Best Keyboards for OSU – Top 5 Finest Products Reviewed

Keyboards for OSU

OSU is a game that demands a lot of both you and your technology! It necessitates quick action and split-second judgment. You are capable of doing this, but your tools, particularly your keyboard, might not be.

The best performance is given to you by an excellent gaming keyboard, which finally maximizes your potential. Hence, in order for OSU to do better in this game, you need the greatest keyboards.

You are an experienced player, therefore you are aware of the value of a decent keyboard. We also do. The top 5 keyboards were chosen after hours of research by our expert teams to find the Best Keyboards for OSU.

Find out which one you require specifically by continuing to read!

Top pick

DIERYA 60% Keyboards For OSU

DIERYA 60% Keyboards For OSU

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Best Keyboards for OSU Reviews

There are several keyboard alternatives in this section. However not all of them might be appropriate for your requirements. Decide on a keyboard based on your needs.

1. DIERYA 60% Keyboards For OSU | RGB Backlit | Waterproof

DIERYA 60% Keyboards For OSU

We all occasionally play OSU on the fly, don’t we? What’s better than a 60% keyboard with all the keys OSU needs than a smaller-sized keyboard that supports our needs?

This keyboard is made by DIERYA, and although it may appear smaller than its rivals, it is in no way inferior. This keyboard is small, takes up much less space, and offers quick, zero-latency input. It has 61 keys on the board and optical switches underneath the board. You can therefore use it and carry it wherever you choose.

Again, OSU is a game that consumes the majority of our attention, and minor mishaps like spilling a glass of water occur frequently. If you frequently experience this, you ought to check into this keyboard because it contains a waterproof circuit board. With this, you are free to consume food and beverages while still playing OSU.

But don’t we gamers want an RGB keyboard? While playing OSU, this keyboard looks much too great thanks to its awesome RGB backlighting feature.

The quality and longevity of the keycaps, however, must be the most crucial aspect for OSU gamers. PBT Double-shot keycaps on this keyboard offer a premium gaming experience and are oil-proof.


  • slim 61 key body,
  • All the keys can be programmed thanks to a robust software editing feature.
  • circuit board that is waterproof
  • The hot-swapped feature allows for the swapping of switches.

2. ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Keyboards For OSU | Bluetooth | Great Battery


Wired keyboards are viewed by many of us as an extra burden. For these people, Bluetooth keyboards are superior in many respects. This keyboard could be the finest option for you as it has a strong battery and is small in size.

OSU gamers cannot afford latency, and this keyboard can give you 0% latency thanks to a powerful built-in chip. So, you can keep pressing the keys on the greatest keyboard for OSU fans.

Yet, if you play video games and travel frequently, you need a little keyboard. You can play OSU everywhere you want with the RK61, a 60% ultra-compact keyboard that uses much less room.

But, if your Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t have a strong battery, its tiny form is useless. Because of this, Royal Kludge includes the most dependable and long-lasting batteries with its keyboards. This keyboard has a fast-charging 1450 mAh battery and can be used nonstop for at least 10 hours.

There are several switch variations available for this device, including red, blue, and brown switches. Thus you can select what you require.

With its elegant single color backlighting, the RK61 offers you unmatched service for less than $60. While playing OSU, the keyboard looks fantastic thanks to its 17 dynamic lighting modes while still keeping a sophisticated appearance.

Key Elements

  • 60% Very little design.
  • enduring batteries.
  • Zero-latency.
  • various options to pick from.
  • Excellent quality but still affordable.

3. HYPERX ALLOY ORIGINS CORE Keyboards for OSU | Macro Customizable


For gamers, durability is an important factor. Gaming keyboards must be more durable than standard keyboards since they receive more punishment. In this area, HyperX excels. As a business, HyperX has been selling one of the best keyboards on the market for a reasonable price!

This keyboard’s whole body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it both incredibly strong and lightweight. You can therefore repeatedly hit the keys, but it won’t shatter as readily.

Again, the key switches aren’t really the most crucial component for OSU. This keyboard has mechanical HyperX switches, which have an 80 million keystroke rating.

What about portability, though? This gaming keyboard comes in both a full-sized and Tenkeyless version and has a small, sleek housing with a detachable cord. For you, this is a win-win situation.

In addition to all these wonderful features, this product has a software-controlled light and macro customization. dazzling RGB backlight. What more could a keyboard possibly have to make it the greatest gaming keyboard under $100?

key attributes

  • sturdy aluminum body
  • excellent switches.
  • Available advanced customisation.
  • Astonishing RGB Backlit in an ultra-compact form.

4. MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Keyboards for OSU | Affordable

MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming

Do you require a cheap gaming keyboard that can compete with the best options on the market? In such case, you require this. Users are in awe of MOTOSPEED’s company due to the reasonably priced but high quality services they offer.

This keyboard is available from Motospeed in a variety of configurations, including wired, wireless, blue/red switch, and its characteristic pink color! Just admiring its beauty is enough to make you fall in love with it.

Its best product might just be the key switches! They are made to last and are responsive. One of the finest keyboards for OSU, MOTOSPEED has 50 million keystrokes tested on these switches, making it a low-cost professional gaming keyboard.

High-quality and dependable performance are provided by its long-lasting aluminum alloy-ABS construction. Also, all individual switches’ anti-ghosting technology provide the kind of response That consumers require.

Yet for the gaming experience, players must dress stylishly. You get exactly that with this gaming keyboard, which has a small but stylish appearance. Also, when playing OSURGB ,’s Rainbow lighting adds to the atmosphere.

