Multimeter Price in Bangladesh

Multimeter Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know the Multimeter Price in Bangladesh? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss Multimeter Price and multimeter type. So let’s get started without delay.

A multimeter is a measuring instrument. Most engineers, as well as technicians in the field of electronics, know it as a measuring instrument. Besides, multimeters are available in different sizes based on their features. A multimeter is a very necessary measuring instrument to be used in any engineering workshop or any lab.

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter is an electronic device. This multimeter is the most widely used test equipment of every electronic technologist and engineer. Primarily, a multimeter is used to measure the three basic electrical properties of voltage, current, and resistance. Moreover, it can also be used to test the continuity between two points in an electrical circuit.

A multimeter has many functions such as an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter. Even these multimeters can be used to test batteries, household cables, electric motors, and power supplies. There are usually two types of multimeters

  1. Digital
  2. Analog


Digital multimeters are the most commonly used type that you can use very easily. Moreover, it is a simpler version and it includes advanced designs for electronics engineers. These digital multimeters provide readings on an LCD screen equipped with a running needle and scale obtained only on analog meters.

In general, digital multimeters have a higher price than analog multimeters. But the price difference between the basic versions is minimal. These digital multimeters are much better in voltmeter function than analog. Because it can withstand high.


An analog multimeter determines values ​​based on a micrometer and has a needle with which to move on the graduation scale. A micrometer is a device used to measure amperage or current. These analog multimeters are less expensive than digital multimeters. But for some users, analog multimeters can be difficult to read properly.

On the other hand, analog multimeters do not usually have accurate values ​​like digital meters. When you calculate the voltmeter, the value of the analog multimeter is not exactly the same as that of the digital multimeter. However, these analog multimeters work great for detecting slow voltage changes.

Multimeter Price in Bangladesh

Do you know what the main function of a multimeter is? The main function of a multimeter device is to measure the electrical properties of wires as well as equipment in industries. But at present, multimeters are used for a variety of purposes, depending on the need to deal with electricity, laboratories, power sources, and circuits. You can select different electrical parameters of a multimeter using a rotating switch on the front of an instrument. Below we have made a price list of some analog and digital multimeters: Take a look.

Model Name                                   Price          
Uni-T UT33B+ Digital Multimeter1, 250 Tk
Victor VC830 Digital Multimeter750 Tk
Full Intelligent Digital Multimeter ET81032, 300 Tk
Analog Multimeter Sunma YX-360TR406 TK
Analog Multimeter MF-15480 TK

Note that the price of this multimeter given above is not entirely accurate. These multimeter prices may vary by shop and location. If there is any change in this price, we will upgrade the article and inform you about the new price. Typically, we update the article once a month.

How to Use Multimeter

The basic functions and activities are the same for both digital and analog multimeter testers. This multimeter tester has two leads – red and black as well as three ports. Black lead plugs into the “normal” port and red lead plugs into one of the other ports depending on the desired function. Once the leads are plugged in, you can set the voltage by turning the knob in the center of the tester to select the function and the appropriate range for the specific test.

For example: when you set the knob to “20V DC”, the tester will detect DC voltage up to 20 volts. But if you want to measure a small voltage you will set the knob in the range of 2V or 200mV. To take a reading you need to touch the empty metallic dotted end of each lead to a terminal or cable to be tested. When all your work is done, the voltage will be read out in the multimeter.

These multimeters are safe to use in power circuits and equipment, there is nothing to fear. But keep in mind that the voltage or current does not exceed the maximum rating of the tester. However, you must be careful not to touch the bare metal edge of the tester lead during the stimulus test as you may receive an electric shock.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, we have discussed what a multimeter is and how to use it. We hope that you find out Multimeter Price in Bangladesh and its proper use through this article.

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