The Lowdown on Gadget Insurance: What You Need to Know!

Gadget insurance

If you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly rely on a few (or more) devices on a daily basis. Our technological devices play a significant role in both our personal and professional life.

Yet when anything goes wrong, it may be costly and challenging to fix or replace. Because of this, you must need gadget insurance for all of your valuable electronics.

You may rest easy knowing that your priceless equipment is protected should the worst happen since we did our research and identified the top gadget insurance companies currently available.

What is gadget insurance?

What is gadget insurance

Basically, gadget insurance protects you in the event that your electronic devices are damaged, stolen, or destroyed by taking care of the expense of replacement or repair.

Therefore you can be comfortable that your device insurance will cover you if you drop your phone in the bathtub, damage your favorite camera lens, or forget your pricey headphones on the train.

What is considered a ‘gadget’?

What is considered a gadget

The majority of tiny electronic accessories are covered by device insurance. The supplier will choose the specifics, but generally speaking, device insurance can be purchased for:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Smartwatches
  • Headphones
  • gaming systems
  • E-readers
  • A Sat Nav

But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the majority of insurance companies will only pay out on devices that are brand-new and less than 18 months old, so it’s a good idea to enroll in insurance as soon as you acquire your brand-new piece of technology.

Why do I require device insurance?

Why do I require device insurance

Nowadays, each individual in the UK has access to an average of 3.5 internet-enabled gadgets. These devices are expensive, with many top-of-the-line smartphones costing over $1,000.

Yet as smart home technology develops and internet-connected devices like activity trackers gain popularity, the average number of devices per person will only rise.

By purchasing insurance for your devices, you may be protected if something goes wrong and avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on an urgent repair or replacement of a crucial device.

Families should also have it. Tiny fingers are prone to unintentional drops, bangs, and spills, so it’s a good idea to cover all of your electronics if you don’t want to risk having to replace the technology your family can’t live without all the time.

Gadget insurance providers that are worth the investment!

Gadget insurance providers that are worth the investment

You will save time, money, and worry by ensuring that your technology is secured in the worst-case situation. Look into the insurance companies that are currently giving the best discounts.

Device Cover

  • Coverage Tier: Gold (Silver and Bronze also available)
  • Price: £7.02 per month or £84.24 per year (based on an iPhone 14 with 512GB).
  • Overage: £150

Coverage includes:

  • Accidental injury
  • Theft
  • liquid harm
  • Unintentional loss
  • mechanical failure
  • E-wallet security
  • Unapproved calls or data
  • Cover for accessories

Gadget Cover is widely renowned for its extensive gadget insurance and has more than 25 years of expertise. They safeguard a wide range of products, including wireless speakers, GoPro cameras, computers, and tablets, so you can be confident that all of your favorite technology is covered.

The provider’s three levels of coverage—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—should accommodate any demand or budget. For many people, the Bronze package will be more than sufficient to protect their technology against the most common types of damage at an incredibly low cost (just £5.16 per month or £61.92 per year to cover an iPhone 14 512GB). All grades cover accidental and liquid damage.

Yet the Gold package is the best choice if you want the best protection. It provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of problems and even includes accessory insurance that covers your gadget accessories against theft, damage, or loss concurrently with your gadgets up to £150.

Postal Service

  • Coverage Level: Personal Premier (Standard and Economy also available)
  • Pricing (based on an iPhone 14 with 512GB): £160 per year or £16 per month.
  • £50 in excess (drops to £25 after 150 days).

Coverage comprises:

  • Accidental injury
  • Mechanical failure
  • Liquid harm
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Usage not authorized
  • The e-wallet cover
  • Accouterment cover
  • Global coverage (up to 45 days)

The Post Office is a great option if you’re looking for insurance that offers you broad protection.

The complete spectrum of coverage is included in all three coverage categories, however, the Premier option offers an extremely low excess price of just £50 that drops to only £25 after 150 days of insurance. This implies that you won’t need to pay a sizable sum of money upfront to pay the excess if you ever need to make a claim.

They also have a Family Bundle plan, which is ideal for covering several devices at once at a reduced cost compared to covering each one separately. You may select a grouping of three, five, seven, or ten devices to insure, ensuring the safety of your entire family’s priceless technology while also enjoying some nice discounts.

