IP Camera Price List in Bangladesh

IP camera price list in Bangladesh

Do you want to see the IP camera price list in Bangladesh? Well, you arrived at the place. Below we mention the best Ip camera price in Bangladesh and also the difference between an Ip camera vs CCTV Camera. Keep reading the article to know the Ip camera price in Bangladesh.

Ip camera means, Internet protocol Camera. People commonly know it as an IP camera. This is a type of digital video camera, which capable to control footage and sending footage data over the IP network. Also, these cameras are capable of backing up video footage directly to cloud storage and you can check that footage from anywhere in the world. Present time, you are also able to receive an alert on your mobile.

Ip Camera Price List in Bangladesh

If you are worried about the security of your home or your office. Then, IP cameras can be a good solution to your concerns.  There is so many brands manufacturer this camera. Also, thousands of Ip camera models are available in the Bangladesh market. You need to know, no Bangladeshi company manufactures these cameras in Bangladesh, and they only import these cameras. That’s why the price of an Ip camera is a little bit higher in Bangladesh.

Model NamePrice
Jovision JVS-N410-YWS H.265 4MP camera4, 900 Taka
TP-Link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi IP Camera2, 300 Taka
TP-Link Tapo C200 2MP Home Security Wi-Fi Dome IP Camera2, 800  Taka
Dahua Imou IPC-T22AP 2MP IR Dome Network Camera2, 800 Taka
Vimtag CP2 Wireless Cloud IP Camera3, 000 Taka

Different Types of IP Camera

There are so many IP camera variants are available in the market. When you buy an IP camera you need to know which is suitable for you.

  1. Box IP camera
  2. Bullet IP camera
  3. Dome IP camera
  4. Turret IP camera
  5. Focal Length IP camera
  6. Fixed lens IP camera.
  7. Varifocal Lens IP camera
  8. PTZ IP camera Etc.

Below we will discuss different types of IP cameras. You need to know about these IP cameras Functions, Features, how to work, and which camera is suitable for your home or office.

Box IP Camera

Box camera gives you the best performance out of all types. Besides, it’s also one of the most expensive cameras. But, when you place them in your preferred style of housing, it needs separate illumination for use in low light. This camera has a good quality build-up and it can give you the longest service.

Bullet IP Camera

Bullet IP camera is quite common in the market. You can easily install it, and also easier to install larger lenses inside the body. Besides, this camera is suitable for outdoor and the design of this camera helps to reduce glare.

Dome IP Camera

Dome IP camera has a different option; this camera comes with a rotating option. It can rotate wide-angle, which can cover a large area. Also, it has a night vision mood. They are best for indoor or outdoor use.

Turret IP Camera

Turret IP cameras usually come with a single IR glass near the lens and enhanced IR power. Also, these camera has a versatile moving system and it can be moved vertically or horizontally. Besides, this camera has no IR bounce. That’s why you need to clean this camera every time. Otherwise, it creates a cloudy haze over the image.

Focal length IP Camera

Focal length IP camera can capture long-distance areas. It is suitable for a highly secure system. Also, it can determine how far or wide the camera can capture. A focal length camera comes with a fixed focal length, which does not allow you to adjust the display area. However, these camera provides better quality image, but there is no zoom option in this camera.

varifocal lens IP Camera

A varifocal lens IP camera allows to you adjust the angle of the lens and the zoom. But, you cannot do it with a remote, you can do it on the camera with your hand. These cameras are perfect for tor users who don’t need to adjust the angle regularly.

PTZ IP Camera

PTZ IP cameras are a more advanced variant of varifocal lens cameras. However, PTZ cameras tend to be the most expensive variant of IP cameras due to the complex motor auxiliary mechanism. In this camera, you can control your camera from any location. You can zoom in and move it with your mobile. These cameras are used in a big constrictions side to know the progress of the project and also know the employee’s movement.

Difference Between Ip Camera and CCTV Camera

There is so many difference between IP camera and CCTV camera. Below, we mention that some important differences:

  • IP camera works within your LAN network.
    But, CCTV works within its unit connecting with a DVR system.
  • This camera gives you better quality footage
    CCTV gives low-quality footage
  • Also, it transmits the signal to an NVR with an Ethernet cable.
    CCTV camera needs lots of things like coax cable, BNC connection, and DVR or Monitor
  • IP camera is a digital camera.
    CCTV is an analog camera.
  • The IP camera can be directly connected by mobile
    CCTV Camera cannot directly connect with mobile.
  • You can access it from anywhere in the world.
    CCTV cameras can’t do this.
  • An IP camera can be moved 360 degrees using software
    CCTV can be moved only manually.

There is the main difference between IP cameras and CCTV cameras.

Where to Buy it?

Ip and CCTV cameras are most useful in office and residential areas. Nowadays, some people use it in the home for home security purposes. If you want to buy these cameras, you can buy them from your nearest camera store. Besides, Ip cameras are also available at the different online stores including Daraz, E-valy, Ajkerdeal.com, etc. So, you can purchase it online.


We hope that you will find the article about the IP camera price list in Bangladesh is helpful.

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