Best Gretsch Guitars – Top 5 Reviews In 2024

Best Gretsch Guitars

The world of musical instruments, particularly guitars, offers immense joy to both experts and enthusiasts.

Gretsch, a renowned brand, stands out among guitars, known for its excellence and quality since its establishment.

Its longstanding reputation is built on a strong foundation of craftsmanship, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to music and musicians.

Today, Gretsch guitars hold a prestigious position in the music world, contributing to a wide range of genres with their enchanting melodies and harmonies.

Many people adore Gretsch’s impressive collection of guitars due to their distinctive sound, making them a staple in various music styles, from rock and roll to country.

This article will explore Gretsch’s catalog in depth, showcasing its top 5 guitars and the unique characteristics of each one.

Top pick

Gretsch G9520E

Gretsch G9520E

Beyond its physical attributes, the Gin Rickey Acoustic/Electric guitar delivers a powerful.

Editor’s choice

Gretsch G5022CE

Gretsch G5022CE

It exhibits an attractive Savannah Sunset finish and a jumbo cutaway body design.

Best value

Gretsch G5021E

Gretsch G5021E

The exceptional construction extends to the maple neck and laminated maple sides.

Best Gretsch Guitars Reviews

1. Gretsch G9520E

Gretsch G9520E

This electric acoustic guitar boasts a high-quality construction, incorporating an X-braced basswood body, nato neck, and a sleek walnut fingerboard. Standout attributes include the Gretsch Deltoluxe soundhole pickup, 1950s-style tuning machines, and vintage end-pin strap buttons. With its visually appealing Smokestack Black finish, this guitar is an ideal choice for playing blues or swing music.

The Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey Acoustic Electric Guitar showcases a striking Smokestack Black color scheme, complemented by a Basswood body of exceptional quality.

Constructed with a nato neck, renowned for its strength and lightweight nature, it seamlessly joins the body at the 12th fret.

The fingerboard of this model is crafted from walnut wood, enhancing its overall sturdy construction and providing players with a smoother playing experience across its 18 vintage-style frets.

The attention to detail is evident in the 1950s-style vintage open-gear die-cast tuning machines, which allow for precise adjustments.

To capture the guitar’s resonant voice, a Gretsch Deltoluxe soundhole pickup is incorporated, adorned with elegant gold and white rosette rings.

The top-load walnut bridge is optimized with a synthetic bone saddle, ensuring a balanced tone throughout the neck.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, the design features an aged white body binding and an aged white “G” graphic on the pickguard.

All hardware components are finished in rustic nickel, contributing to the guitar’s overall vintage vibe.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Gin Rickey Acoustic/Electric guitar delivers a powerful and expressive sound, thanks to its basswood body with X-Bracing, making it an excellent choice for blues and swing performances.

This guitar pays homage to the iconic Gretsch Rex parlor guitars of the past, while incorporating modern elements that are sure to impress.

2. Gretsch G5022CE

Gretsch G5022CE

This particular acoustic-electric guitar highlights a sturdy spruce top, a flame maple back made with laminated materials, and a mahogany neck accompanied by a rosewood fingerboard.

It exhibits an attractive Savannah Sunset finish and a jumbo cutaway body design, allowing for effortless access to the fingerboard. The guitar is outfitted with Fishman electronics, a Sonicore under-saddle pickup, and an Isys+ preamp system, ensuring exceptional sound quality.

Introducing the Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, a remarkable instrument in a stunning Savannah Sunset color.

This particular model showcases a unique jumbo cutaway design, complemented by a solid spruce top and the iconic Gretsch Rancher triangular sound hole.

To ensure exceptional sound quality, the guitar’s body construction incorporates a combination of high-quality woods, including Maple Wood, Rosewood, Mahogany Wood, and Spruce Wood for the top. The back is crafted using Rosewood and Mahogany Wood.

The neck is expertly crafted from Mahogany and paired with a smooth Rosewood fingerboard, providing a comfortable playing experience and a luxurious touch.

This acoustic-electric guitar utilizes a Piezo pickup configuration, delivering a wide range of tones and a rich, resonant sound.

Designed for right-hand players, this instrument features six strings, allowing for versatile musical expression.

Equipped with renowned Fishman electronics, including a Sonicore under-saddle pickup and an Isys+ preamp system, this guitar ensures superior sound reproduction.

The Isys+ preamp system offers convenient onboard features such as a tuner, battery life indicator, and easy-to-use controls for volume, treble, bass, and phase, enabling precise and effortless performance adjustments.

In addition to its exceptional performance capabilities, this guitar boasts an elegant appearance, highlighted by a 1940s-style pickguard adorned with the Gretsch logo and a classic gloss Savannah Sunset finish.

Please note that a case for this guitar is sold separately.

