Nikon D750 Price in Bangladesh, Price, Feature, and Review

Nikon D750 Price in Bangladesh

Nikon D750 price in Bangladesh: 150,000 Taka (Approx.) Here, We are

Do you want to know Nikon d750 price in Bangladesh? Well, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the price of the Nikon d750 camera and its specifications. So read the whole article to know more about the Nikon d750 camera.

The Nikon D750 DSLR camera was released in 2014 in Germany. This Nikon camera is equipped with an advanced 51-point multi-cam 3500 fx, autofocus system, a 24 MP sensor, 6.5 fps uninterrupted shooting speed. Moreover, this camera has built-in Wi-Fi, a very light weather-sealed built-in, and its megapixel D810 line.

Nikon D750 Price in Bangladesh

Nikon has equipped their D750 model camera with a 24.3 MP sensor, 51-point autofocus system, 6.5 frames-per-second continuous shooting speed, EXPEED 4 processor, dual SD slot. Moreover, Nikon’s D750 lightweight body camera has high-end video capabilities. You might think that the D750 is a mix of existing camera technology.

But if you take a closer look, you will see that the D750 pack features and technology that we have not seen before in Nikon full-frame cameras. You might be curious to know how much is the price of the Nikon D750 DSLR camera?

Nikon D750 price in Bangladesh: 150,000 Taka (Approx.)

The price of the Nikon d750 is not entirely accurate. This may vary depending on the location, showroom, and budget for that year. We collect this information from some unofficial sites. We are trying to offer the best possible price for a Nikon Camera. Typically, prices are updated daily from local market shops or showrooms. If there is any change in the price, we will update it immediately.

Nikon D750 Features


The D750’s design features a streamlined shoot capable of taking pictures with just a few minor exceptions. Moreover it has a comfortable, high-quality build and an almost spot-on set of features. Nikon has added magnesium alloy to the back and upper cover of this camera body and has used light carbon fiber for its front chassis and cover. When you look at this camera, it will physically look like the D610.

Nikon’s camera design is a useful cross between the Consumer and Pro models. Plus it has a deep grip with a rubberized part on the back, which will feel more comfortable to hold with your hands.

On the other hand, the upper left of this camera has lockable mode and release-mode dials, which is similar to their previous camera D610. Even, this camera has an effect mode with some basic features in addition to the usual manual, semi-manual, and automatic modes: night vision, color sketch, miniature, selective color, silhouette, and high key. The camera also offers a pair of saved user settings slots.

Image Quality

There are no negative reviews about Nikon’s camera image. They have done a really good job with the image quality of this camera. You will find an excellent noise profile for both stills and the video of this camera. Nikon’s D750 model camera produces significantly clearer raw images than the Sony A99. Moreover, the picture quality of this Nikon D750 camera is quite good as compared to the D810.

Moreover, the JPEGs from the D750 look exceptionally clean through ISO 1600. This is where the slightest delay in the focus area of ​​the camera begins. Its ISO 3200, when you focus on an object, shows some fun in that focused area, and outside the focus, there is a work of noise reduction.


In both lab and field testing, the D750’s shooting performance was mediocre. However, it’s still really slow when you see the live view of this camera, and there are annoying issues when accessing some settings. However, this camera takes less than 0.2-seconds to power on, focus and shoot. Since the bottleneck is the power switch you have to turn it on and press the shutter with the same finger.

Its single-shot performance can be said to be fair. However, this camera lasts just under 0.4-seconds when focusing and shooting in both bright and dim conditions. The actual speed is a bit faster than that because the kit lens tends to run a little slower. On the other hand, the camera is great for continuous-shooting performance.

Most importantly, the autofocus of this camera is able to keep pace with continuous shooting. But shots usable using the new Group AF were significantly better than Nikon’s various tracking options. The downside is that the D750’s live view performance remains volatile. It takes about 1.5 seconds to focus and shoot in the best conditions, which is a very bad situation. There’s also some laziness with this camera’s screen-based options.

Is Nikon D750 Better?

We think this camera is a really nice camera. Its image quality and video quality are very good. However, it has some small problems, which are not so acceptable. The users of this camera did not share any bad experiences with it. If you are looking for a better camera then you can take it. Even those who do professional photography can take this camera if they want.

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