Green Line Double Decker Bus Ticket Price 2022 [Updated]

Green Line Double Decker Bus Ticket Price

Bangladesh is well prepared for the world with its new transport systems. It has also a number of double decker buses in it. This type of bus system is unique everywhere in the world. This double-decker bus service is operated by the green line double-deckers buses Ltd. More importantly, Green line bus is Bangladeshi transport service. So what is the Green Line double decker bus ticket price?

Basically, Green Line double decker bus is a very popular trip for passengers for any class. But it is a double decker bus in Bangladesh as well as in many other countries. Because green line buses are made hundred percent handicraft. But it has many facilities for its seats and attractions. So its popularity is increasing daily. There are many routes of green line bus and price of ticket are cheap than any other ways in Dhaka City.

Green Line Double Decker Bus Ticket Price

When it comes to Green Line Double Decker Bus Ticket Price, many may be a bit confused. Because these buses run on different roads. In particular, these buses depart from Dhaka to various destinations such as Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, and Benapole. We are informing you about ticket price of these buses in the table below.

RouteTicket Price
Dhaka to Chittagong1200
Dhaka to Sylhet1200
Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar1300-2500 Taka
Dhaka to Benapole1250
Dhaka to Khulna1000 – 1300

Note that these prices can vary according to the type of seat. This means that tickets are priced according to Economy, Business, Double Decker, and Slippery. This price can go up or down at any time. Especially during the Eid season or holidays, the ticket price is a bit higher. Moreover, the above prices are only applicable for single and one-way trips.

How to Collect Green Line Double Decker Bus Tickets?

You can collect the Green Line double decker bus ticket in two ways. The first is manually and the second is online. Manual here means going directly to the bus counter and buying tickets. On the other hand, you can buy tickets online from home. This will reduce both your time and effort.

You will now be able to collect the tickets of your choice through the official website of “Shohoz” and Green Line Bus. Some local agents sell tickets on various social platforms or marketplaces. You can also collect tickets from there if you want.

Contact number & Ticket counter Details

9/2, Outer Circular Road, Momen Bagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka – 1217

Tel: +88 02 8315380,

Fax: +088-02-8350003

Green Line Paribahan Ticket Counter Details


Mob: 09613316557

Tel: +88 02 8331302, +88 02 8331303, +88 02 8331304

Why Do People Prefer to Travel on the Green Line Bus?

There are a few reasons behind this phenomenon:

1. The ride is more comfortable and less noisy than other buses because the engine is placed below the chassis and also there are double glazed windows with soundproofing material which reduces the noise of outside environment.

2. They are more luxurious because of their leather seats and air conditioning system (AC). Passengers can buy tickets to travel with AC too. So, people can make their journey more enjoyable in a cool atmosphere.

3. The last but not least reason is that it is considered as a prestigious thing to travel by Green Line Double Decker Bus as it has greater demand than other ordinary buses.


Lastly, to conclude our short post on double decker bus tickets, we would like to say that the ride is indeed worth it. These buses are very comfortable and provide a great view of the city’s landscape. So if you want to get a premium service, go with the Green Line and enjoy your ride.

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