrying case enhances the set’s portability. Whether exploring the enchanting pastels of Honolulu or delving into the bold Molokai Series, the Ohuhu Pastel Markers stand as an essential addition to any artist’s toolkit, making them an exceptional gift for creative minds across all skill levels.

5. ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers

ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers

The ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers distinguish themselves as a top-tier toolset, presenting 80 vibrant colors that cater to artists of all levels. This extensive color palette encompasses commonly used shades and more, featuring exceptional pigmented ink that ensures a professional distribution of rich colors, impeccable blending capabilities, and precise control over ink saturation.

The marker pens’ circular handle design offers an ergonomic grip, ensuring comfort and control even during prolonged drawing sessions. The dual tips, comprising broad and brush options, provide versatility for a wide range of artistic styles, accommodating both large strokes and intricate details. The set excels in achieving seamless blends of skin tones, showcasing remarkable versatility and flexibility in artistic expression.

The dual-ended design, featuring both brush and chisel tips, streamlines the process of transitioning between precise highlighting and broad tinting within the same color. Neatly organized in a clear plastic carrying case with a folding handle, these markers facilitate convenient travel and storage. Marker zones and color-coded caps further enhance usability, allowing artists to swiftly locate the right marker without the hassle of sifting through an array of options.

The ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers deliver a professional-grade and user-friendly experience, establishing them as an ideal choice for artists immersed in adult coloring and drawing media.

Choosing Copic Alternatives: What to Consider

When seeking Copic marker alternatives, ensuring they match the quality of the original markers is crucial. Several key considerations can guide your selection:

Ink Quality

Copic markers are renowned for outstanding ink quality—neither too thick nor too thin, avoiding streaks. Opt for alternatives with consistent ink flow, quick drying, minimal bleeding, and the ability to retain vividness and richness once dry.

Vividness of Colors

Copic markers boast vibrant, pigmented colors. Look for alternatives with a rich color palette that maintains vividness even after drying, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant artworks.

Flexibility and Durability of Nibs

Nibs play a vital role in smooth ink application. Choose markers with soft, flexible nibs that absorb ink well, preventing stiffness and ensuring even distribution. Durable chisel tips that resist fraying are essential for prolonged use.

Refillable Ink

While Copic markers are known for refillable ink, this might vary in alternatives. Prioritize markers with refillable features to save costs and reduce waste in the long run.

Color Choices

Consider the variety and gradation of colors in the set. A wide range of well-differentiated colors enhances the marker set’s value, providing more options for artistic expression.

No Leak Properties

Markers should have secure caps with a good seal to prevent leaks and bleeding. Caps that click shut ensure airtight closure, maintaining the integrity of the markers, especially during travel.

Type of Markers

Copic alternatives come in various forms, including single-tip and dual-tip markers. Dual-tip markers, with both chisel and brush options, offer more versatility for different artistic styles.

Budget Considerations

While looking for affordable alternatives, be cautious not to compromise quality. A reasonable budget ensures access to markers with essential features and quality comparable to Copics.

Reviews and Ratings

Check reviews and ratings to gauge user satisfaction. Positive feedback can guide you toward alternatives that have proven effective for others.


Copic alternatives are an excellent choice for those seeking quality markers without the premium price. By considering ink quality, color vibrancy, nib flexibility, refillable features, color variety, leak resistance, marker types, and budget constraints, you can confidently select alternatives that meet your artistic needs. With these considerations, finding markers that rival Copics becomes a more straightforward and satisfying process.

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