Don’t Let Disaster Strike: Benefits of Home Electronics Insurance

Home Electronics Insurance

Without our cell phones, tablets, and computers, what would we do? But replacing or repairing them when they break down might be expensive, it’s difficult to envision living without them. Extended warranties and home electronics insurance could be useful in this situation.

Electronics insurance, sometimes known as “gadget insurance,” covers losses to your mobile gadgets when your home’s insurance does not, such as when they stop operating altogether. Do you truly require this insurance, though?

Here is a summary of your potential insurance options, how electronics insurance works, and where to get it.

Do your gadgets have coverage already?

Do your gadgets have coverage already

Your equipment may be covered to a greater extent than you realize. Examine your current insurance policies or credit card to see whether you have enough financial security before purchasing device insurance.

Insurance for tenants and homeowners

Electronic equipment is probably protected under the personal property part of your policy if you have homeowners or renters insurance. This implies that if your belongings are stolen or damaged in a fire, windstorm, or other disaster mentioned in the insurance, they are often covered.

There are restrictions:

  • The majority of the time, if your electronic item breaks down or is destroyed in an accident, your home insurance coverage won’t pay you.
  • Mobile gadgets, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, may only be covered up to a predetermined submit, such as $1,500. (You may often purchase more coverage.)
  • Your home’s insurance will only cover their current worth if your devices are destroyed or stolen unless you have replacement cost coverage. That won’t usually be sufficient to replace them with fresh things.
  • Your deductible, or the portion of a claim you are liable for paying, will be deducted from any refund from your insurance company. Hence, if your $800 phone is taken but your $1,000 homeowner’s deductible applies, your insurance coverage won’t cover anything.

Additional warranties offered by your credit card

Additional warranties offered by your credit card

Check your card advantages if you used a credit card to purchase an electronic item. You could be covered by an extended warranty on the product.

Certain Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards allow you to add a free extra year of warranty protection to the original manufacturer’s guarantee. Your equipment will often be protected for manufacturer defects due to this coverage’s resemblance to the original warranties, but not for theft, loss, or accidents.

If you use the card to pay your cellular payment from another card issuer, you could be eligible for coverage for your phone. For instance, qualifying Wells Fargo cardholders are protected in the event that their phone is stolen or destroyed.

Not sure if extended warranty coverage is offered by your credit card? To obtain a complete list of card advantages, call the number on the back of your card or sign into your online account.

The operation of electronics insurance

Manufacturer warranties and house insurance typically do not cover accidental spills and drops, but electronics insurance does. You can make a claim to have your gadget fixed or replaced if it is broken or malfunctions. There might be a deductible or service charge.

A brief word on terminology: You may see phrases like “extended warranty,” “protection plan,” and “service contract” when looking for electronics insurance. These items are regulated differently, yet from the standpoint of the consumer, they are quite similar. The name of the plan is less significant than what it covers (and excludes).

Most frequently, individual electronics insurance is offered for phones and laptops. Other businesses, however, provide bundles that include numerous gadgets, including Televisions, game consoles, and home entertainment systems.

Certain options are available for a continuous, month-to-month payment. Others are valid for a predetermined amount of time, such as two or three years.

Sometimes full coverage might not go into effect right away. When you purchase coverage under some plans, there may be a waiting period of up to 30 days before you may file a claim. There can be limitations on the device’s age or how quickly you need to get a plan after buying the device.

As usual, before agreeing to a service contract or an insurance policy, it is advisable to thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

Do you require insurance for electronics?

Do you require insurance for electronics

Many criteria determine whether purchasing electronics insurance is a wise investment. The greatest one is how likely it is that your item will require repairs.

For instance, phone insurance can be a waste of money if your phone has a reliable, waterproof cover and you have a habit of being careful with your belongings. But, purchasing insurance could be a wise decision if you have young children who enjoy playing with your phone with their eager, clumsy fingers.

Even if you believe you will eventually require repairs, the math is not always accurate.

Consider purchasing a $129, two-year Upsie warranty with a $49 deductible for your new iPhone. You only submit one claim for a cracked screen throughout the course of those two years.

A damaged iPhone screen may cost anywhere from $70 and $330 to restore, according to HomeAdvisor, a website for home services.

The deductible and the overall cost of the Upsie warranty come to $178. Depending on how severe the damage is in this instance, the warranty may or may not be redeemable.

These are some considerations to ponder while picking a plan:

  • Do you feel secure with the protection you now have through your credit card or house insurance?
  • What forms of damage will your current insurance not cover that the electronics insurance would?
  • What will the cost of the plan be, including any potential deductibles or service charges?
  • Would it be financially difficult to have to suddenly repair or replace your device?

Where can I get insurance for electronics?

In addition to extended warranties offered by big-box retailers like Best Buy and manufacturers like Apple, you can frequently get phone insurance via your cellular operator. But, you might also wish to look into independent service providers like those listed below.


One of Akko’s two contracts covers only your phone, while the other covers it along with up to 25 more devices, including computers, tablets, cameras, video gaming consoles, and even power tools.

The following are covered by the plan:

  • Screen cracks.
  • Spills and drowning.
  • Theft.
  • Unintentional harm.
  • Failures of components in Televisions, phones, and other portable electronic gadgets.
  • Stolen phone (only covered for customers who pay annually).
  • Discounted prices can be available for students.

Strategies for Allstate Protection

Allstate offers plans for specific gadgets including phones, laptops, tablets, Televisions, cameras, and fitness trackers through a company called SquareTrade. To cover up to four phones, you may also purchase a family plan.

A typical plan includes coverage for mechanical and electrical problems as well as mishaps like spills and drops. This enhanced plan includes one year of Allstate roadside assistance, identity theft recovery services, and tech support. Neither plan covers theft or loss.

Monthly fees are charged for phone plans. For the majority of other gadgets, you decide how long your warranty will be in effect, often two or three years.


With the exception of your phone, Asurion offers two different security plans, one for your phone and the other for nearly all of your other electronic devices. Computers, Televisions, tablets, smart speakers, routers, and other devices are included in this.

The following is covered by phone plans:

  • Screen cracks.
  • Failures and flaws.
  • water stains.
  • Changing the batteries.
  • Loss or theft.
  • Accessory injury.

Home+, the coverage for additional devices, covers malfunctions brought on by:

  • Defects.
  • Normal deterioration.
  • Energy spikes.
  • Heat, humidity, or dust.
  • Spills and drops for several portable electronics, including laptops and wearables.

Home+ does not provide coverage for loss or theft, in contrast to the phone plan.

Monthly payments are made for Asurion plans. On the business’ website, you may purchase the Home+ package as well as a few phone options. Some phone plans, however, could only be accessed through your telecom provider.


For a wide range of products, including phones, laptops, tablets, and smart home technologies, Upsie provides personalized extended warranties. Warranties are offered for a predetermined time period, often two or three years.

Depending on the device, upside warranties may pay for things like liquid damage, cracked displays, and battery failure in addition to things like loss or theft. You can read about What Does Cyber Insurance Not Cover?

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