Best Drill for Woodworking of 2023, Choosing the Best for Precision Woodworking Projects

Best Drill for Woodworking

Having closely collaborated with numerous woodworkers in my local area, I’ve had the privilege of hands-on experience with over 20 drill machines. This hands-on engagement, coupled with extensive market research, has equipped me with valuable insights into the world of woodworking tools.

Each drill I present here boasts exceptional quality, ensuring a reliable performance for your woodworking projects. What sets these drills apart are their unique features, allowing you to select the one that aligns best with your specific needs.

Top pick

Makita XPH07Z

Makita XPH07Z

BL Brushless Motor delivers 1,090 in.lbs. Max Torque, 0-31,500 BPM for fast masonry drilling. Efficient, electronically-controlled design extends battery life by 50%.

Editor’s choice



DEWALT drill, brushless motor for 57% more run time. XR Li-Ion batteries with 33% more capacity. Compact, lightweight design for versatility.

Best value



Bosch PS31 2A drill offers premium power-to-weight ratio, versatile use, and precision with two speeds and 20+1 clutch settings. Durable, powerful, and visible.

5 Best Drill for Woodworking Reviews

After thorough consideration of factors such as drill type, speed options, RPM, torque, grip style, comfort, locking features, reverse mechanism, and others, I’ve curated a list of the best drills for woodworking. These selections are poised to enhance the value of your projects. Without further delay, let’s delve into the heart of the matter!

1. Makita XPH07Z

Makita XPH07Z

The Makita Bare Tool stands as a pinnacle of technological advancement in the field of woodworking drills. Operating on a hand-powered source, this tool reaches a maximum rotational speed of 2100 RPM, delivering an impressive 1,090 in.lbs. of Max Torque through its state-of-the-art BL Brushless Motor. This motor not only ensures robust performance but also enhances the tool’s longevity by eliminating carbon brushes, allowing the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently.

This versatile drill excels not only in standard drilling tasks but also in hammer drilling within masonry materials, thanks to its variable BPM range of 0-31,500. The incorporation of an efficient BL Brushless motor, coupled with electronic controls optimizing battery energy use, results in an astounding up to 50% longer run time per charge. This technological finesse ensures seamless adaptation to the evolving demands of applications, with torque and RPM adjustments made accordingly.

Makita’s unwavering commitment to innovation and performance is palpable in the design and functionality of this Bare Tool, establishing it as a standout choice for woodworkers in search of a potent and adaptable drilling solution. With an 18-volt voltage and a maximum chuck size of 13 millimeters, it serves as a testament to Makita’s dedication to delivering top-tier tools for woodworking enthusiasts.



For woodworkers tackling substantial projects, a robust power tool is paramount. That’s why I’ve identified the DEWALT cordless drill as a top choice for woodworking applications. Its standout feature is an impressive motor delivering up to 619 lb-in of max torque, making it an ideal companion for drilling into hardwoods like oak.

Enhancing its versatility, the drill features a 2-speed transmission (0 to 550 RPM / 0-2,000 RPM), allowing woodworkers to adapt the drilling speed to various wood types, whether it be the hardness of quebracho or the softness of pinewood.

Beyond power, a good cordless drill should offer convenience, and this DEWALT model excels in that regard. It boasts attributes such as an LED light for illuminating the drilling surface, Li-ion batteries with extended charge retention, and soft grip handles that enhance the comfort of extended drilling sessions.

Pros of this drill include XR Li-Ion batteries with a fuel gauge, providing more battery capacity than competitors, a compact design weighing 3.4lb for ease of use during prolonged periods, and the ergonomic soft grip handles. The integrated LED light proves valuable in woodworking shops with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. With a max torque of 70nm and 27nm soft torque, along with 2-speed settings for maximum drilling flexibility, this drill caters to a range of woodworking needs.

While it’s undeniably feature-rich, it’s worth noting that the price might be a consideration for some users. Nonetheless, the DEWALT cordless drill stands as a compelling investment for woodworkers prioritizing power, adaptability, and convenience in their tools.

3. BOSCH PS31-2A


Opting for a strategic investment over compromising on quality, the Bosch cordless drill emerges as a compelling choice for those who value robust performance. Its substantial power attributes include a maximum torque output of 265 in-lbs, more than sufficient for a wide array of woodworking applications.

Adding to its versatility, the drill features a 2-speed transmission, allowing woodworkers to finely adjust the drilling speed according to the wood density. Moreover, the inclusion of 20+1 clutch settings provides maximum control over torque output, catering seamlessly to drilling tasks in both soft and hard woods.

Beyond power, this Bosch drill surprises with its thoughtful design. Despite its compact size of only 7 inches in length, it delivers an almost perfect user experience. The integrated LED light addresses the challenge of drilling in tight spaces with poor lighting, transforming it into a hassle-free process.

Pros of this drill encompass its powerful 265 in-lbs of max torque, compact 7-inch length, and 2-speed settings (0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM) that meet diverse drilling needs for woodworkers. The 20+1 clutch settings ensure superior torque control, and the 3/8-inch three-jaw chuck securely grips a variety of drill bits essential for woodworking applications. The integrated LED light further enhances visibility during low-light drilling conditions.