Motospeed offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month worry-free warranty because they are so confident in their product! What then is there to worry about?

key attributes

  • high-quality, long-lasting key switches.
  • Small, fashionable design with a variety of options.
  • 87 delicate keys that use anti-ghosting technology.
  • suitable for all operating systems.

5. Cooler Master Mechanical Keyboards For OSU | On the Fly Controls

Cooler Master Mechanical

Several of us even use our gaming keyboards for daily tasks! Consequently, a mechanical keyboard with a classic-minimalist design must continue to be on the list of the finest keyboards.

The CK550 features a lovely, brushed aluminum backplate that covers the entire length of the board and even the sides, and it has a normal 104-key layout. This gives it a fashionable yet understated look that is functional.

Also, Cooler Master did not brand this device with edgy-looking insignia, in contrast to other gaming brands, giving it the ideal design for regular users as well.

The keys are made of sturdy mechanical gateron switches and provide a satisfying jolt without being as loud as blue switches, making them feel expensive and far beyond their price range. Also, they have hybrid key rollover technology, which renders “ghosting” impossible.

Yet, this keyboard has the ideal RGB lighting for gamers that need some fantastic lightings on their keys. All of the intricate key gradients are illuminated by its per-key LEDs with a variety of illumination options. Also, this has on-the-fly controls, which make adjusting lighting and macros much simpler.

Last but not least, although having a 104-key layout, this may not be the smallest design available, but for regular use, it may be one of the best gaming keyboards for OSU that avoids garish style.

Key Elements

  • A strong, elegant design.
  • Design in brushed aluminum with a curved top plate.
  • Almost 50 million keystrokes can be typed on mechanical switches.
  • Software that is simple to use yet also has instant controls.

Things to Consider Before Buying Keyboards for OSU

best Keyboards for OSU

You must take into account a few important elements when purchasing a keyboard in order to determine your precise needs. To prevent you from buying the incorrect product for you, we have compiled some crucial considerations to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at them and decide which keyboard will suit OSU fanaticism the best. Take a moment to look at some of the options for OSU on our list; you might also enjoy them.

Switches from Cherry MX

Cherry MX switches are what we’ll start with. On the majority of gaming keyboards, you will find one of six different types of switches. Nonetheless, every one of these offers a unique typing and gameplay experience. For instance, the blue switches have an audible click and provide immediate feedback for each keystroke.

Red switches, on the other hand, are the most typical kind. These are wonderful for gaming but a touch less pleasant for extended typing because they lack any tactile click and go all the way down. In order to ensure that your keyboard meets your needs, you need think carefully before making a purchase. See our guide to home theater power amplifiers for more excellent devices like this one.

Micro Keys

These keys can be programmed to perform particular tasks, which will make gaming much simpler. The majority of the top gaming keyboards have macro keys, but not for Everything. Consider purchasing one that has better programmable software. Some of our list of power cords for amplifiers may also be of interest to you.

RGB illumination

This pertains to aesthetics. Some people like an edgier-looking keyboard, while others might choose one with a more traditional appearance. You can map out specific schemes using the programmable LED backlight known as RGB lightings! You could want RGB lighting for OSU if you desire slick-looking gameplay.

Cable vs. Wireless

For gamers, this is a crucial consideration because each has advantages and disadvantages.

A wireless keyboard’s main advantage is portability. It is portable and leaves your workspace uncluttered.

Yet they also have negative consequences. First off, compared to wired versions, wireless keyboards may have much higher latency. This is a serious concern for gamers. You could lose the game if you enter your input even a millisecond late! Moreover, these OSU keyboards require power, so you must periodically charge them or fill them with new batteries.

While being heavy and immobile, wired keyboards are the opposite. This is a hassle in the fast-paced world of today. Moreover, many inexpensive wired keyboards have latency, making them useless.

While being more expensive than cable keyboards, wireless keyboards are becoming more and more common because of their mobility, and the best keyboards now now provide zero-latency.

Questions & Answers – Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I regularly use gaming keyboards?

Yes! You may.

Regular keyboards are just improved versions that provide superior performance and design. However, they also cost more than standard keyboards. Even though a cheap gaming keyboard may appear to function better than standard keyboards, you should still buy it.

2. Should I purchase one with red or blue switches?

Performance is less important here than choice. Red switches have a more contemporary feel, whereas blue switches have a more traditional, tactile feel. You purchase a blue one if you want the clicky sound, and a red one if you don’t.

3. Are my RGB lightings modifiable?

Indeed, the majority of items allow for bespoke RGB coding. So, you may program how your LED-backlit should react to your strokes.

4. Is an OSU keypad preferable to a keyboard?

This is a matter of taste. Yet, you can perform all other tasks via a keyboard. But can you type on your Keypad? No, and they are almost equally expensive.

5. For OSU, should I purchase a budget gaming keyboard or a standard keyboard?

The best performing keyboard for OSU in your pricing range should be taken into consideration. This game puts the biggest demands on your keyboard, and a subpar one could make things difficult for you. We created this list of the top keyboards for OSU madness specifically to assist you in making your decision.

Last Words

The most crucial piece of equipment for a gamer is a keyboard. Hence, if you’re an OSU user and want to go on a winning streak, you must purchase among the top keyboards for OSU.

We use keyboards in everyday life as well. So, a keyboard might give you the best experience if you consider switches, latency, longevity, build quality, and appearance.

eat, rest, and play!

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