Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller – Top 5 Picks in 2023

Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

If you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience on a computer and prefer using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, you can seamlessly connect an Xbox One controller to your PC using a micro USB connection.

The most straightforward method for linking any Xbox One controller to a PC is through a USB cable, particularly a micro USB cable. These cables are available in various lengths and colors, but it’s essential to select the best one for your Xbox One controller.

No need to worry! Our expert teams invested countless hours narrowing down the options to present you with the top 5 Micro USB Cables for Xbox One Controller, ensuring you get the finest USB port.

Keep reading to discover how to choose the best micro USB cord for your needs.

Top pick

Oritikur Micro USB Cable

Oritikur Micro USB Cable

The cable’s triple-braided Nylon exterior, reinforced with aramid fiber and aluminum connectors.

Editor’s choice

BrexLink Micro USB Cable

BrexLink Micro USB Cable

An outstanding micro USB cable should embody various qualities, including reliability and durability.

Best value



Experience lightning-fast charging with an 8% faster charging rate compared to standard USB wires.

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller Reviews

For optimal performance of your device, explore the following five top reviews of Xbox One controller USB cables, each highlighting its useful features. Take a closer look for a more in-depth understanding.

1. Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT

Oritikur Micro USB Cable

The primary feature to inspect in a micro USB cable is its capacity to charge devices and facilitate uninterrupted gameplay. Oritikur’s charging cord is a reliable choice in this regard.

This micro USB charging cable by Oritikur enables you to recharge your batteries while gaming or between sessions, extending your playtime considerably. Say goodbye to concerns about low battery indicators or the need to make trips to the store for replacements.

Experience swift charging with this cable, boasting a 20% faster charging rate compared to traditional USB cables. The premium connection comes with an extra-long cable for high-speed charging, a 2.0 Amp current, and rapid data transmission.

The cable’s triple-braided Nylon exterior, reinforced with aramid fiber and aluminum connectors, ensures superior strength and durability, surpassing the standards of typical USB ports. It successfully passed a rigorous 90-degree bending test.

Featuring an extended 10FT/3M wire, this cable allows for convenient use of an Xbox controller without the worry of disconnection or falling out of your devices. It’s an ideal choice for those who prefer to relax and play comfortably at a distance.

One of the USB cable’s standout features is its extensive compatibility. Setting itself apart from competitors, it supports any portable device with a micro USB interface, including Android phones, tablets, e-readers, printers, cameras, hard drives, and other portable devices. Additionally, it is compatible with Xbox controllers.

Key Components:

  • Swift refueling for rapid charging.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay for extended entertainment.
  • Provides the best tensile strength for durability.
  • Convenient for use with an extra-long 10FT/3M wire.
  • Broad compatibility with various micro USB interface devices.

2. BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4

BrexLink Micro USB Cable

Experience quick charging and seamless data synchronization with the features embedded in this USB 2.0 cable. Benefit from its advanced data transmission mode and high-speed charging capability for optimal performance.

An outstanding micro USB cable should embody various qualities, including reliability and durability. The Nylon braided exterior of this USB port enhances its durability, while its flawless molding capability ensures remarkable resistance.

For those situations where you need to use your device from a considerable distance, the lengthy micro USB connection becomes essential. With an impressive length of 6.6 feet, this cable allows you to operate your device conveniently, even from the backseat of your car.

Beyond smartphones, this cable is excellently compatible with a range of portable devices such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, printers, cameras, and Android smartphones.

Truly, for those seeking a top-notch cable, this micro USB cable stands out as an excellent choice for gaming.

Key Features

  • Premium data billing and syncing.
  • Exceptional toughness for durability.
  • Conveniently long length.
  • Highly reliable and versatile.

3. KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B


If you’re looking to ensure uninterrupted gaming, charging, or data syncing on your Xbox One devices, the KOOWOD USB cord is a must-have.

Avoid the frustration of your controller’s battery dying mid-game or task by taking advantage of this USB connection that allows you to play seamlessly while charging.

Experience lightning-fast charging with an 8% faster charging rate compared to standard USB wires. This premium cable ensures full-speed charging with no power loss mode, offering a 2.0 Amp current and efficient data transmission at speeds up to 480 Mbps.

Pioneering in its evolution, this cable stands out with high-quality connectors that distinguish it from common USB cables. Its exceptional flexibility and durability make it highly resistant to breakage.

With a generous 10FT/3M cord length, you can comfortably work or play from various positions, whether seated, on the sofa, bed, or standing. The practical design includes tiny connection heads for secure attachment to your electronics.

Notably, this micro USB cable is compatible with all portable devices, including Xbox and PlayStation controllers, giving you the flexibility to operate your game seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Lightning-fast charging.
  • Exceptional durability and extended lifespan, especially for bends.
  • Continuous gameplay while recharging.
  • Extended 10FT/3M length for added convenience.
  • Suitable for use with all portable devices.

4. DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord

DEEGO Micro USB Cable

First and foremost, please verify the charging capacity of the micro USB cable. The DEEGO cable not only delivers the fastest charging but also facilitates simultaneous data transmission at rates of up to 480 Mbps, thanks to its robust wide core and lower cable structure. This feature allows you to seamlessly utilize your controller while it charges, ensuring a lightning-fast charging experience.