Adaptive Cover

  • Price: £10.99/month or £109.99/year (based on an iPhone 14 with 512GB).
  • Excess: £250 (after 45 days, drops to £100 for phones and £50 for other electronics).

Coverage comprises:

  • Accidental injury
  • Breakdown
  • Theft
  • liquid harm
  • Replacement or repair
  • global coverage (up to 90 days)

It’s obvious why Smart Cover is a big participant in the device insurance market. They provide thorough coverage in the event of damage, theft, or technical issues, allowing you to relax knowing that your gadgets are safeguarded. Also, they permit limitless claims, making them the ideal insurance choice for individuals who are somewhat accident-prone.

With the user-friendly web form, insuring several devices is also quite simple. Simply choose your device models, complete the necessary fields, and your customized quote will be prepared. You certainly can’t go wrong if Smart Cover’s outstanding 4.8-star rating on Trust Pilot is any indication.

Money Supermarket

Money Supermarket is a great tool for comparing all of your internet insurance possibilities even if it is not an insurance provider.

In order to discover the best offer for your needs, you may add several devices that you want to insure and choose the types of risk you want to be protected against, such as theft, loss, and unintentional damage, using the online form.

The insurance alternatives that best suit your needs are then shown to you, ordered from least costly to most expensive. It makes it straightforward to compare policies based on price, coverage, excess and claims limit, as well as Defaqto rating, making it ideal for when you truly want to explore all of your alternatives.

Hence, MoneySupermarket allows you to grab the reins and select the insurance company that works best for you if you want to be completely in charge.

Do I still need gadget cover if I have contents insurance?

Do I still need gadget cover if I have contents insurance

Typically, yes.

The majority of home and contents insurance policies will cover electrical device theft or damage, but only if it happens within the house. This implies that your contents insurance is unlikely to protect you if your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device is damaged, lost, or stolen outside of your house.

So if you want to make sure you’re protected if you forget your tablet on the bus, or if someone spills a glass of wine on your phone at a restaurant, gadget insurance is really vital.

Gadget insurance benefits include!

Gadget insurance benefits include

Protection from unintentional damage: Gadget Insurance offers coverage for unintentional damage, including drops, spills, and other unanticipated situations. This implies that if your device is inadvertently destroyed, you won’t have to pay for its repair or replacement.

Protection against theft and loss: Your gadget is additionally protected by gadget insurance against theft and loss. You are entitled to compensation for the value of your device if it is stolen or lost and you file a claim.

Global coverage: Gadget Insurance offers global coverage, so you are safeguarded wherever you travel. You may feel secure knowing that your technology is safe whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Fast and simple claims procedure: The majority of Gadget Insurance products include a quick and clear claims procedure. After a few days of making a claim, you will get reimbursement either online or over the phone.

Inexpensive premiums: Protecting your electronics with gadget insurance is a cost-effective option. Everybody who owns electronic devices should consider this investment because the premiums are often inexpensive and the benefits are substantial.


What is covered by gadget insurance?

Electronic devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, and cameras are covered by gadget insurance against accidental damage, theft, and loss. Checking the Electronic Medical Billing will be helpful as well.

What is the Gadget Insurance claims procedure?

Gadget Insurance often has a quick and easy claims process. After a few days of making a claim, you will get reimbursement either online or over the phone. For more suggestions, you can read about What Insurance Does a Social Media Influencer Need?

What is the price of gadget insurance?

The kind of gadget you’re insuring, the quantity of coverage, and the insurance provider you select all affect the price of gadget insurance. For those who possess electronic devices, it is a great investment because the premiums are often modest and reasonable. Besides, you can choose some Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Last Words

Tech is costly (particularly if you’re always seeking the latest models), so taking out insurance helps to safeguard your investment and provides you peace of mind.

All our alternatives are great choices, but we recommend Gadget Cover’s Gold plan for protection against a wide range of concerns at an affordable price. We also believe that the Family Bundle package offered by the Post Office is ideal for ensuring that all of your family’s gadgets are protected while taking advantage of a fantastic price.

With these amazing insurance options, you can peruse, snap and stream to your heart’s delight – knowing you’re insured no matter what life throws at you.

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