Mother Horlicks Price in Bangladesh

Mother Horlicks Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know Mother Horlicks Price in Bangladesh? Well, you arrived at the right place. We will mention the price and other factors bout mother Horlicks. Keep reading the article to know about mother Horlicks. 

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is important for the mother’s health and the growth of the baby. A perfect combination of choline with 26 essential micronutrients. Mothers Horlick’s is scientifically designed to meet the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It contains DHA and choline for brain development. It comes with a new taste and now comes without sugar.

Mother Horlicks Price in Bangladesh

As earlier, we said that mother Horlicks is a nutritional supplement with 27 vital nutrients. That has been scientifically designed to keep in the mind the nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind. When women are pregnant, they need more nutrition almost 40-60% higher than before. Mother Horlicks contains micronutrients such as Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium vitamins A, B6, B12, and D. This helps to improve the birth weight of the baby.

Mother Horlick’s price in Bangladesh: 490 BDT (350g pack)

Note that, the price is not fully accurate. Because sometimes this price may little bite lower and higher in the market. And, the given price may vary from store to store. If the price may change, we will let you know by updating the article.

Is Mother’s Horlicks good for health?

Mother Horlicks are an important ingredient for pregnant women. Also, it’s a health and nutrition drink for pregnant women. These Horlicks are made with a unique formulation and contain an essential fatty acid called Docosahexae or DHA. This fatty acid helps to develop of baby’s brain during pregnancy and in the first few years after birth. But, the main point is mother breast milk is one of the best sources of DHA.

Mother Horlicks provides the required amount of ideal quality protein for the baby. Pregnancy requires proper nutrition which is important for the health of the mother and the growth of the baby. Mother Horlicks is a nutrition drink that provides all the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women. Besides, during pregnancy choline and DHA helps to increase the need for the energy required by the body during pregnancy.

It is made through a natural process of malting or germination which helps to make enzymes. Even, its breaks down complex starch and proteins into simple molecules and which makes it easier to digest. So that they contain micro-nutrients B1, B2, B6, A. But, Selenium and iodine are known to help improve the quality of breast milk high protein, and nutrients. Even, it also improves the birth weight of the baby. And helps to provide 100% of the daily requirement of iron, Folic acid, B2, B6, B12, vitamin C, and calcium.

At last, we can say that. Of-course Mother Horlicks is good for pregnant women’s health. But, we suggest you, before taking Mother Horlicks please talk to the gynecologist doctor.

What is the difference between Mothers Horlicks and Women’s Horlicks?

Women’s Horlicks and Mother Horlicks are two separate products. They have lots of differences between them.

  • Women Horlicks is a list of micro nutrients for every woman. It consists of a unique blend of nutrients, scientifically formulated for the supply of vitamins, calcium, and protein. 
    But, Mother Horlicks has been manufactured through a unique natural process. It has an essential fatty acid DHA from a vegetarian source. This DHA helps to development of a child’s brain during pregnancy.
  • Women’s Horlicks is designed with hemocal nutrition specifically for improved blood and bone health. 
    Another side, Mother Horlicks contains DHA and choline which help the overall development baby and helps during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Due to its low fat and zero sugar, women’s Horlicks are good for nutrition without extra calories. 

But, Mother Horlicks contains basic calcium and vitamin D which help to the development of baby’s bones and teeth.

These are the main difference between women’s Horlicks and mother Horlicks. We hope that you understand that, Mother Horlicks and women Horlicks are not the same products.


During pregnancy mothers need the right nutrition. Because it’s important for the mother’s health and baby’s growth. As we said before, these mother Horlicks is scientifically designed and contain 26 vital nutrients which help pregnant women for good health. Also, it helps to improve the quality of breast milk. We hope that you will find the article about mother Horlicks is helpful. If you have any questions about this article, please let us know through the comment section.

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