The cable is equipped with a high-quality metal type A connector that snugly fits your PS4 console, eliminating any room for movement. Its design permits multiple connections and disconnections without signal loss or interference. With a generous 15FT length, this reliable charging cord extends your reach for both charging and data syncing purposes—ideal for those looking to upgrade their Xbox One controller cable.

Boasting a verified 10,000+ bend lifespan, the cable offers exceptional durability. The PVC coatings are environmentally friendly, enhancing flexibility and toughness, while the stainless steel heads provide strength and resistance to tangling.

One of the standout features is its wide compatibility, making it suitable for all devices utilizing type-B USB cables, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers. This makes it a top choice as the best micro USB cable for an Xbox One controller.

Key Features

  • Super-fast charging and data syncing.
  • Maximum number of connections available.
  • Extraordinarily long length.
  • Ensures adaptability and robustness.
  • Universal compatibility across various devices.

5. Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m

Microsoft Micro USB Cable

The Xbox One controller is easily identifiable, especially among gamers, thanks to its outstanding gaming features. Microsoft has emphasized the utility of the USB port on the Xbox One controller, highlighting its capability for recharging.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a cutting-edge micro USB charging cable designed specifically for the Xbox One controller. Its rapid charging capabilities set it apart, enabling users to sync and charge their devices simultaneously.

What distinguishes this cable even further is its impressive charging light feature, adding an extra layer of support. Compatible with all Xbox One controller series, including the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 360 controller, and Xbox Elite Controller series, Microsoft has ensured that this cable works seamlessly with every Xbox controller model.

Microsoft’s commitment to user convenience is evident in the 2.7-meter-long cable, showcasing exceptional toughness, strong resistance, and remarkable flexibility.

Key Features

  • Unmatched charging speed.
  • Additional support and charging light feature.
  • Compatibility with all Xbox controller models.
  • Extended cord length for enhanced convenience.

Things to Consider Before Buying Micro USB Cable For Xbox One Controller

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

When in the market for an Xbox One controller USB cable, there are crucial factors to bear in mind. Let’s delve into key considerations to weigh before acquiring the optimal micro USB cable for your gaming needs.


Before making a selection, assess the intended purpose of the cable. The type, size, and length will hinge on your specific usage requirements. If your objective is solely data transmission and device charging, opt for a USB cable designed for fast charging and data transfer. Conversely, for the Xbox One controller gaming device, choose a cable that is specially designed and compatible.


Cable damage often stems from frequent folding during storage in pockets, bags, or wallets. To mitigate this, seek cables coated with robust, lightweight fiber that boasts high resistance. Opting for such cables ensures ample resistance to breakage and prolongs their lifespan. For a similar commitment to quality, explore our guide to M.2 SSDs for gaming.


Evaluate the cable’s length before making a decision. A longer cable allows you to use your smartphone while charging, regardless of its distance from a power outlet. If you plan to use the cable for data transfer or other gaming-related functions, a substantial length is essential. Alternatively, invest in a USB cable of respectable length. Explore our list of 120mm AIO coolers for additional product recommendations.

Mobility & Continuity

Assess the cable’s strength and portability, ensuring it can be bent and used without concern for damage or breakage. Prioritize both flexibility and durability when selecting a USB cable for your devices to guarantee seamless usage.


Not all devices can use every cable, so opt for one with wide compatibility. Ensure the selected cable functions seamlessly with various devices, providing top-notch service. Verify broad compatibility before purchasing a USB cord to ensure it meets the needs of the Xbox One controller and other portable devices.

Questions & Answers Commonly Asked

What functions do USB cables fulfill?

USB cables eliminate the inconvenience of using multiple connections for various devices, offering a single, standardized method to connect different gadgets to a specific device. Utilizing a USB cable enables device charging, data transfers, and the utilization of other capabilities.

How long should the USB cable be when connecting my device?

The optimal length of a USB cable is one of its primary advantages. Excessive length can lead to propagation delays and various issues. For full speed and low-speed devices, the USB standard specifies a maximum cable length of 5 meters and 3 meters, respectively. Therefore, careful consideration of the connection length is essential when choosing the best Xbox One controller USB port.

Differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

USB 3.0 connections offer faster transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps and an additional power supply of 900mAh compared to USB 2.0 cables, which can only provide a maximum of 500mAh. Opt for USB 3.0 for high-speed data syncing, while USB 2.0 is suitable for quick data transmission and charging.

What to do if my device doesn’t recognize the USB cable?

Begin with a physical examination and repair the port if necessary. In the device manager after a Windows reboot, troubleshoot by disabling USB selective suspend power-saving mode and reinstalling the USB host controller. If the port remains undetectable, the device might be faulty, requiring a replacement. Weak USB ports and hardware could also be potential issues, necessitating a thorough examination for defective hardware.

Choosing the best micro-USB cable for the Xbox One controller’s gaming port?

Selecting the ideal USB cable involves considerations such as compatibility, durability, appropriate size and length, a sturdy build, a secure grip, and the ability to charge and transmit data. Ensuring compatibility with these factors will help you choose a high-quality product.

Last Words

The excellence of a micro USB cable lies in its ability to deliver outstanding performance while seamlessly integrating with your devices.

An ideal USB cable should encompass various desirable features such as superior charging and data transmission capabilities, robust connection power, portability, and universal compatibility. By meticulously evaluating each of these elements, you can ensure that you acquire the finest micro USB cable for your Xbox One controller.

Wishing you happy gaming!

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