While the integrated LED light may come on a bit later after starting to drill, presenting a minor inconvenience, it doesn’t overshadow the overall benefits offered by this Bosch cordless drill. With its potent features and user-friendly design, it stands as a solid investment for those prioritizing power and precision in their woodworking tools.

4. Metabo DS18DGL

Metabo DS18DGL

Selecting a cordless drill with a robust motor is paramount for meeting the diverse drilling needs of woodworkers, and the Metabo cordless drill stands out with its powerful attributes. Engineered to deliver, its sturdy motor produces an impressive 400 in-lbs of torque, surpassing average standards and catering adequately to the demands of woodworkers.

For enhanced control over speed and torque, this drill incorporates two crucial features. The two-speed transmission (0-450 RPM/ 0-1,250 RPM) coupled with a variable speed trigger allows seamless adaptation of speed to the specific wood being drilled. Additionally, the 22+1 stage clutch settings provide woodworkers with granular torque control, optimizing battery usage and ensuring drilling precision.

In terms of convenience, the Metabo cordless drill boasts a keyless chuck, simplifying the process of changing drill bits. The inclusion of a lithium-ion battery further elevates user experience by delivering an extended battery runtime compared to other batteries, and it can be charged in just 35 minutes.

Pros of this drill include its motor outputting up to 400 in-lbs of max torque, two-speed settings offering superior drilling flexibility, and the 22+1 stage clutch allowing precise torque control. The integrated LED light facilitates precision drilling in dark spaces, while the keyless 1/2-inch chuck ensures a smooth drill bit change. The lithium-ion battery not only reduces tool weight but also maximizes drilling autonomy.

While there might be a slight smell of burnt plastic during initial use, it’s a minor concern that doesn’t overshadow the overall advantages provided by this Metabo cordless drill. With its potent features and user-friendly design, it proves to be a valuable tool for woodworkers seeking power, precision, and convenience in their drilling equipment.

5. BOSCH GSR12V-300B22


Ensuring that a woodworker’s hard-earned money is wisely invested in a cordless drill involves prioritizing ample drilling power, and the Bosch 12V cordless drill earns its place among the best for woodworking. The decisive factor is its brushless motor, delivering an impressive 300 in-lbs of max torque—more than sufficient for the needs of any woodworker.

Further contributing to its excellence are features like the 20+1 clutch settings, offering precise torque control for varying wood hardness, and the 3/8″ keyless chuck, simplifying the process of changing drill bits—a crucial aspect for woodworking applications.

This drill doesn’t compromise on convenience either. Equipped with an LED light, it significantly enhances the drilling experience in tight and dark spaces, adding a layer of practicality to its design.

The pros of this drill are substantial, including its powerful brushless motor, compact housing weighing only 1.6lbs with a length of 6.0 inches, and great drilling flexibility facilitated by a two-speed transmission (0-460 RPM / 0-1,750 RPM). The 20+1 clutch settings ensure drilling accuracy, and the three-jaw 3/8″ keyless chuck securely holds most drill bits while allowing quick changes. The integrated LED light further improves visibility in dimly lit areas.

While the use of a plastic bit holder instead of a magnetic one may be a minor drawback, it doesn’t diminish the overall value provided by this Bosch 12V cordless drill. With its potent features and user-friendly design, it emerges as a wise choice for woodworkers prioritizing power and versatility in their drilling tools.


In the realm of woodworking, where the marriage of precision and power defines success, choosing the optimal drill becomes a decision of paramount importance, one that profoundly influences project outcomes. A comprehensive exploration of various cordless drills reveals a diverse array of strengths among contenders.

The Makita Bare Tool stands out with its cutting-edge technology, featuring the BL Brushless Motor for extended life and efficiency. Its adaptability across different materials, complemented by variable BPM and ergonomic design, positions it as a standout choice, catering to the discerning needs of woodworking enthusiasts.

DEWALT’s cordless drill garners recognition for its substantial power output, dual-speed transmission, and user-friendly elements like LED lighting and Li-Ion batteries. It proves itself as a reliable companion for woodworking applications, with XR Li-Ion batteries and a compact design, emphasizing versatility and user convenience.

Bosch presents a compelling case with its 12V cordless drill, boasting a brushless motor, 20+1 clutch settings, and a keyless chuck for seamless bit changes. The combination of compact size and LED light enhances the user experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of power and precision.

Metabo’s cordless drill sets itself apart with a robust motor generating 400 in-lbs of torque, accompanied by considerate features like a two-speed transmission and a keyless chuck. Its focus on control and convenience, coupled with a rapid-charging lithium-ion battery, establishes it as a formidable option for woodworkers.

In a class by itself, the Bosch 12V cordless drill emerges as a top recommendation, featuring a brushless motor, compact design, and versatile attributes. Striking a perfect balance between power, adaptability, and user-friendly features, it claims the title of the best drill for woodworking enthusiasts aspiring to enhance their craft with a dependable and efficient tool.

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