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Electric Travel Guitars

Being a music enthusiast entails a desire to produce harmonious sounds wherever you go.

Whether you are a budding musician or a seasoned guitarist, having high-quality, compact, and lightweight equipment is essential for maintaining consistency in your musical journey.

Thankfully, the music industry is constantly evolving, and recent technological advancements have introduced electric travel guitars that have revolutionized the way musicians travel and perform.

These instruments are not only portable and easy to carry, but they also deliver exceptional sound quality that rivals their larger counterparts.

With a wide range of electric travel guitars to choose from, selecting the perfect instrument may seem overwhelming.

To assist you in making an informed decision, this blog will present a list of the top 5 electric travel guitars currently available on the market, all of which are easily transportable without sacrificing sound quality.

Top pick

Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel

Yamaha SLG200S

This guitar offers near-silent performance, making it ideal for quiet practice sessions.

Editor’s choice

Traveler Guitar

Traveler Guitar

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is widely recognized for its compact size and lightweight design.

Best value

Anygig Practice

Anygig Practice

The back of the guitar is made from a combination of rosewood and maple.

Best Electric Travel Guitars Reviews

1. Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel

This acoustic guitar, adorned with steel strings and a pristine finish, is an ideal choice for practicing, traveling, or performing on stage. It boasts a nearly noiseless performance, allowing for discreet practice sessions, and is equipped with Yamaha’s innovative SRT-Powered pickup system, delivering an authentic acoustic sound.

Additionally, this guitar offers exceptional versatility for creative musicians with its top-notch onboard effects and line-in functionality, ensuring studio-quality sound for various musical pursuits.

The Yamaha SLG200S NT Steel String Silent Guitar is the perfect choice for musicians seeking a portable and discreet practice instrument. Its steel strings and natural finish give it a sleek and stylish look.

This guitar offers near-silent performance, making it ideal for quiet practice sessions. The fretboard width ranges from 43mm to 55mm, accommodating different playing styles.

Yamaha’s SRT-Powered pickup system ensures an authentic acoustic tone, whether you’re listening through headphones or a line-out. The on-board studio-quality effects add a touch of sophistication to your music, and the line-in functionality makes jamming easier.

In addition to its great sound, this Yamaha Silent Guitar comes in a natural color that enhances its visual appeal. The body is made of multiple materials, providing comfort for right-handed players and adaptability to different play styles.

Yamaha has ingeniously designed this silent guitar to replicate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar, combining the best of both worlds. The SRT Powered system allows users to mix the sound produced by the system with the sound produced by the instrument’s piezo pickups, encouraging creativity and exploration.

2. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Guitar

Traveler Guitar

This acoustic-electric guitar is the most lightweight and compact full-scale travel guitar on the market, weighing less than 3 pounds and measuring a mere 28 inches. Equipped with an innovative In-Body Tuning System and piezo pickup, it allows for full-scale playing and effortless connection to amplifiers or recording equipment.

Perfect for musicians on the go, this guitar conveniently fits in airline overhead compartments and comes with a disposable lap rest.

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is widely recognized for its compact size and lightweight design, making it the ultimate choice for a full-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar.

One of its standout features is the innovative In-Body Tuning System, which cleverly relocates the tuning machines into the body, eliminating the need for a headstock. This advancement allows you to enjoy the same full-scale playing experience you’re accustomed to, but on a guitar that is 31% shorter and 43% lighter than a typical full-size acoustic.

Equipped with a standard 1/4 inch output and an acoustic piezo pickup, this guitar enables you to easily connect to your preferred amplifier or recording device.

For added convenience, the guitar comes with a detachable lap rest, enhancing its portability. Furthermore, its lightweight and compact size allows it to fit perfectly into an airline overhead compartment, making it an ideal choice for travelers.

Crafted entirely from maple wood and presented in an attractive Antique Brown color, this guitar not only maintains its quality but is also designed to withstand the rigors of travel.

The Walnut Wood fretboard and Phosphor Bronze strings contribute to a delightful playing experience, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your musical journey.

If you’re a musician on the go and desire a full-scale experience in the smallest and lightest package possible, the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light could be the perfect solution for you.

3. Anygig Practice Portable Travel Electric Guitar

 Anygig Practice

This portable and well-balanced electric guitar from Anygig features a design that makes transportation a breeze. With a full scale of 25.5″, this lightweight instrument is user-friendly and comes with a customizable armrest bone.

Crafted using high-quality materials such as maple, sapele mahogany, and rosewood, it ensures stable functionality and durability, making it the perfect choice for musicians on the go.

The Anygig guitar is a perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, portability, and design.

Crafted to maintain the traditional scale length of 25.5 inches, the Anygig is not only easy to carry around but also ensures reliable performance.

Featuring an additional String Tree feature, this instrument is built to last and be easily transported.

