Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price Details 2022

Cox's Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price

A ship is the best way to travel Saint Martin from Cox’s Bazar. By going on a ship journey you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of the sea. In this article, you will find Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price.

If you are searching for Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin ship ticket price, you must be looking for the best price for Saint Martin Cox’s Bazar shipping. There are several popular ship services available for Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin. So the ticket price will depend on which ship you are using. So keep reading to know some of the best ship ticket prices that are available on Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price

When it comes to Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price, you should have a budget of around 500 to 2000. Because the ticket price is constantly changing. For this trip, the ships MV Karnafuly Express, Bay One Cruise, Keari Sindabad, Keari Cruise & Dine are notable. Ticket prices vary according to one way and two way.

ShipTicket Price
MV Karnafuly Express2500 Taka
Bay One Cruise2200 Taka
Keari Sindabad500 Taka
Keari Cruise & Dine500 Taka

Note that the ticket price of these ships is applicable for one way only. That’s why the price of a one-way ticket on this route varies depending on the ship, the time of year, and the availability of seats. If you want to buy a return ticket, you need to add almost double the amount. Moreover MV Karnafuly Express or Bay One Cruise has a cabin seat facility. In that case, you need to book in advance.

What Distance between Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin by Ship?

Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin is a popular route for tourists in Bangladesh. The island of St Martin is located in the Caribbean Sea. However, the ship’s distance is about 94 km. That means it will take a 5 hours journey. There are several different ways that you can get from one spot to another. This includes flying, driving, walking, or taking a boat.

What to See While Visit Saint Martin?

Saint Martin is the capital of the world when it comes to tourism. The city is full of tourist attractions, made by nature and man. The country has a pleasant climate, especially in winter. If you are visiting Saint Martin, try to see everything because you will regret it if you don’t.

On the island of Saint Martin, the most famous tourist attraction is the beach called Palm Bay Beach. The beach is sandy, so it is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or just relaxing. In the background, there are picturesque coconut palms and rocks that remind us that we are on an exotic island.

Another interesting place to get to know the culture of Saint Martin is Bamboo Village. It’s a complex of houses and huts built around a square with a fountain in the middle. We can enter this area using one of two arched gates which were made of bamboo stems and leaves. The huts have traditional roofs made of coconut leaves and walls made with bamboo sticks.

In the north-west part of the island, there is a former pirate settlement called Buccaneer Bay. There are a lot of old legends about pirates who lived here many years ago. If you visit this place at night you may hear voices from the past that will make you feel thrilled.


Saint Martin is also considered as one of the best place for tourism. We are not talking about only natural beauty but also about the historical and heritage value of the country. You can find many places in Saint Martin that are worth seeing. However, we recommend that you book tickets in advance for this trip. Happy journey!

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