Omron Blood Pressure Machine Price in Bangladesh Feature and Brand

Omron Blood Pressure Machine Price in Bangladesh

At home, a blood pressure machine can help you monitor your blood pressure accurately. That means you do not need to go to any hospital or doctor’s chamber. Keep reading to learn about Omron blood pressure machine prices in Bangladesh. Do you want to know the Omron Blood Pressure Machine Price in Bangladesh? Keep reading the article to know about Omron Blood Pressure Machine.

Omron is a Japanese company that is focused on automated technology. They are well known for their creative healthcare products. Their products include blood pressure machines, fitness, EKG, repertory trackers, and much more. The Omron blood pressure machines are perfect for home users. In addition, Omron also offers an app to collect, share and track the data from their devices.

What is a Blood Pressure Machine?

Nowadays, blood pressure is a serious health issue. Blood pressure causes different problems such as heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. Nearly one-third of adults in Bangladesh suffer from it. That means High blood pressure is a huge risk for anyone’s health. Almost every doctor or physician recommends the patient keep track of his/her blood pressure at home.

The blood pressure machine helps you to keep track of your blood pressure. As the blood pressure needs to be checked regularly, people with higher blood pressure should have such a machine to keep track of their blood pressure.

Omron Blood Pressure Machine Price in Bangladesh

There are so many models that Omron offers on the market. Therefore it’s quite difficult to know which models are best for you. Now, take a look at the below chart to find out the price of the Omron BP machine.

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What is Omron’s Blood Pressure Machine good for?

In terms of blood pressure monitoring at home, Omron is a trusted brand. It offers precise results of blood pressure. Omron BP machine can protect you from any kind of health issue. It’s a good thing to keep an awareness of blood pressure. By tracking your blood pressure at home, you can be alerted about high blood pressure or any sort of health problem that might arise.

Of all BP products of Omron, the 10 and 7 series are the best. This blood pressure machine comes with an upper-arm (10 series) adjustment and a single wristband (7 series). The upper arm is pretty expensive and the single wrist band is comparatively budget-friendly. So pick them with your requirements and comfortability.

The Omron BP machines are fully automatic and digital. This machine follows the oscillometric principle for BP measurements and accurate results. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate with an easy one-touch process. The device uses its advanced intelligence technology for detects blood pressure. Besides, it can detect irregular heartbeat. It is loaded with your body movement indicator and blinks if diastolic pressure has occurred.

Omron BP machine is recommended for home users. It is good with its expected accuracy level. It’s very easy to operate and handle. The build quality is good and it performs very well. The 10 series machine can give three readings within 1 minute and then averages them properly. It can be connected with the Omron app via Bluetooth and store up to 200 readings.

Most of the time blood pressure reading is accurate when occupied on the upper arm. But sometimes this is not possible. So a wrist blood pressure monitor can be a suitable alternative.

Some FAQs about Omron Blood Pressure Machine

Below we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the BP machine:

Where Can You Find Omron Blood Pressure Machine in Bangladesh?

You can find it directly from Omron healthcare. Besides you can buy it through popular online shops like Daraz, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Target, and others.

How do Omron’s Blood Pressure Machine works?

OMRON’s digital BP machines use the oscillometric method of BP measurement that detects your blood’s movement through your brachial artery and converts this movement into a digital reading. Then press the start button on the machine and keep eye on the display for results. Remember that, during a blood pressure reading you shouldn’t rest your elbow on the air tube.

Is Omron Blood Pressure Machine accurate?

Yes, all Omron blood pressure machines are clinically proven accurate. They are clinically validated to be within the following:

  • Blood pressure: within +/- 3 mmHg or 2 percent.
  • Pulse: within +/- 5 percent of reading.
  • Arm unsupported, sitting: 1-7/5-11
  • Paralyzed arm: 2-5
  • Cuff over clothing: 5-50

Which Omron BP machine is best?

The Omron blood pressure machine comes with several variants. Among them, upper-arm (10 series) adjustment and single wristband (7 series) are the best as per our research. The upper arm is a little expensive and the wrist BP monitor is budget kindly. So pick them which you want.


We hope that you will find this article about Omron BP machine prices in bd useful. Please let us know your valuable opinions about the Omron BP machine through the comments.

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