Best Glitter Gel Pens of 2024, Top Picks for Creativity

Best Glitter Gel Pens

Sparkle enthusiasts rejoice! Glitter gel pens have become a beloved writing tool, captivating students, artists, and anyone who revels in adding a dash of dazzle to their creations.

When embarking on the quest for the finest glitter gel pens, a discerning eye is essential. Begin with an appraisal of the ink quality, as not all glitters are created equal. Opt for pens with vibrant, enduring ink that stands out on various paper types.

Equally crucial is the consideration of pen tip size. Diverse tip sizes cater to distinct writing and drawing styles, prompting a thoughtful selection based on personal preference. For added versatility, explore glitter gel pens with replaceable tips, facilitating seamless transitions between sizes.

Top pick

Scentco ‎X04A46



Glitter Gel Smens (2 Pack) feature Aloha Unicorn scent, colored gel ink, medium point, and come in a set of 8.

Editor’s choice

Sakura 57913



Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust Glitter Gel Pens offer bold point ink for lettering, drawing, invitations, and stationery in a vibrant 16-pack assortment.

Best value

Aen Art ‎MDK-GG100

Aen Art ‎MDK-GG100

Explore creativity with 100 Glitter Gel Pens Set, perfect for card-making, adult coloring, journaling, crafting, doodling, and drawing with 30% more neon ink.

Our exhaustive research and testing have culminated in a curated selection of the market’s top glitter gel pens. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil our findings, showcasing pens that excel in vibrant colors, smooth ink flow, and enduring radiance. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice, these pens are poised to infuse a sprinkle of enchantment into your artistic endeavors. Without further delay, let’s explore the pinnacle of glittery creativity with our handpicked choices for the best glitter gel pens currently available.

1. Scentco ‎X04A46

Scentco ‎X04A46

Introducing the Scentco Aloha Unicorn Glitter Gel Smens—a harmonious blend of vivid hues, enchanting sparkle, and captivating fragrances. This delightful collection comprises eight gel ink pens, each exuding a distinct aroma through its grip. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, heightened by the enticing scents of Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Kiwi, Watermelon, Mango, and Fruit Punch.

More than mere visual allure, these pens engage all your senses. Whether you’re engaged in crafting, color-coded note-taking, organizational tasks, or classroom incentives, the Aloha Unicorn Glitter Gel Smens ensure every endeavor is infused with a burst of aromatic joy. Picture the motivation derived from the sweet scent of success permeating your writing and drawing sessions.

Crafted to sustain your enthusiasm, these pens are ideal companions for homework, artistic pursuits, school assignments, and journaling. Each stroke transforms into a fragrant experience, turning routine tasks into sensory adventures. With 2 packs included in the set, a continuous supply of glittering creativity is at your fingertips.

Unleash a symphony of fragrance and color with Scentco’s Aloha Unicorn Glitter Gel Smens—where each pen transcends its role as a mere writing instrument, inviting you on a scented journey into the realms of imagination and inspiration.

2. Sakura 57913

Sakura 57913

Embark on a creative journey with Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, seamlessly blending precision and innovation to redefine the art of writing. These pens boast an exceptional feature—they resist bleeding through paper, leaving behind a clean and enduring mark on every page.

The Gel Glitter Pens in this collection revolutionize the writing experience with their colored glitter ink, effortlessly gliding onto light-colored or matte paper surfaces. Featuring a Bold Point Size, the set of 16 Gelly Roll pens with glitter ensures expressive and well-defined strokes, each pen equipped with a 0.5mm bold line.

Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with Gelly Roll Stardust gel pens, unlocking new avenues for creativity. Whether you’re sketching, journaling, or enhancing artwork, these pens empower you to craft something truly distinctive.

Exemplifying Japanese quality, Sakura pens consistently yield professional results. With each stroke, you’re embraced by the assurance of high-quality craftsmanship, making Gelly Roll Pens a dependable choice for artists, writers, and creators in search of precision, durability, and a vast palette of creative potential. Elevate your creative pursuits with Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, where each line embodies excellence and every creation unfolds as a masterpiece in the making.

3. Aen Art ‎MDK-GG100

Aen Art ‎MDK-GG100

Immerse yourself in the dazzling realm of Glitter Pens with this extensive set of 100 glitter gel pens, a veritable treasure trove readily available on Amazon. Revel in the diversity of each of the 100 distinct colors, and with an additional 30% more ink, revel in the assurance of longevity—making it an ideal companion for adult coloring books, art projects, and journaling explorations.

Experience the enchantment of creating smooth and radiant lines with the fine tips of these pens, ranging from 0.8 to 1.0mm. Serving as a noteworthy alternative to colored pencils, they lend a touch of finesse and vibrancy to your artistic expressions, elevating your creations to newfound heights.