Moreover, it includes a user-friendly Armrest Bone that can be assembled according to your preference for maximum comfort.

Manufactured by Anygig, a well-known name in the music industry, this right-hand oriented guitar is a top choice for musicians.

With a striking RH-Matte Black finish, the guitar boasts a maple top and a Sapele mahogany body for exceptional sound quality.

The back of the guitar is made from a combination of rosewood and maple, while the neck is crafted from maple for durability.

Equipped with a rosewood fretboard and metal strings, this guitar is built to last.

One of the standout features of this guitar is its H pickup configuration, which contributes to its unique sound profile.

Anygig promotes this guitar as the perfect travel companion, suitable for all modes of transportation, from planes to trains to cars.

Whether you’re a professional guitarist or a casual player, this full-scale electric travel practice guitar is designed with you in mind.

The headless design of the Anygig Travel Guitar – AGE makes it an innovative and portable electric guitar that is a must-have.

4. Asmuse Foldable Travel Headless Electric Guitar

Asmuse Foldable

This Asmuse electric guitar without a headstock is specifically crafted for musicians on the go. It boasts a foldable body and a built-in headphone amplifier, allowing for quiet practice sessions. Notably, it offers a modular bridge that can be easily upgraded and an aluminum body for enhanced durability. With a rechargeable battery, USB cable, and gig bag included, playing music while traveling becomes a breeze.

The Asmuse Foldable Travel Headless Electric Guitar is a revolutionary guitar model that completely reimagines the traditional design.

With its headless design and locking nut, this guitar ensures that the strings are well-protected and stay perfectly in tune.

What truly sets this guitar apart is its innovative foldable body. It can easily be folded down to a compact size, making it ideal for travel or gigs. However, when expanded, it offers all the features and performance of a full-scale electric guitar.

This instrument also boasts a silent design, thanks to its integrated headphone amp and rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours. This allows you to practice quietly, especially in public spaces or when you don’t want to disturb others.

Additionally, it features a modular bridge that makes upgrades and replacements a breeze. It is designed to accommodate most electric guitar strings available in the market, saving you the hassle of searching for specific ones.

Made from aluminum alloy using CNC Processing, this guitar not only looks sleek but also offers exceptional durability.

The guitar showcases a combination guitar pickup configuration and is designed for right-handed players.

It boasts a maple wood neck and a rosewood fretboard, enhancing playability and providing a warm tone.

The strings are crafted from nickel, a popular choice for electric guitars due to its dynamic tone and long lifespan.

This guitar kit includes a USB cable and a gig bag, adding convenience for charging and transportation.

5. Traveler Guitar Travelcaster Deluxe Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Travelcaster

This compact electric travel guitar embodies the enduring charm of traditional guitars, with an emphasis on being easy to carry and play. Crafted with a poplar body and maple fretboard, it boasts 3 single coil pickups, volume controls, and a 2-point fulcrum tremolo for exceptional tuning stability.

Additionally, it comes with a deluxe gig bag, making it an ideal choice for traveling musicians. The sleek gloss black finish adds to its allure.

Derived from a rich history and tradition spanning six decades, the newest release from Traveler Guitar is the innovative travelcaster.

What distinguishes it is its ability to maintain the standard 25 1/2” scale of regular guitars while enhancing portability.

With its compact size, weighing just over 5 pounds and measuring 33.75 inches in length, it offers a travel-friendly option without sacrificing playability.

Equipped with three single coil pick-ups, a 5-way pick-up selector, volume control, and two-tone controls, it ensures sound versatility.

You can worry less about tuning stability, thanks to unique features such as the 2-point fulcrum tremolo and the three-on-a-side headstock.

Featuring chrome 14:1 gear ratio tuners, it produces a richer tone and more sustain.

Paying homage to the traditional guitar, it boasts 22 standard size frets and a poplar body with a high-quality maple neck.

Available in appealing gloss black with HD catalpa fingerboard and retro Surf Green with a Maple fingerboard, it offers two color variants.

Additionally, the package includes a premium Traveler Guitar gig bag.

The Travelcaster embodies Traveler Guitar’s commitment to honoring the past while introducing an innovative and practical solution for guitarists on the go.

Final Word

After a thorough discussion on the various travel guitars available in the market, it becomes evident which options stand out as the best.

The exceptional quality, stylish design, impressive playability, and user-friendly features of these models cannot be overlooked.

Specifically tailored for avid electric guitar enthusiasts who frequently embark on journeys, these models are compact, easily portable, and do not compromise on sound quality.

Therefore, if you aspire to practice your skills or perform at any given time, regardless of your location, these electric travel guitars are undoubtedly the finest choices to consider.

They truly embody the perfect combination of technical innovation, portability, and excellent sound, allowing you to effortlessly bring your music anywhere you go.

With the right selection, you will never have to sacrifice your passion for music due to travel limitations ever again.

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