Best Metallic Markers of 2024, Elevate Your Art with Brilliant Shine

Best Metallic Markers

Enthusiastic about arts and crafts? If so, you likely appreciate how top-notch metallic markers can add a touch of brilliance to your creative endeavors. These markers have the power to elevate your calligraphy and drawings, infusing them with a festive and whimsical flair.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that not all pen touch metallic markers are created equal. There exists a spectrum of quality, and settling for subpar products, particularly if you plan to sell your craft projects, is not an option.

Top pick

Sunshilor B07BJ46G1D

Sunshilor B07BJ46G1D

1.0mm metallic markers for vibrant crafting. Glittery colors on any surface. Premium quality, non-toxic ink. Ideal for various projects. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Editor’s choice

XSG ‎X-23

XSG ‎X-23


10 vibrant metallic colors for versatile use on various surfaces. High-quality, environmentally friendly ink. Satisfaction guaranteed with 24-hour customer service.

Best value

Akarued AK20200102US

Akarued AK20200102US

Premium dual-color outline markers with safe, quick-drying ink. Perfect for creative gifts. Durable, easy to use, and quick after-sales response.

5 Best Metallic Markers Reviews

You deserve excellence, and this article will guide you in identifying the best metallic markers for your artistic pursuits.

1. Sunshilor B07BJ46G1D

Sunshilor B07BJ46G1D

Upon receiving and promptly testing the metallic permanent markers from Sunshilor, I was thoroughly impressed with their performance. Initially used on paper, the markers exhibited excellent results. Subsequent experimentation on non-porous surfaces such as glass, smooth stones, and plastics revealed their remarkable versatility, consistently delivering quality writing on each material.

The colors, both accurate and vivid, stood out prominently. Having previously relied on a more expensive brand of colored metallic permanent markers, I found that Sunshilor’s offering nearly matched their quality. Notably, the colors on my painted rocks remained bright even after weeks had elapsed.

Over the years, I’ve tested numerous metallic pens, and a prevalent issue has been leakage. It was frustrating to encounter leaks when nearing completion of a project. Fortunately, this problem did not manifest with Sunshilor’s metallic paint pens. I successfully completed many projects without any untimely ink spills.

Given my inclination towards calligraphy on paper, I’ve encountered issues with runny inks from some pens, causing bleeding into the fibers. The Sunshilor pens, however, boast inks with a thick and even consistency, preventing undesirable bleeding and ensuring the ink stays atop the paper.

Despite the overall positive experience, the notable drawback of these metallic pens is their claim of being fine-tipped. While the tips may measure 1mm, their softness results in thicker lines than expected. Although fine lines are achievable with a light touch, drawing detailed work may be challenging.


  • Even adherence to any surface
  • Vibrant colors without the need for a clear coat
  • Leak-free application with consistent color distribution
  • Non-bleeding ink on paper
  • Vibrant pigmentation


  • The pens are not as fine-tipped as claimed.

2. XSG ‎X-23

XSG ‎X-23

Having extensively tested the XSG metallic coloring pens on a diverse range of surfaces, I’m pleased to report their commendable performance across the board. While they may not exhibit the same level of coverage as pricier alternatives, these markers surpass expectations, delivering above-average results.

The colors offered by the XSG pens are notably vibrant. A single layer of ink offers striking contrast on black paper, but for transparent or white backgrounds, an additional layer may be necessary to enhance color visibility.

A particularly favorable feature is the quick drying time of the inks, mitigating the risk of accidental smudging. It’s essential to note that these pens utilize water-based inks, not acrylic paints. Consequently, if your intended application involves outdoor display, a protective layer of clear coat is advisable to safeguard the ink.

While the pen tips may be slightly softer than my personal preference, they effectively fulfill their purpose. The markers fall in the middle ground, not precisely fine-tipped but not overly broad either. The flexibility of the points allows for variation in line weight by adjusting pressure without causing ink blotting.

Regrettably, the color variety in the set is somewhat limited, comprising only ten colors, with three of them being different shades of metallic brown. A more diverse color range would have been preferable.


  • Versatile use on nearly all surfaces
  • Quick-drying with minimal smudging
  • Bright and vibrant color output
  • Features firm yet flexible points
  • Even and smooth application of ink


  • Limited color options, with some inaccuracy in shades

3. Akarued AK20200102US

Akarued AK20200102US

Distinguishing itself from other self-outlining metallic markers, this particular option boasts a finer and firmer tip, making it well-suited for projects demanding a level of detail achievable within the confines of pen size. I found them particularly effective for filling in script calligraphy, producing excellent results.