The glitter pens take center stage with their user-friendly design, featuring a comfortable grip that enables you to delve into coloring for extended periods without succumbing to fatigue. Let your fingers unwind as you breathe life into your imaginative designs.

The deployment of high-quality, acid-free, and non-toxic ink ensures a secure and pleasurable coloring experience. Versatile in application, these sparkly gel pens are perfect for a myriad of creative pursuits, spanning Coloring Books, School Projects, Party Invites, Greeting Cards, and Doodling.

Consider presenting this glitter pen set as a thoughtful gift; drawing pens have surged in popularity, particularly among girls and artists who relish expressing their imaginative flair. Elevate your artistic journey and spread the joy of creativity with this outstanding set of Glitter Pens.



Embark on a journey of boundless creativity with Artistro Glitter Pens, epitomizing excellence in every stroke. These pens boast vivid, highly pigmented acrylic glitter paint, meticulously designed for paper projects to ensure a dazzling impact without any risk of bleeding through. Featuring a Japanese nib and Italian ink, these glitter markers stand as a testament to precision and superior craftsmanship.

The 0.7mm extra-fine tip caters to intricate detail work, making these water-based acrylic paint pens perfect for adding labels, outlines, and a touch of glamour to a myriad of DIY projects. The glitter acrylic paint imparts a distinct sparkle, elevating your creations to a level of brilliance that captivates.

Versatility defines these glitter pens, seamlessly transitioning from rock painting pens to paint pens for vinyl or mug paint pens. Whether applied to wood, paper, metal, glass, or other surfaces, these glitter markers showcase their exceptional ability to enhance various materials.

Artistro places safety at the forefront with non-toxic glitter paint adhering to ASTM D-4236 standards, ensuring suitability for both beginners and seasoned artists. Water-resistant, heat-resistant, and fast-drying, these glitter pens for kids and adults stand as exceptional gifts, perfect for occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Unleash your creativity effortlessly on the go with these glitter gel pens, whether you’re crafting wedding decorations, embellishing Easter eggs, or simply savoring the joy of spontaneous creation. Dive into the world of artistic expression today with Artistro Glitter Pens!



Fuel your creative spirit with the ColorIt Glitter Pen Set, an expansive collection boasting 96 glitter pens, consisting of 48 glitter pens and an additional 48 pen refills. Meticulously curated for enthusiasts of coloring, this set presents a vivid array of colors, forming a kaleidoscope to enhance your artistic expressions.

Immerse yourself in a realm of possibilities as you explore the diverse palette of colors. From earthy tones to vibrant and warm hues, along with serene and cool shades, these glitter pens empower you to craft captivating masterpieces infused with vivid splashes of color.

Versatility takes center stage with these pens, excelling as journal pens, planner pens, fancy pens, and coloring pens for adult coloring books. Tailored to suit a diverse audience encompassing women, men, and kids alike, these pens adapt seamlessly to various creative pursuits.

Crafted with enduring creativity in mind, each pen in this set is refillable and comes with a spare cartridge. This thoughtful feature ensures an uninterrupted flow of smooth writing and coloring, allowing you to express yourself freely.

Precision reigns supreme with the high-quality 1.0mm gel pens fine point tip. Bid farewell to issues like skipping, smearing, or fading, as this tip minimizes scratching and clogging, providing precision when writing or filling in narrow spaces. Elevate your artistic journey with the ColorIt Glitter Pen Set—an inclusive and adaptable collection engineered to breathe life into your creations with vibrant and meticulous detail.


Embarking on the quest for the Best Glitter Gel Pens opens the door to a realm of vibrant creativity and self-expression. These pens, adorned with a dazzling array of colors and sparkling ink, have evolved into indispensable tools for individuals seeking to infuse a touch of enchantment into their writing, drawing, and crafting pursuits.

Our exhaustive journey involved meticulous research and comprehensive testing to unearth the premier options available in the market. Delving into considerations such as ink quality, pen tip size, and overall performance, we have curated a selection of glitter gel pens that stand out for their ability to deliver vivid colors, seamless ink flow, and enduring luminosity.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of seasoned artists, students, and enthusiasts of the written word, our top picks for the Best Glitter Gel Pens promise an elevated experience. Beyond enhancing the visual allure of your creations, these pens provide a sensory delight, some boasting unique scents or captivating glittering effects.

As we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of glitter gel pens, we extend an invitation to explore our recommendations. Discover the perfect pens that not only add a touch of magic to your artwork, journaling, or note-taking but also promise to elevate your creative journey. Unleash the potential of the best glitter gel pens and watch as your creations transform into sparkling masterpieces.

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