Heat Transfer Paper Price in Bangladesh 2022 [Update]

Heat transfer paper price in Bangladesh

Here are the Heat Transfer Paper Features and Price details for 2022.

Do you want to know the Heat transfer paper price in Bangladesh? well, you arrived at the place. Below, we will mention the price of Heat transfer paper. keep reading the article to know about Heat transfer paper.

Heat transfer paper is a technic is used in textiles, arts and crafts projects. Made of natural fabrics, Heat transfer paper is uses printing anything onto clothing, canvas, and so many other items.  The Heat transfer paper is also known as a digital transfer method. It is a very easy way to decorate all of your things by printing things using heat transfer paper.

The process is to place the paper on the top of the shirt or other items, then printing a design or Images, quotes, sayings, and names onto a sheet of transfer paper with an inkjet or laser printing. After that apply heat and pressure using a heat press. Your product is ready. This article will help you to know the Heat transfer paper price in Bangladesh as well as some other information about the product.

What is Heat Transfer Paper?

The quick answer is heat transfer paper, a thin piece of paper covered by wax and pigment. It is a type of fabric sticker. Heat transfer printing is a procedure of decorating things by applying prints on them. There are several ways of heat transfer. These include inkjet transfers, vinyl transfers, digital applying transfers, and dye-sublimation transfers.

Heat Transfer paper is the most affordable and easy variation of printing things on fabric. For making the best-quality custom garments, Heat transfer paper is one of the best methods. Heat transfer paper is very straightforward to use while printing and pressing.

Heat Transfer Paper Price in Bangladesh

The heat transfer price in Bangladesh varies on a large scale based on different manufacturers. The product is not offered by any of the Bangladesh companies. Most of these papers are shipped from China. Check out some approx. price of the heat transfer paper in bd:

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Note that the price listed in the article is collected from various online stores and it is approx. and they are not 100% accurate. The price also may vary depending on where you are buying them. If the price updates in the upcoming days, we will update it one the article.

How to Use The Paper?

The full process for using Heat transfer paper is here:

Purchase Supplies: First you have to buy all required supplies. Like – computer, printer, ink, heat transfer paper, cutter, heat press, heat pads, heat tape, heat resistance sheeting, and substrates, etc.

Creating Design: Then using graphics design software makes your design. Careful about taking size and ink color. You can also purchase the designs from offline stores.

Print Design: Using injects ink, sublimation, or pigment ink print your design on transfer paper.

Cut the design: Cut out the design by using a vinyl cutter.

Warm-up heat press: from the heat, the pad opens the press and separates the heat platen, and while the heat platen is warming up leave it open. The temperature should be set between 350 to 375° F (177 to 191° C).

Adjust pressure: The pressure must use base on the thickness of the fabrics. Medium or high pressure uses for most projects.

Set the time:

  • Inkjet Transfer Paper: 14 – 18 seconds
  • Digital Applied Transfer: 20 – 30 seconds
  • Dye Sublimation Transfer: 25 – 30 seconds
  • Vinyl Transfer: 45 – 60 seconds

Set the product: Place the products perfectly on the plate and place the transfer paper within the pressing area.

Press the product: After place, the product closes the press. Set the temperature and pressure and start pressing.

Remove the film: After the required time open the press and remove the film. Just like that heat pressed design is complete.


Transfer paper is used for printing any type of design on any type of product. Nowadays design on t-shirts or any other item is a common thing. Like sports, lover makes designed t-shirts for showing support their favorite team. Transfer helps to design you’re what you like to design on your items. Hope this article will help you to knock about heat transfer paper

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