Mazda RX 8 Price in Bangladesh, Feature, and Price 2022

Mazda rx8 price in bangladesh

Mazda RX-8 Price in Bangladesh: 16,49,000 BDT. Here are the Mazda RX-8 Features and Price details.

What makes the car different is its door design. The rear doors can’t open in the usual way. Instead of fixing the door on the left, it is fixed on the right. This is a unique design and a pretty unfamiliar addition on the market.  If you want to know about Mazda rx8 Price in Bangladesh, keep scrolling down.

Mazda rx8 is a sports car which is manufactured by Japanese automobile. It was first shown in 2001. Mazda rx8 is the only new vehicle to offer a Wankel Rotary engine in the sports car industry. It’s a small sports car with four-seat.

Mazda RX8 Car Price in Bangladesh

Mazda rx8 first arrived in Bangladesh in 2016. There are a good number of units of the car and you will often find it on the road. The price of the Mazda rx8 is nearly around 16,50000 BDT for the petrol engine. This price makes the car a perfect pick at the mid-range budget which is quite satisfactory for its decent features.

Mazda RX-8 Price in Bangladesh: 16,49,000 BDT.

Note that this price is not fully accurate. It may vary based on your location and the manufacturers. Besides, the new vat/tax strategy of the current year may also affect the price. Moreover, the price will also change based on the version (year) of the car.  If the price changes in the upcoming months, we will update it to let you know.

Mazda RX8 Car Review

Mazda rx8 is an interesting car with a modern appearance. It is also unique when compared with the other car because of its rotary engine. The rotary engine functions differently than a typical car combustion engine with pistons and cylinders. The first impression about the car is its long triangle shape that makes the car design a bit more unique.

The interior design of this car is not good as a sports car. The dash field looks very average and the buttons are not well finished. Another most annoying thing is when you press any button, it creates a noisy sound. This may be appreciated by some users, some others don’t like it. Besides, you can’t enter through the back door unless open the front door. This is not something practical compared to the other professional sports car.

Another dissatisfactory thing is the back seat position is not comfortable for passengers. There is a tiny space at the side window glass to receive air. The lighting system is also not that noticeable. But the good factor is its modified exhaust system which really makes a crazy and impressive sound.


  • Engine type: 1308 cc (rotary engine).
  • Fuel type: Petrol.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 35L
  • Cylinder capacity: 4 cylinders.
  • Transmission type: Manual.
  • Maximum power: 232 BHP @ 8500 rpm.
  • Gearbox: It has 6 gear.
  • Mileage: 16.0 km/h in city & 19.0 km/h in highway.
  • Break: Both front & rear brake is PWR type.
  • Color: Red, black, blue.


Mazda rx8 may not be the best car to choose if you want an efficient performance. The rotary engines have low efficiency because of a long combustion chamber. There has an oil consumption problem that creates damage with rotor sealing. The key feature of this car is also not much special.

The interesting thing is the price of Mazda rx8 is less expensive. But its reliability is below average. If you want the best budget car, then the Mazda RX8 is not something that we will recommend.

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