While these markers proved useful on porcelain cups and pots, I observed that they still require a clear coat for permanence. Exposure to even slight moisture, such as dew or fog, can cause the ink to smudge. Conversely, this characteristic makes it easy to clean marks if, say, children decide to use the markers on walls.

The ease of use is a notable feature of these markers. Even young kids can handle them effortlessly—just a couple of shakes to redistribute the ink, press the tip onto paper to initiate the flow, and you’re ready to write. There’s no need for any special techniques to make the outlines appear; consistent pressure and a steady hand suffice.

Akarued’s customer service further enhances the overall experience. Upon discovering that two pens in my initial set were half-empty, I contacted Akarued, and to my surprise, they promptly sent a new set with all pens fully inked. Remarkably, they didn’t even require the return of the defective markers.

One potential drawback is that the ink has a tendency to dry quickly, even with tightly capped pens. To mitigate this, I recommend replacing the cap immediately after use to prevent inadvertent drying of the markers’ inks.


  • Fine nylon tip for detailed work
  • Waterproof with the need for a clear coat for permanent display
  • User-friendly without requiring special preparation
  • Ideal for calligraphy and similar projects
  • Excellent after-sales service


  • The ink tends to dry too fast, even with the cap on.

4. Yooho ‎BXB-01

Yooho ‎BXB-01

Upon receiving my set of Yooho metallic markers, I eagerly put the metallic gold paint pens to the test on non-porous river stones. To my delight, the ink applied thick and even on the first try. I then expanded my experimentation to various materials, including wood and pottery, and was pleased to find that the results were consistently great.

What sets these markers apart from others on this list is that they are paint markers, utilizing acrylic paint as the pigment. This unique feature allows for a painting-like experience when applying them to surfaces. Not only does this ensure that the markings won’t easily wash off, but I found that adding a clear coat on top enhances their durability.

The markers boast a hard, fine point, making them ideal for detailed drawings and outlining calligraphy. In addition to conventional uses, I even utilized one of the pens to fill in the letters on my bike’s tires, and the paint adhered effortlessly to the surface.

The acrylic paint used by these markers has a pleasingly thick consistency. A single pass is typically sufficient for most purposes, and the fast-drying nature of the ink eliminates the risk of pigment bleeding through paper.

However, a drawback is the fast-drying quality, which presents a challenge. Once the seal is removed, there’s only a brief window of a couple of weeks to utilize the contents. If not all markers are used within this timeframe, there’s a considerable risk of the ink drying up inside the pens.


  • Writes permanently on almost any surface
  • Acrylic composition ensures it doesn’t easily wash off
  • Hard and fine point for detailed work
  • Fast-drying with no bleeding
  • Vibrant and bright colors


  • Ink dries up quickly, necessitating prompt use of open markers to avoid drying.

5. Kassa Chalk-Markers-Parent

Kassa Chalk-Markers-Parent

While marketed as liquid chalk markers by Kassa, I explored a variety of applications beyond chalkboards and was pleasantly surprised by their versatility. From stones to jars, earthenware pots, and more, these markers delivered impressive results. To ensure longevity, I applied a clear coat to most projects, preventing the markers from washing away, and the ink exhibited no smudging.

The application on a friend’s menu board surpassed actual chalk in several aspects—crisper edges, brighter colors, and a longer-lasting effect. Despite their prolonged durability, these markers proved easily erasable with just a wet rag.

For my kids, I provided a set for decorating their room walls, and they thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. The markers’ erasability was a boon, allowing for easy correction of mistakes. Even accidental spills were effortlessly cleaned with a damp rag and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

The standout feature of these markers is the reversible tip, offering a chisel edge for fine lines and calligraphy on one side and a bullet tip for broader strokes on the other. This versatility allowed for intricate detailing in projects using just one marker.

However, a notable drawback emerged with some markers having a slightly thick ink, resulting in a delayed start to ink flow. In some instances, despite vigorous shaking, certain pens remained unresponsive until positioned upside down overnight, finally performing well the next day.


  • Writable on various surfaces, easily erasable
  • Bold and eye-catching color range
  • Ideal for kids
  • Dual-sided tips for versatility
  • Quick-drying with no smudging


  • Some markers may require time to get the ink flowing due to its slightly thick consistency.


Infusing instant flair and vibrancy into any project, metallic markers are a versatile addition, elevating endeavors like calligraphy or scrapbooking. With a plethora of brands available, discovering the optimal metallic markers may seem daunting.

Yet, armed with the right knowledge, the process of selecting these markers can transform into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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