3. Gretsch G5021E

Gretsch G5021E

This acoustic-electric guitar features a solid spruce top, rosewood fretboard, and laminated maple back and sides. Boasting a distinctive Mint Metallic finish, right-hand orientation, and effortless playability, it exudes the timeless appeal of Gretsch. Crafted from maple, rosewood, and spruce, this instrument is renowned for its exceptional quality.

Should you be in search of a distinctive and unique guitar, you may find the Gretsch G5021E Rancher Penguin Parlor Acoustic-electric guitar catching your eye. Painted in a vibrant Mint Metallic color, its appearance is striking.

It is essential to understand the materials used in crafting your instrument. Featuring a solid spruce top and a rosewood fretboard, its stylish design does not compromise on sound quality.

The exceptional construction extends to the maple neck and laminated maple sides. Additionally, the back material is also rosewood, enhancing its durability.

Crafted by the reputable music instrument manufacturer, Gretsch, this guitar ensures reliability. Designed for right-handed players, it comes with six strings offering a wide range of musical notes.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 44.7″L x 17.9″W x 6.1″H, making it suitable for those looking for a moderately-sized guitar.

Delving into the guitar’s finer details, you will appreciate the combination of maple wood, rosewood, and spruce wood that collectively make up the top material.

Ultimately, this instrument is not just a guitar – it is a piece of refined craftsmanship that provides an enjoyable playing experience and embodies the distinctive Gretsch charm.

4. Gretsch G2410TG

Gretsch G2410TG

The Ocean Turquoise electric guitar features a hollow maple body and a Nato neck, resulting in exceptional resonance. Equipped with a laurel fretboard and two humbucking pickups, this guitar delivers top-notch sound quality.

Additionally, the tremolo bridge system allows for easy manipulation, making this instrument a perfect blend of affordability and high performance.

The Gretsch G2410TG Streamliner showcases a striking hollow body electric guitar featuring a captivating ocean turquoise finish.

Crafted from maple wood, both the top and body of the guitar are meticulously designed to deliver a vibrant and versatile sound.

The back of this particular model is also constructed from maple, contributing to the overall resonance and tonal depth of the instrument.

The neck, made from nato wood, offers a smooth and comfortable playing experience, enhancing the player’s ease of use.

Maintaining Gretsch’s reputation for excellence, the fretboard is crafted from lauren wood, ensuring durability and a pleasant tactile experience.

Equipped with a dual humbucking pickups setup, this guitar guarantees a clear, powerful sound output free from any unwanted noise interference.

The tremolo bridge system is a standout feature, providing guitarists with the ability to adjust string tension and pitch while playing.

Tailored for right-handed musicians, this guitar is suitable for players of all skill levels, combining performance, quality, and affordability.

Ultimately, the Gretsch G2410TG Streamliner makes a confident statement with its distinctive high-gain hollow body design, catering to players seeking a harmonious blend of style and sound within a reasonable budget.

5. Gretsch G9500

Gretsch G9500

This guitar is designed for right-handed players and features six strings. It has a non-cutaway body with X-bracing and a walnut bridge that allows for clear intonation. The guitar also has a C-shaped nato neck with a walnut fingerboard, vintage-style frets, and pearloid dot inlays.

It is suitable for both beginners and professionals, offering versatility for various purposes such as songwriting, practice, and travel.

The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy is a frontier stain-colored acoustic guitar with a 24-inch scale flat top, designed for right-hand players. It features a unique six-string setup and a non-cutaway body with X bracing for a robust, resonant sound.

This guitar is suitable for both picked and fingerstyle playing styles, offering versatility to players. The neck of the Jim Dandy model joins the body at the 12th fret and has a comfortable C-shaped profile.

With a walnut fingerboard, vintage-style frets, and pearloid dot inlays, players can enjoy a pleasant playing experience. Equipped with a walnut bridge and a synthetic bone saddle, this guitar ensures even intonation across the neck.

The G9500 stands out with its 1950s-style vintage open-gear die-cast tuners and nickel hardware. It also features a single-ply white pickguard with a G design for classic aesthetics.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this guitar is an excellent choice for songwriting, practice, or travel.

Constructed with basswood for the body, top, back, and neck, and nickel strings, this instrument offers universal appeal with its vintage tones and full-sounding bass.

Final Word

Gretsch guitars have solidified their iconic status in the music industry due to their exceptional sound quality, timeless designs, and unmatched durability.

Renowned models such as the White Falcon, Duo Jet, and Country Gentleman have left a lasting impact on music history, inspiring numerous musicians to begin their musical journey.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, Gretsch guitars cater to a wide range of musicians.

Ultimately, the value of a Gretsch guitar lies not only in its cost or popularity, but in the unique sound, feel, and emotional connection it brings to your music.

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