Gazi Water Pump Price in Bangladesh 2022 [Updated]

gazi water pump price in bangladesh

Gazi Water Pump Price in Bangladesh is starting from 5,200 Tk to 24,000 Tk. We are describing here item specification and price comparison in details.

Gazi group has been operating since 1972. For the last 4 decades, the Gazi group is one of the leading manufacturers of various hardware in the country with a strong position. Gazi group not only manufactures water Pumps, but also produces other products like water tanks, sinks, pipes, toys, kitchen stoves, and much more. In addition, they have many business units, such as trade, distribution, ICT, communications, real estate, banking, insurance, and media business.

Do you want to know the price of the Gazi water pump in Bangladesh? You can find it in the article. Below, we will let you know the price and specification of various models of the Gazi Water Pump.

What is Gazi Water Pump Price in Bangladesh?

The manufacturer Gazi Group produces a number of water pumps with various horsepower. The below table will let you know about the price of the pumps currently in Bangladesh.

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Note that the price of the water pump may vary a bit depending on your location. You may find it at a lower or highest cost depending on the store. Besides, it may also change over time. Typically, we update the price of the product once within a month. If the price becomes higher or lower, we will let you know through the article.

Are Gazi Water Pumps Good?

Gazi pumps are available in the market and are mostly used in tube well, washer lines, building works, etc. The water pumps of the brand include a special priming system that offers great performance. They are suitable for dealing with clear or slightly cloudy, non-corrosive water not exceeding 50° C. Overall, the pumps of the brand are available at a decent price with good qualities.

The pumps from the brand also arrive with overload protection to keep the motor safe from high voltage. Besides, the operating noise of the pumps is also reduced as per the UNL-MEC specification. You can rely on the pumps without any issues.

Where to Buy Gazi Water Pump?

As the Gazi Pumps are very popular in Bangladesh, you will find them everywhere in the country. If you want to purchase the motors, go to your nearest hardware shop. You will also find the motor in various “Gazi Group Depot” situated in various locations throughout the country.

The pumps are also available at different online shops including Evaly, E-smart, BuildBari, etc., and much more. If you want to know further information about the Gazi water pumps; please visit the official website of Gazi Pump.


If you are searching for the Gazi Pumps price in BD, we hope that you will be able to know the price from the blog. We hope that the information discussed in the article about the pump will be helpful for you.

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